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Intention before Action

The word “action” isn’t ambiguous for our actions are there to be seen. It has been said: “Hell is full of good meanings, but heaven is full of good works”. The action, the “ good works” is what matters to most.

Nevertheless, there is a difference between the word intention when used in society in general and the one related with spirituality, with Life.

Our society believes that there are “good” actions and “bad” actions. Therefore, our mind is conditioned to obtain a certain defined result; and many times, the means we use do not matter to us. That sort of action is programmed, an individual only needs to comply, without “thinking.” It is mechanical by all means and repetitive and in that repetition, there is no zest for Life.

Helping the little old lady to cross the busy street, is considered a “good action,” but it is mechanical, it is expected so long as we do it out of duty, out of conditioning. Just like Pavlov’s dogs; we salivate at the sound of the bell and not because we smell food or see it, or taste it.

Observe that I am not interested in the “moral” value of that action, although that action may get me brownie points to “go to heaven.” I am interested in having zest for Life. Therefore, we need to take a look at what is behind that action, the intention of it.

Where does my intention come from? Many will say, it is a matter of checking our thoughts. “If I am thinking that the old lady needs help and I help her, then that is a “good intention” transformed into a good action.”

Let me disagree. Thinking is conditioning. Rather than showing who we ARE in a naked way, we are dressing up and using that same gray suit tailored by society to be worn by us, every time. If I am in a real rush to get to work and the old lady wants to cross the street, observe the engine of my “good action.” It is duty, conditioning. A different scenario would be if the intention of “helping” is out of FEELING compassion or out of my feeling that we are all one. No thought involved.

In the hypothetical scenario of God  “judging” us if we should go to hell or heaven; the action of helping out of duty gives the same result as out of compassion: To help the lady to cross the street. Could God choose someone to go to heaven based on his rehearsed, mechanical “good actions” or perhaps for what that person truly IS? That is a mechanical person vs. a compassionate person. Food for thought.

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions”, meaning that individuals may want to act in a certain way, nevertheless; nothing happens due to procrastination or some other reason. Observe that this is a different meaning of intention. There are many people who indulge in pretty talk: – Yeah. Let us do that! Let us help “others”! But nothing happens. Look at what that person IS: A blabber, perhaps a social climber but he IS not compassionate.

In Life, what we ARE is the intention, the engine behind our actions. That is not what we have been taught in society.

There is a difference between a saint caressing the hair of a child and someone else DOING the same action. What is the intention behind? What is the feeling in the heart? God will surely look at that, while humans get caught up only in the action.

A wolf dressing as red riding hood through the robes of “good” actions; is always a wolf.

The “choice” of guilt and forgiveness.

We have no choice. How do you like that?

Many will react to this statement, mostly those who have no idea of what the “I” is. Their dreamy world continues on with all the “choices” they are making.
Is your intelligence your choice?
How about your looks? How about your consciousness?

“Spirituality for the masses” continues on making followers believe that “We can change our consciousness. We can change world consciousness.” That sort of material is sold to many, for most “like the idea” that “I am control. I am in charge.”
The question is, control of what? The “office world”? Of course. That is meant to cater the egocentric need of the mind. However, the things that matter such as health, aging, intelligence, psychological readiness, consciousness, awareness and Life and Death… Those things are completely out of “our” control. How do we like that? What the “office world” can do about it? Perhaps offer insurance, power, money to control those things?

The “I” can only change behavior. “I” can behave according to what my mind recognizes as being “good,” however, that is no change at all. Nevertheless, our society, our understanding and morality is only concerned with behavior. The mind is required for that, thus; the “I” is there. “Spirituality” based solely on change of behavior is infantile.
Honesty is not shown in behavior. Who we ARE could be hidden behind the action.

Awakening is not an easy thing. Picture that you are deeply asleep and someone is nagging the heck out of you to wake up… What do you do? What is your “choice”?

“I can bend my left pinky, that is my choice!”
Yes…but go deeper. Who made the choice? It was the mind. It had a reason, even if that is to prove me wrong. That reason hides the “I.” Otherwise, your pinky moves without your awareness. It is automatic.  Have you noticed that?

The mind creates a static entity and separates it from Life. It even separates your pinky from the rest of the body, when in reality your pinky needs a hand and the hand needs an arm and the arm needs a body and the body needs a “something” to be alive…but we never stop and ask: Who is that “I”? and most important, Where is it?
Yes, we can believe all sort of things and even call it with names such as “soul,” just to stop our inquire, but that is superficial. Observe that there is no difference between that “I” and what we call mind. Observe that the contents of the mind and therefore, the “I” cannot bring newness for the mind is a repository of things that we have accumulated. We see the world and ourselves through that lenses.

Humans as well as all living beings are agents for change. Life manifests change through all living organisms.
The paradox is that we are needed exactly as we are… but what we are, does not depend on us.  It is related with consciousness.
Take away choice,  and free will goes down the drain… but it is not that “bad” for guilt, shame and forgiveness… all of that goes along with it, flushed down the toilet… There is more, but that is up to you to find out.      🙂


I do but I am not responsible

In the video shared about Mooji, he mentioned about the realization that “I don’t do anything as we get to explore the self with greater extent.” Notice that this is a realization through observation: I wake up, without an alarm I have “no control” of the time that I will wake up. Still with an alarm, many things could go “wrong,” the battery of the alarm, the fact that I went to sleep hungry and couldn’t sleep well and overslept, etc. If we look at every activity that we do, we will see the chain of “cause and effect” behind it… and in this life, how that “chain reaction” started without my “choosing.” Do we see that? 🙂

In the first video, we will explore a “brainy” point on predestination and the fact that “if I am not responsible for my own actions, because I really have no free will, then I cannot be accountable for my actions. I am not guilty of them.”

The above reasoning of course is used as a good argument to see the need for “free will;” otherwise, why put serial killers in jail, if they are not truly responsible for their actions?

In the second video with Mr. Eckhart Tolle; he discusses our “responsibility,” and that is in the well-being of our own consciousness. He even expresses about this illusory entity called the “me” (which agrees with Mooji)and then, he “enlightens” us with “Who you “are” is the primary consciousness. What you “do” follows that.”

Please pay special attention to those words and observe them in yourself as they have great significance.

Notice the video below, “The Quran speaks” a good program due to the questions the interviewer is asking. The questions are answered by Dr. Shabir Ally.
In this video we can see that all is about “justification” of God. How “free will” is necessary to get God out of the hook for “creating” evil(because He created good, he created evil as well because one side cannot exist without the other.) “Final outcomes are not predetermined,” even though often scriptures talk about God knowing beforehand what will happen. Not only that, the belief of reincarnation, goes beyond the realm of “free will” and “choosing,” because there is “cause and effect” in it. However, a “Heaven” and “Hell” puts the “choice” back into the individual.

This is the Muslim belief as well as the Christian belief and other God centered religions. There is Godly judgment, so you are responsible for your actions.

Note that there is no point in the conversation where the word “consciousness” is used. All is about faith and beliefs. “Some beliefs do not seem to be rather logical…” Dr. Ally points out; but there are some beliefs which more logical than others, I may point out; however that does not mean that those beliefs are “truth.”

In this video everything is about responsibility of actions. I am responsible for them and God will judge me and either give me eternal hell or paradise in return.

Finally, in this video by Adyshanti, the word “oneness” comes into the picture. If everything is one, who am I? Part of that oneness. This “idea” will flow nicely with Mooji’s, Tolle’s and Zen about non doing our own actions but rather actions flow through us as we identify with them. That is how the “me” appears. Therefore, by concentrating in our actions, we will not solve anything “wrong” unless we take care first of our consciousness, because our actions follows consciousness as Mr. Tolle pointed out.

Consciousness is primarily, awareness and our extent of awareness will dictate how responsible we could be.

How do I make sense out of all the above information?

Easy. Experience it for yourself. This is not a matter of belief.
There is obviously a consciousness of “doing things” for some. Others will find that they do not do anything. Either way, as long as our consciousness hasn’t changed, then our activities whether we “do them” or not, those activities cannot be “elevated” unless my consciousness precedes them.

Consciousness precedes commandments and rituals.

Responsibility of action then is a matter of consciousness not a matter of beliefs.