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Comments on Sakar Murli 8-10-12

Essence: Sweet children, you have received the light of understanding. You understand the beginning, the middle and the
end of the entire world. Keep this knowledge in your intellects and remain constantly cheerful.

Question: Which great fortune are you children making for yourselves, and how?
Answer: By following shrimat you are claiming an unlimited inheritance from Baba for 21 births. By following shrimat
all your desires are being fulfilled. This is your great fortune. You children, who go through the cycle of 84 births, have
now become Brahmins and will later become deities. An elevated fortune is made when you conquer Maya, Ravan, with
the power of your intellect’s yoga and with the power of knowledge. It is in your intellects that you have come to the
Father to make your fortune, that is, to claim the status of Lakshmi or Narayan.

Song: I have come having awakened my fortune.

Essence for dharna:

1. In order to become multimillionaires, earn a true income. Don’t make excuses and say that you don’t have time to study.
You must definitely study every day.
2. Stay in the unadulterated remembrance of the one Father and make the soul satopradhan.
“Mine is one Shiv Baba and none other.” Make this lesson firm.

Blessing: May you have the fortune of happiness and remain carefree by constantly eating the nourishment
of happiness and sharing happiness with others.

The nourishment of Brahmin life is happiness. Those who constantly eat the nourishment of happiness and share
happiness with others have the fortune of happiness. The sound that emerges from their hearts is “No one is as fortunate
as I am”. Even if waves of an ocean come to drown you, it doesn’t matter because those who are yogyukt are always safe,
and this is why out of the whole cycle, it is only at this time that you experience a carefree life. You will still be carefree
in the golden age, but you won’t have any knowledge there.

Slogan: In order to become an easy effort-maker, fill yourself with blessings from everyone.


This Murli makes the point of the study. The soul needs knowledge and yoga to “go across.”

The reason to listen to the Murli every day is to gain new points in gyan which are needed at this time.

This concept fits very well with today’s blessing as well. To be “care free” now due to having knowledge and sharing happiness by “eating” the nourishment of happiness. This “care free” stage will allow us to face any obstacles in this BK life.

For that, Baba mentions to forget about any excuses that we may have. This knowledge is “true income” for a Brahmin soul.

Therefore, despite all of our “busy” activities, we must find time to listen to the Murli and better yet to churn it. Without churning gyan, we will fall into the “devotional knowledge.”

Baba has mentioned that the path of devotion was meant for us to “come down” the ladder of duality, so now we are supposed to be out of that influence and in the “ascending” stage.

Another point stressed throughout this Murli is the duality of going from pure to impure. Baba compares this 2 terms or similar terms quite often so we could realize the importance of change.