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Question: Dear Bro, Does every physical body we take have a subtle body in the subtle regions ? If yes this could mean Brahma baba has 84 bodies of light in the subtle space. Also does the advanced parties again come into BK gyan after they leave this body ? If not what are the basic roles of advanced parties then ?

Dear soul,
Thank you for your question.
I don’t know the exact answer. Gyan does not go too much into that “realm.” I can only speculate.
It is believed that the “subtle body” will be the way to “settle our karmic accounts” through “Dharamraj” before going into the soul world. Therefore, that is the “only” subtle body that we know in Gyan.

Also, we are aware of the existence of ghosts, astral bodies and such; which could appear at any other time in our rebirths from the copper age onwards, which many may call “subtle bodies” as well.

As far as the “advanced party” deal; there is no much information about them; so I can “logically” speculate that once you go into the “advanced party,” you will not be a BK again. Effort making is over at that point for their Dharna will allow them to progress through other means/experiences.

They no longer need the “reformation of the self” of BK life. Their “role” is to be the “bridge” between the “ways and knowledge” of the old world and the “ways to be and live” of the Golden age.

In the Drama everything changes little by little; thus, before a “Golden age” society, there is a need for something similar to them which will bring technology and know-how for a different society. That is their main role.

Best wishes!

Question: Baba says – Golden age gets established before destruction takes place . Any signs any one sees golden age is being established..

Thank you for your question! 🙂
Short answer: when you self transform, you are establishing heaven before destruction. Right? Through the law of karma, you will experience heaven in the future and through your stage you will experience that “now” as well. That is the sign that we can “see.”

If you are referring to physical facilities, then your question would have been very tough to answer in the 1950’s, when there was no knowledge of the “Advance party.”
Now, since BapDada has disclosed this, then we know that there are some souls who are doing these things in a very incognito way. Once destruction happens there will be still 35 years before you see the “final product.” That is plenty of time to build things.

Best wishes!