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The perception of the time-less


In a moment when we feel rested and fully awake; If we sit down with our spine straight and with our head relaxed, eyes semi-closed as if we were aiming to look at the tip of our nose but still seeing straight ahead…then we breathe comfortably becoming aware on how our breath expands our stomach and then it automatically deflates itself… It is in the awareness of something which happens automatically, without our “doing” something; how we could understand the mystery of life for it is happening in us. The heart pumps blood automatically. The lungs breathe automatically; even while sleeping. The magic of life continuous on, without our conscious awareness.

Go deeper now. The perception of our senses is not real. The thoughts in our mind are not real, for they are based on the senses…. No thoughts, no mind, no senses, but still there is the consciousness of “something” observing, being aware of “things.”

Let us not call that consciousness “I.” It is something without a label. When we label, we think; when we think, we miss the experience of what “is.” Go into it, experience it; get acquainted with it.

That is what we need to be aware of. Now try that awareness while the noise outside and inside is going on, while the “craziness” out there is happening… Now, we are into something… 🙂

That space, that center brings its own peace and stillness.

In that awareness, there is no time, for all the outside things which bring time into our awareness are no longer part of “me.”

The timeless awareness of “I” brings a different perspective of life. A different “reality.”

This is the “exercise” to find the tranquil “Ocean of life” without ripples or waves coming and going. Here, we find the totality of all that exists in the horizon, without going away someplace to look for it.
This is to settle into the a-temporal state of being.

At that point, change; transformation of awareness happens; for when we discover more and more about ourselves, we cannot take the illusion of being “someone” anymore… that is, as long as we are aware.

Question: Dear brother, I want to know about remembrance, u say that visualization is not needed. Thats very good for me coz my visualization is really weak. Whenever I try to visualize I feel burdened than leave it. How should I start?

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

Remembrance is meant so we can experience the soul for the aim of “all of this,” is to be soul conscious again. One way to feel the soul is through love for God. You do not need to visualize this. Just feel and send that love. The point of this, is to get us to feel again without any residual of attachment or any other vice which we cannot have with God.

Also, if you practice the “a-temporal” stage which is described in this blog. Just do a search on this blog with that term.

Here is another article.

You do not need to visualize, although you can think about feeling the soul or its energy traveling from the middle of the forehead to the heart. That thought, when you feel relaxed (breathing easily in and out with rhythm) will eventually manifest. Do not be concerned about this not happening right away. It is a practice that will manifest at is due time. It depends on the clarity of your consciousness, which is always a work in progress.

Best wishes!

Question: I have noticed that even after coming to knowledge there are vices like (lust,greed etc.) that still comes out,what is the best way to settle or finish these vices especially if it has been done in this birth and pomp up when is been triggered?

Thank you for your question.
A vice is not like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle that we can get rid of. Any vice is just a manifestation of Ego in different forms. Lust and anger in their gross ways are highly visible. The same with greed, but then the “subtle threads” appear. Those are connections with those more obvious vices. Those connections when they are reinforced, they trigger the “old” vices.

For example, I want to become egoless. That wanting “rejects” ego; therefore, I become a “double actor,” and start acting “humble” (in my perception of what is humble.) My act is convincing to others, but then “I” write this superb article. I believe that to be “me” writing. I believe to be a great writer. I may not say it or express it, but that is my belief.

That means that my ego will increase without me noticing it due to my belief and my humble act will change its quality as well. Ego will be noticeable to others in the expressions that I use while I write. I will not realize it.
My belief in “being extraordinary” triggered ego which I thought went away due to my humble act.
Here is when Baba talks about “checking and changing.”

However, ego is not “bad,” it just shows us that we need to transform.
That transformation will happen gradually through yoga (as we know) and the experience of “void,” “inner silence,” or being “a-temporal.” Those experiences will make us aware of the vices as if something does not feel right. When we reach this point in our “effort making” life, there is no need to “double act,” as pretending to be “virtuous.”
That transformation needs to be deep to stay. Otherwise, we will feel changes (old vices coming back) when the atmosphere changes around us (for example around the company of certain individuals or particular places or because our inner state has some fluctuation i.e. Feeling overly emotional) as long as our sensitivity/awareness is awake, we will notice those changes; otherwise, because we are still half-awake, we will get influenced.

Therefore, the best way to finish the vices is to increase our awareness through the experience of what is known as inner silence, emptiness or void, or just the experience of the soul. That will come as long as we do not reject something in us, but when we fully accept it.
Because Baba has said that good wishes and pure feelings are necessary to have yoga/ silence. The mind will not remain still if there is a rejection, a “something to get rid of” type of thought in ourselves.

Question: Dear brother we often use the term “detached observer”,however this true detachment can only be experimented when we are going thru tests, such as somebody close to me passes away and the detachment of the real attachment can be experimented then. My question is, is there a way to practice this way before the tests come?

Thank you for your question!

As you mentioned, the “test paper,” is “test” time.
The way to get ready for it in my experience is by practicing the “a-temporal” stage or the point. (please note the avyakt Murli from April 17, 1969)

I am giving this advice by experience. A “Test” is a karmic account. The easy way to settle karmic accounts is through yoga, but this particular type of yoga has the ability to submerge “old sanskaras” and emerge the “natural” satopradhan sanskaras without any other effort. That experience on a continuous basis will make a difference in your stage.
When faced with something that could “shake” your stage, you will see that your response is non-emotional, with equanimity and balanced.

Best wishes!

Spiritual Efforts: All knowledge is merged in the awareness of the point.

I have been reviewing some Avyakt Murlis from 1969. They have so MUCH WEALTH OF PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE.
i will be commenting on some avyakt Murlis which I feel have the potential to guide me through the practical experience of Brahma Baba.
If I had to select only one Murli out of the many, it will be this one from April 17, 1969.

Note that devotional language is out. Everything is to the point and giving practical advise which must be experienced to be understood.
Today I will comment about this avyakt Murli.
Here i go:

When you make others sit in yoga, do you have a vision of the stage of the other soul? You should be able to because you are also called trikaldarshi (‘knower of the three aspects of time’).
When you Brothers sit in yoga, when you stabilize yourself in the see seed stage, there is no need to churn the ocean of knowledge. You can churn the ocean of knowledge even whilst walking, moving, bathing and eating. The time for a heart-to-heart conversation is fixed for amrit vela. When you first sit you should spend time stabilizing yourself in the awareness of the point, and then have a heart-to-heart conversation. When you find you are not able to stabilize yourself for a long time in the awareness of the point, then catch hold of the second stage (heart-to-heart conversation). It is easy to have a subtle heart-to-heart conversation and to churn the knowledge, but difficult to stabilize yourself in the awareness of the point, but it is essential to have that stage.

COMMENT:Please see that “effort” is to learn to be stable, concentrated in what Baba calls the “awareness of the point,” which to me is a single pointed concentrated energy to feel the self. This is no “visualization of the point.” There is no experience unless we are that experience. Sure, the “heart to heart deal” is nice, sweet; BUT I want the first stage.:-)

Whatever it is that you are practicing, you will not be able to achieve it until you first firmly make yourself stable in the awareness of the point. This is why the maharathis, and especially those who are going to become the eight deities, should pay special attention. Only eight will cross the land of Dharamraj without experiencing punishment. This is the method for not experiencing punishment. The more you stay in the awareness of the point, the greater will be the change visible in your sanskars.

COMMENT: The “awareness of the point.” Another names for it are “the awareness of the soul,” the “experience of being a-temporal,” the experience of being timeless,” or simply “being.” Here BapDada is giving his “recipe” for success, for passing with honors. This is the easy way to change sanskaras. Note: It is not by “doing stuff” or by buying CDs or by “acting elevated.” It is simply in the experience of the self, the point, a-temporal; however you want to name it; you will know once you have experienced it.

Have a powerful brake. When a car has weak brakes, an accident takes place. Therefore the brake should be powerful. The point of the drama should be very firm in your every task. When you stabilize yourself in the awareness of the point, a sparkle will be visible on your forehead.
By staying in this stage, you will automatically become introverted. And solitude will pull you even when you are not especially practicing it. Even while you are performing actions, there will be the experience that solitude is pulling you. You can experience this stage even whilst talking. However, unless you have the practice of sitting in solitude, you will not be able to experience this stage whilst performing actions. When you used to go in front of the corporeal form, there was the feeling of being drawn by solitude and introversion. You even relate that sometimes it seemed as though there was nothing but light. Even whilst talking there was only light visible everywhere. This is the impact of the awareness of the point. When others have this experience through you, your life will be seen as unique, alokik. Knowledge becomes merged internally when you remain stable in the awareness of the point, just as for the deities you say that they do not have knowledge in an emerged form, that is, there will not be any expansion. Expansion is merged within the seed, and so the awareness of the point means the awareness of the seed stage. Everything is merged in the seed, and when the seed is sown in the earth, everything emerges. In the same way, all knowledge is merged in the awareness of the point. It emerges when you come down. When you have the awareness of the point, your stage remains full.

COMMENT: BapDada is describing what it feels like. Once you have reached that stage, this is what you will feel. Note that being in solitude is essential. Practice of sitting in solitude,with no distractions outside or inside- Put the “feely music away.” Put the “passing by thoughts in the pocket of your concentration.” Experience utter solitude in and out. Be comfortable with it.
Then, this practice could be put in movement. While walking and moving around.

There is a difference between the awareness of the point and being stable in the embodiment of love. The awareness of the point is more powerful. The nil stage of samadhi is different. They do not have any knowledge, so their stage is a blank. This is not like being a blank, this is being the embodiment of knowledge. There is no aim in that (samadhi), whereas here you have attainment. There is also the experience of happiness, coolness and being complete with all virtues. This is the stage of being full. A seed is full, it is not empty.
Your old sanskars have to be changed totally. This is the special effort you have to make to become one of the eight special deities. They will not experience any punishment. A life is changed only through changing sanskars.

COMMENT:Love is good but the experience of the “point” has love merged in it… and here is the difference between “super Gurus” and a Brahmin soul. Without knowledge there is no attainment and that attainment is simply those sanskaras which are Golden aged which are “recorded in the Brahmin soul.” The experience in this state of being a “seed” is based on the experiences we had in the cycle of time (expansion.) A Brahmin soul has 2500 years of non-dual experience. That is the “attainment” which is experienced.

(Will there be eight couples?) There will be eight who sit on the throne. There are eight deities in terms of the thrones. Those who become females have a different part. However eight will sit on the throne. It is said “Narayan the first, Narayan the second..”. There are eight deities who rule the kingdom. The status of a king is higher; the stage of a female is second. The eight special deities are not on account of being couples, but on account of their effort. Both males and females can come within that. There are eight who become the special ones who will claim the throne. This doesn’t mean that whoever becomes Lakshmi will not claim the throne. If not in the first birth, then in some other birth, she will definitely claim it. She will not be left out. Achcha.
Do all of you stay in super sensuous joy? What is the meaning of super sensuous joy? It means to stay in the avyakt stage and experience Godly happiness.

Spiritual efforts: Eureka! The avyakt stage – baby steps ;-)

Remembrance is one of the least “understood” topics. It is something which is pretty much left for us to figure out as our practice with Yoga increases.
For instance:

Do I remember the “dot” or Brahma Baba or BapDada or…? Do I have a “heart to heart conversation with my “companion” or the “beloved”? Do I remember my kingdom, my inheritance or my angelic dress? What do I remember?

Sounds familiar? 🙂

Today as I was walking “practicing” the avyakt stage, I noticed that when my mind was able to concentrate in a feeling which is similar to the one experienced in “traffic control” when all thoughts are over and you are “packing up” going inwards, that state is “indescribable,” that state will take someone away from all physicality. I felt it.
It could be powerful if my concentration increases.

Here is the gradual discovery.

I described in this article a practice called “being a-temporal.” I have been practicing that along with other exercises to increase my perception such as: hearing my heart beats, bringing the sound of the ocean to my mind at will, and listening to 4 different sounds of Nature, while in Nature. Then a couple of days ago, while browsing the “Spiritual Treasure Chest- 100 Jewels from Baba’s Murlis,” “I” found on page 66 this:

“When you find you are not able to stabilize yourself for a long time in the awareness of the point, then you catch hold of the second stage (heart-to heart conversation.) However, what happens is that because it is easy to have subtle heart-to-heart conversation and to churn the ocean of knowledge, you quickly begin to do that. Because it is difficult to stabilize yourself in the awareness of the point, you pay less attention to that. However, it is essential to have that stage…The more you stay in the awareness of the point; the greater will be the changes visible in your sanskars….
When you stabilize yourself in the awareness of the point, a sparkle will be visible on your forehead. Your memorial of the third eye will be physically visible through the stage of the soul… When you have the awareness of the point your stage remains full.”

Right there is the key! That is the same explanation as being “a-temporal.” It is the same feeling and the effects of reaching that state is being felt as well as Baba explains it.
For me, that is my main form of “remembrance” now.

Another “practice” which have helped a great deal is to calm the mind by being in Nature and to open the heart chakra so energies do not remain stuck in my third chakra. It feels like a flow of energies towards the heart and I was able to develop that while getting a “mental massage” in Nature:
Sitting by the ocean and hearing how the waves make a relaxing sound when hitting the rocks nearby. When we are completely in that experience, there is some sort of relaxing mood which opens our subtle senses.

Please understand that I am trying to describe something which is not possible to describe. I am using the best terms that I can, and still I am short of words. This is why, remembrance is not described but it has to be experienced.

In my practice, I still need to concentrate for longer periods and to have a deeper concentration. Getting there is the next step.

Another benefit of this practice is when sharing “drishti.” Now the soul will be felt by others. That energy could easily “travel” now.
Baba’s description above is clearly understood by me now. It is not that I have to imagine a point all the time. It is the point of “inner concentration.”
In that state there is automatic change in “sankaras.” It is magical. There is transformation. The rust goes away.

In that avyakt stage there is a sense of being outside while being here. There is calmness, tranquility and some sort of blissful elation for moments.
These are “baby steps,” but I will no longer have to ‘pretend’ that exists when I have not experienced.
I have. 🙂

Question:In meditation, we are completely concentrated and experience the self deeply and able to sustain that experience for few seconds, but as soon as our body comes into motion, our connection with the self looses and the energy which was concentrated then, gets diluted. The stage of karma yogi is to detached the self (energy) from the karma (action) while doing it. How?

Thank you for your question.
The short answer: There is no particular method, like anything spiritual. The experience may come as our karmic accounts are settled and as our practice and experience of meditation increases at the same time.
Baba may give 3 points to practice or a “yukti” to follow, but unless we have experienced what He is talking about beforehand, we will not know and will only have empty words to interpret.

The long answer: Awareness is the key. There is an exercise which a friend of mine taught me. It is called to be “A-temporal.” Souls are naturally a-temporal (without time.) The practice of this exercise brings the awareness of everything around you moving. There is stillness in you or in other words, you are “centered” in the self, unmovable but you are just observing.

While in deep meditation the experience is on the self, but in the practice of “a-temporal,” it is the self in relationship with the surroundings. Things can happen around you, but stillness, (you) remain unchallenged. We can practice this at any time, while talking, eating, walking, etc.

Basically the exercise is to “center” the self, by going “inside.” In Baba’s terms could be experiencing the soul. In my experience, it is to be “silenced” (the mind is not producing thoughts but it is naturally concentrated in the experience of the self.) and then to observe under this awareness. The flow is from the inside to the outside, just to give it a name that could make sense.

I have found this practice of being “a-temporal” helpful for it takes care of what you describe that you are experiencing: “but as soon as our body comes into motion, our connection with the self looses and the energy which was concentrated then, gets diluted.” This dilution happens because we have separated the self from the environment and because of that separation, the fight between “the attractive outside” vs. the “stillness” inside occurs. Being “a-temporal” does not separate, it is just awareness, observing. “Inside and Outside” are not separated.