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Comments on Sakar Murli 7-26-12

Essence: Sweet children, break away from everyone else and have yoga with Me alone, the Supreme Soul,
and you will come to My land and your final thoughts will lead you to your desitination.

Question: What would those who are making effort to stay in the stage of silence not like?
Answer: They would not even like the sound of a clock because there is no sound in your original world
(the incorporeal world). This is why you are making effort to go beyond sound. You have to become bodiless
and stabilize yourself in your original religion. Together with remembering Baba you have to remember Baba’s land.

Song: Listen to the complaint of the devotees!

Essence for dharna:

1. In order to become an heir to the kingdom of Vaikunth, you have to become a child here and become completely viceless.

2. In order to enter the royal clan, surrender that body to God and become pure, the same as the Father.

Blessing: May you be free from all bondages and experience the avyakt stage by remaining beyond the
attractions of corporeal feelings.

In order to be free from bondage while living in the family, do not become trapped in any relationships,
your body or possessions, even in your thoughts. No bondages should attract you even in your thoughts
because if they enter your thoughts, they will later also come into your actions. Therefore, while having
corporeal feelings, do not come into attraction of the corporeal feelings for only then will you be able to
experience the stage of being detached and loving and experience the avyakt stage.

Slogan: In order to experience the Father’s support, step away from limited supports.


This Murli mentions the “need to break away from the world” so we can be free and fly to Baba’s lap. Baba is taking us to the soul world and we need to prepare ourselves to go there….

That is the basic point in this Murli. Along with that the idea of not “liking even the sound of a clock ticking” for we should like the land of peace, we should like silence; was implied.

Baba also mentioned that to receive an inheritance, we need to be children of God.

These points are good to look at, but here we will go a bit deeper.

“breaking away from the world” is not a thought. It is a life process of experiencing soul consciousness. Greater experience means greater understanding and therefore, lack of “effort” to be away from the world.

Without the understanding of “experience” of gyan, we could interpret those lines as:” Now, Baba wants me to forget about everyone and just be engaged in “Baba’s service” at the nearby center.”

This is a limited view of the Murli. Experience of gyan will dictate a greater understanding.

Similarly with the point of not liking even the tick of a clock. I can see BKs now, engaged in maintain an environment ‘sound free.’ Greater experience of gyan will tell me that I “need to go beyond.”

I cannot make my own little “lab” and scape from the world. I need to be in it and use gyan to be successful.

Remembrance and to become body-less have been expressed as the “bread and butter” of our practice.

Also the blessing is giving us the solution to avoid attractions and distractions.

The issue is not that I shouldn’t feel attracted, that I must avoid feeling attracted. NO 🙂

The issue is that my thoughts should not be engaged in it. My thoughts will be engrossed in the experience of attraction, they will be fantasizing, hoping, making plans, etc. Just observe the self. This is what we should be careful of, because we are planting the seed for a sanskara.

If we experience something without thinking about it, then what otherwise could have been an attraction, is automatically forgotten. We need to watch our thoughts, because they are very powerful and they can cause harm in our stage and physical health.