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Surrender to the adventure


Shall we live life with worries and thoughts about an “uncertain future”?
Shall we live life with the thought that at every moment someone is taking advantage of us, trying to get something from us, etc.? Shall we live life thinking that someone is watching us just to make sure that we get “punished” for the “wrong doings” of tasting the different flavors that life brings and offers “free of charge”?

Many individuals “think” Yes, we should.

We should worry about the future. We should “control it,” be “careful” and get life insurance for the afterlife as well.
Don’t get in trouble. Don’t make waves. Don’t ask anything from anyone. Mind your own business…
And yet… those individuals live in constant fear.
Fear is their life.

That is when God as the ultimate source of “insurance” came into the game.
Pray to Him.
Ask Him.
Remember Him.
Do something nice to gain His favor. That is, “love” Him.

To open ourselves to the adventure of living life is to discover our own limitations, which are not allowing us to connect with the Totality, with everything.

Discover your own shortcomings. Observe how the sense of “self” is a limit.

As we discover those limits, an automatic openness in our attitude arrives, and we will no longer see life as “harsh” and to try to ”protect ourselves” from a harsh environment.

Do we want to be only around “nice people” ?
Do we want to create our “safety net” of individuals to belong to so the rest could be “safely” rejected?

When the seeker is a “child” in consciousness; that help is required. It is the starting point. God may be needed to feel protected, secure, loved.

If the child ever decides to grow up and open his consciousness to more than “self-absorption” and to learn to adjust, change and balance his life with the rhythms of the Ocean of life itself….
Then that child needs to get out of the safety of his bathtub someday.
The bathtub of beliefs. The bathtub of traditions. The bathtub of duality. The bathtub of ideologies.

To live in balance means to harmonize the physical with subtle energies, to be able to change, adapt and modify according to the song of the day.

That is not a child’s work.

It is that flexibility which will allow someone to wake up everyday and be grateful to the new adventure of the day, which is right before his own 2 feet.

Break that shell of beliefs and come out from it victorious, just to taste the light of the adventure of living life in joy.

Mission and Obsession by: Mathias

mathias (2)

In life, we will find that we could choose to be aligned through our mission or through our obsession.

Let us remember those 2 things: Mission and obsession. Mission goes along with that which is determined already. Obsession goes with that which is being forced.

That force only enters in opposition when it doesn’t have a Vision.
Without vision we can’t take off. Also, we cannot finish our life path without being hurt.

Obsession has as an objective to develop the participant through suffering. It is a longer route; tiring and risky. On the contrary by using observation through our position in life, we can determine an adequate route according to our mission of life.

To acknowledge both is to allow the mind greater adventure.
Adventure is good if you have the desire to improvise on a daily basis. But if you just want a route; then it is better for you to find the one established in your mission.

Mission then is that which goes according to your capacity. It has been made for you. It does not require further effort.

If you find this quickly, you could stop on the way to enjoy the views, the landscapes of life. If you go in a hurry, that doesn’t allow you to enjoy.
To go with calmness in life will allow you to appreciate, celebrate and to share in your route of mission in life.

– Mathias- “The Awakening.”