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Comments on Sakar Murli 8-31-12

Essence: Sweet children, the Father is giving you news of the unlimited. You have now become spinners of the
discus of self-realization. Maintain the awareness of your 84 births and also make everyone else aware of this.

Question: Why is Brahma, and not Vishnu, said to be the first child of Shiv Baba?
Answer: Because Shiv Baba creates the Brahmin community through Brahma. If Vishnu were said to be
His child, there should then be a community created through him. However, neither is there a community
created through Vishnu nor does anyone call him Mother and Father. When he is the emperor in the form of
Narayan, with the empress Lakshmi, only their children call them mother and father. The Brahmin community
is created through Brahma.

Song: You are the Mother and Father.

Essence for dharna:

1. In order to earn the highest income, remove your intellect’s yoga from everyone else and connect it to
the one Father. Remember the true Father and become the masters of the land of truth.

2. Just as Father Brahma imbibes knowledge and becomes perfect, so you have to become as perfect as him.

Blessing: May you be worthy and equal and give the practical proof of your love for Father Brahma.

If you say that you have a lot of love for Father Brahma, then the sign of love is that you too have love for that
which the Father loved. Whatever actions you perform, before performing those actions, before speaking any
words and before having any thoughts, check whether Father Brahma loved that. Father Brahma’s speciality
was that he did what he thought and said. While having opposition, he was always set in his position. So, to
give the practical proof of love means to follow the Father and to give the proof and become equal.

Slogan: A soul with the fortune of happiness is one who cannot have any waves of sorrow even in his thoughts.


This Murli is a reminder of the relationship of the “Father” with his children. That relationship with God was used in this Murli to convey a sense of closeness, a sense of togetherness, a sense of protection and a sense of fortune by receiving an “inheritance.”

Remembering to spin the discuss of self-realization is the key to see ourselves in the unlimited. Learning to behave and feel according to that understanding, is the challenge.

In this Murli, we are exposed to the reality back them. We have “mothers” taking knowledge; thus, Baba will give them respect by considering them as “equals” in this path.

We know that “equality” is a nice word; but “numberwise” is reality. To be “equal” then, has a different meaning. In gyan to be “equal” is to understand the capacity of a soul.

Note as well that “devotional components” are used in this Murli (Vishnu as an individual and as different individual than Brahma) but the interesting point to notice is that, the subtle body of Brahma is known but its ‘role’ is not understood in that Murli. If we hear that Murli carefully, we will find out that the role of Brahma Baba (Sakar) was to provide the ‘chariot’ for knowledge to flow but the ‘role’ of the avyakt form is not specified in that Murli; although it is mentioned that the subtle Brahma is the same one as the avyakt; but I like to mention; paradoxically; “not the same.” For the corporeal becomes the avyakt. This clearly show that gyan is a discovery. It is not ready made and further meaning will be realized as we "improve" in this path.

This type of paradoxes will twist the “intestines” of a logical mind, but nevertheless, it is a “reality” to be experienced.

The “avyakt Brahma” has greater relevance for Foreigners; for without those experiences many of us wouldn’t be able to recognize the “father,” and thus, “reclaim our inheritance.”

As the blessing mentioned, the proof of love is always practical. If we love someone we demonstrate that through actions; and in this case, that is to be “equal” 🙂 in a “numberwise” way.