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The significance of “achievement” in spirituality

Many are inspired by gurus, saints and self proclaimed self-realized individuals, in their search for “enlightenment,” a “higher state,” etc. for they want to achieve that state for themselves.

Because these individuals think that to become “better” and achieve something as they have done in society, is “good.” Their role models fit that aspiration.
We may think that such goal is laudable, that it is something “good” to pursue and encourage the seeker to “obtain” that, to “achieve” it, so he can be a model too and tell us “how to get it” for ourselves later on.

Observe the desire to achieve. Observe the typical “modus operandi” in action: It is the same “method” that we have learned to DO and accomplish things in “Life.” We believe in “hard work” and steady effort to “achieve” this aspiration of “enlightenment” as well, by following the same.

Nevertheless, “spirituality” or the art of living Life in fulfillment; doesn’t follow the ways we have learned through centuries of conditioning.
Until we don’t realize that, we will be repeating the same pattern. A “higher state of BEING” is not like getting a job, or working hard through endless repetition of methods. As a matter of fact, our desires for such achievement, are of no consequence. It is not like what we have been taught.

Still, the machinery is at work in search for profit. Books, classes and other sources of information are sold to “help” the seeker to “achieve” his goals.
That is snake oil. However, it has a placebo effect according to the depth of belief.

Here is the premise to understand: The same ego, the same “I,” the same “mind” trying to achieve something “great” such as a higher state of BEING is the one required to melt away.
Thus, isn’t that desire to achieve something, coming from the same ego-mind which needs to wither away? “Oh Ok…then, I will achieve and then wither the ego away…” If it was like that, then everyone could be self-realized in “3 simple steps.”

A “higher state” is not achievable. For there will be no “I,” there to achieve. Further, a “higher state” only happens according to the need of time to those whose life experience calls for that. That “event” is beyond our DOING.

Let me be more explicit: The “I,” the “mind,” the “ego,” achieves through action, through DOING something. Observe how religions and spiritual paths have many rituals, commandments and practices thought to “better” a person.
However, DOING does not change BEING. DOING can only change behavior but never BEING.
No matter how many times we repeat some “practice,” BEING cannot change. BEING does not change due to the strong desire of the “ego-mind” to “succeed.” Spirituality is in the realm of BEING first, not DOING to cover BEING.

If the above is clearly understood, then we will face the “reality” that truly AWARENESS is the trademark of a conscious existence, which is not concerned in bringing change to itself, as change naturally happens; but rather OBSERVES, is AWARE of how it happens and naturally allows for it to happen at its own time. ALLOWING is key, when ego has been taught to control.

It is of paramount importance to understand what AWARENESS is, but the catch is that it cannot be explained or defined. There is the dictionary definition, but that is not the EXPERIENTIAL, complete, unmistakably meaning. As the experience of awareness happens and we become more conscious, then we will know.

In the meantime and until that happens, there are tons of “self-help” books, classes and information to help us “achieve” our spiritual goals; whether that is “heaven,” “self-realization,” or some other goal desired by the ego driven mind. It is good to get “busy.”  🙂

Yes, there is something for everyone.

What do I DO to “improve”?

Observe the Life of a public “famous” person, a “star.” Without a doubt, he has experienced ups and downs in his lifetime.
Beauty, fame, power, health, joy and wealth had different intensities throughout his life. There is no point in time where everything was all there, unchanged as if he had “arrived.”

There is no point in time where a person is the “same” all the way until death arrives. This is a fact.

A what point in Life, that person was “improving”? It just depends on what someone looks at. Some examples of “improving”:
Did he settle with one partner rather than many? Did she take up yoga and meditation as part of her life style? Did he sell 1 million copies of his best seller book? Was she inducted in the rich and famous hall of fame? Are those singular things “improvement”? It is relative. Life is bigger than any single improvement.

Life cannot be compartmentalized, cut in pieces, but we do it in our minds, so “improvement” happens as an ideal to strive for.
That ideal will create in turn the duality of “success and failure.” We are sold on that one. The fiction of success is as real as failure.

Observe the artificiality of all. That is how we live Life, believing that our mental creations, ideals are Life.

In Life, the word “improvement” does not exist. It is not needed as Life has its own movements, as shared before; the full range of experiences entails to go through the 2 sides of a duality.

How does it “work”? 

Observe any “positive” virtues or qualities in your favorite actress. The potential for the “negative” opposites is there as well. As a matter of fact, it will be experienced by that person at different times of her current existence or it was in another Life experience , or it will be in the future.
The full range of experiences needs to be experienced. BEING all of those.

That is how we have a variety of people in the world, experiencing a piece of the diversity of the ranges of experiences.
Our conditioning is ready to label and judge their experiences as “good or bad.” It does not matter. Our morality is worth diddly-squat in the way Life moves.

That is why it was shared that enjoyment of the experience is important. That quality of enjoyment is how we “become better.” (Those are not the most accurate words to use, but for the sake of being understood or misunderstood.)

That quality of enjoyment does not depend on what we have, what we earn, where we are in society or how we behave in society.
It all depends on how AWARE we are.
Greater conditioning, means less capacity for enjoyment.
Because we have learned all those sacred “go getter” keywords that we would like to “achieve” in Life to “make it worthwhile,” to find a “purpose.”
That is garbage.

Enjoy Life. Be open to the diversity of it. Expect the unexpected without judgment, without trying to “make sense.”
It is that sense the one that has been conditioned.
Live today, die tomorrow. No big deal. Have you enjoyed the ride?

Yes? Then there will be fulfillment. Nothing is missing.
If we try to “practice” any of the above, we will be fakes for we will try to “accomplish” that thing which looks good for ME… I’ve got to have it! (back into the conditioning of society.)
That “practice” could be made into a religion or some “system” to “help people” and to help MY pocket…but it is completely artificial. 

BEING changes through AWARENESS. Give yourself an ample space of solitude to observe the movie of Life. It is in that observation how we learn from the actors of Life and enjoy their unique parts. The plot will keep on changing, but as long as we OBSERVE it without judgment, we will enjoy it… and improve by DOING nothing. 🙂

Ego-less appreciation


“Subtle awareness of the truth of the universe should not be regarded as an achievement. To think in terms of achieving it is to place it outside your own nature. This is erroneous and misleading. Your nature and the integral nature of the universe are one and the same: indescribable, but eternally present. Simply open yourself to this.”
Hua Hu Ching CH 24

There is spirituality in the consciousness of achievement. That consciousness implies the separation of “I” and the moment, the now.
For example, “I” need to conquer lust. “I” need to become perfect. “I” must destroy evil , etc.

The above are examples expressing 2 things:
1) The awareness that something is lacking, implying that separation between what “I” am now and “my” potential to be or to do something else.
2) A clear support of the “I,” the ego as the main protagonist in “my” life.

We could choose to understand any “classical” spiritual teaching under those 2 points. It is about achievement of something which is perceived as away from my current self.

The third way of looking at things is to recognize that “I” am the “Universe.” This simple view is not related with a “new age” thought or a self-imposed lie; when in reality “I” clearly see that “I” am not the “Universe.” 🙂

The main issue with human beings nowadays is this perception of separation.

Externally, that separation exists due to a perception: Different colors, different gender, different origin, different thoughts, different religions, different ideas, different beliefs….something different.

Internally, everything starts due to our lack of self-appreciation.

Because “I” don’t appreciate myself as a unique entity living in relationship with everything else; the aim of conforming to mental rigidity and mental patterns already established, becomes extremely valuable for my own “identity.”

Because “I” don’t appreciate myself, it is not worth to spend time with myself and rather occupy myself complying with what is there already, so “I” can fit in; so “I” can be part of another group.

Groups are forms of separation.

It is when appreciation exists, that “I” could relate in life without further expectations. The appreciation of my own uniqueness allows myself to appreciate the uniqueness of “others.”
In mutual appreciation, things could be as they are without the need to change them around to fit “my” vision.

The teachings: “You have to be good.” “You have to be this or that..” may wish well, but if those words are taken literally without further examination; the creation of that separation which is away from appreciation will be born.

I can appreciate a butterfly flying. It is a spontaneous appearance, almost magical. That appreciation will bring a smile, instant sunshine… That is the meaning of opening yourself to something, which does not need to be analyzed, controlled or compared.

Ego comes when there is comparison. “The butterfly that I saw yesterday was more/less ——(fill in the blank) than the one today.”

“My kid is more intelligent than …..” By doing this simply and apparently inoffensive “talk” we are creating in our minds that separation.
We are killing the appreciative moment of looking at uniqueness.

That is why, that openness is necessary to let things “in and out.”

The butterfly is there. Appreciate that. Enjoy that moment.
The thought of holding on to it is mental murder, lack of respect for a magical moment that life is allowing us to experience.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. That is, to be appreciated.

Consciousness: Why some people achieve more and others do not?

“Dear Brother, After reading you blog on consciousness, i feel, being in body consciousness comes naturally to us while to experience that self inside takes lot of practice and effort. Why does that happen? At the end of the day i want to experience what i actually am. Why for some people its difficult to understand while for others its easy? Again is my state of consciousness, a role being played. If that is so, then don’t you think there is a bias. Regards.”

Dear reader,

Thank you for you great question!
Avyakt7 is sharing his experience, not the “truth.” Those states of consciousness could fluctuate. These sharings are meant for readers to recognize if they had the same experience, a glimpse or something like that. Avyakt7 is just trying to put that into words. These sharings are not meant for readers to “follow” those experiences and put beliefs in their heads of what they need to “reach.” This is not a game of “levels” where you get more points as you go “higher.”

Body consciousness is natural for us, because our consciousness is limited to that. Greater consciousness means to be able to experience different “realities” which will give us a greater openness to different views and perspectives in life.

If you understood the writings on consciousness then you will need to forget about body consciousness as being “bad.” It is not. It is just a state of consciousness. That is all.

Have you experienced other types of consciousness besides “body consciousness”?

If your answer is “no,” then how could you assume that it takes a “lot of effort and practice”? Please don’t put beliefs in your mind. Just keep it clear.

If your answer is “yes,” then you will know the answer of your own question: Why does it happen?

Dear reader, the spiritual path is not about “wanting” something or trying to “achieve” something. Those concepts are related with the “reality” of the world of achievements, what “normal” people call the “real world.” Anything that you achieve is not you. You cannot achieve yourself.

Once that mentality of striving to get someplace or to desire to be someone else is over, then we could be at ease, calm and let things be by themselves at their right time.

Consciousness will open, just be quiet in your mind, be still, be serene. That is the “effort.” 🙂

Why something so natural as being serene and calm has to be such an effort? 🙂

Dear reader, please see that this is not about “intellectual understanding.” There is a need to experience and that comes through the experience of your own natural serenity, so you can “see” and not be in a hurry looking for something to achieve, something to do, something to believe in.

There is no bias but only if you think about it. That is a human invention in the first state of consciousness.

Just allow yourself to “be” as you are now. Let that natural serenity emerge.

Best wishes!