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Questions from Brahma Kumaris readers

1. Dear brother, I am more than 25 years in gyaan. I go to attend daily class murli at centre once. I do read murli at home. Practically i live alone. Only my dad is here. I cant surrender in centre. I work as teacher in secondary school. I am standing at cross-road of life— whether to marry or not. I am in contact with a BK sister who lives in foreign country. I got her on facebook. I find her a suitable match. She promises for a pure life after marriage. She is 4 years in gyaan. Although she is from poor family background, she is of good character who understands gyaan well. Please advise me to marry or not. Is marriage bad for me? Or is it that according to baba’s murli and latest signal i should not create new accounts? Many thoughts come to my mind when i read murli because of which i become afraid of marriage. Baba is Dharmaraj too. I am willing to marry not for lust but for practical reasons because i am not a surrendered brother. Please do advise me what should i do. Thanking you in anticipation in baba’s yaad, sweet brother.”

Dear reader.
Is Avyakt7´s advice so important to you? Do you feel that Avyakt7´s advice would be able to change your destiny when it has been made already?
To value your understanding of the knowledge that you follow, is vital for your own development.

Best wishes!

2. “I always face dilemmas in making small and big decisions. My mind changes every now and then. After taking decisions I think opposite one would have been better. Like this, it would be very difficult to deal with any situation. Please help me on this. Thanks.”

Dear reader,
As you forget about ¨making decisions,¨ and allow your intuition to take over, to feel what is…then that feeling will be so strong that even if it does not turn out to be as you ¨wanted,¨ it will be the right thing to do according to your destiny and the Universe.
Oneness implies more than “I.”
Best wishes!

3. “baba i want to marraige subhra suman khuntia ,would u request plz give sugges.”

Dear reader.
Unfortunately Avyakt7 is not a match maker 🙂 Please see question 1 above.

Best wishes!

4. “is it something that people who are emotionally weak or less intelligent( i strongly believe that intelligence is not that part which is equally belong by everyone “scientifically”) more prone to spirituality as they looking for extra support to deal with life or expetations created by surrounding,also who are more intelligent can be able to deal with everyday practical life or competition more efficiently which creates ego ( can say “confidence”) can easily say that spirituality is the ” weakness job ” , do we look for”god(imaginary power)” when we are weak , a’companion’ in our weakness, actually we look for it when something is not going on with expectations and we want someone to change for it…. can spiritually be followed by someonne who has everything going on as planned can you have your elaboration on it …”

Dear reader,
Perhaps this conversation between Mathias, the wise tree and Ananda could send some light into your question.
Ananda: If destiny is already made, then what is the function of God?
Mathias: The same as yours…
Ananda: Which one? To experience the experiences of life?
Mathias: To exist
Ananda: But.. that idea that God will help you…
Mathias: It is in you…
Ananda: It is an idea…
Mathias: It depends… If it is in your destiny…
Ananda: If it is in your destiny….yes…But it can be there and then it can go away, it could change..
Mathias: That is what some people call your “fortune.”
Ananda: Yes.. and also ¨Maya,¨(illusion.)
Mathias: That could be for them. But no for you..neither for Mathias. Perhaps Mathias has to ask God for the Sun to come out tomorrow?
Ananda: No friend. The Sun will be there …even though many times we do not see it…

Best wishes!

5. “Dear Brother, What is neutral karma ? How to perform neutral karmas in our daily lives ? And In golden age why is it that there is no consequence of karma ? Even though we are soul concious we still play our part and hence karmas should be associated !! Thank You.”

Dear reader,

Avyakt7 would like to invite you to do a search on “neutral karma” as a keyword in this blog. There are many articles already here which will answer your questions…

Best wishes!

When it is difficult to smile…


Our experiences in life differ day by day. Some days we see a radiant flower in the middle of nowhere, at other times; it is about a gray cloud over our heads; persecuting us and waiting for the right moment to rain and thunder on us without mercy… 😦

In our society we have been taught to smile. To put the smiling clown face despite how we feel inside. “The show must continue.” Religions and “quick fix advice” recommend to give our sorrow to God or to “express our sorrow in a healthy way,” 🙂 because it is our “right” to be sad and besides, “it is normal.”

The “traditional” medical field will give us the “magical pill.” Take this colorful thing 3 times a day for a week and if your stomach survives the secondary effects and you do not feel sleepy; you will not be “sad” until the effect wears out!

Just like the Cinderella tale… Just return before midnight to live the magic!

Is there any way that we could deal with changes of mood by ourselves without relying on “something else”?

In life everything comes and goes. Today we feel “this,” tomorrow “that.” That is duality. We have been trained to select one side of it and avoid at all costs the other side.

Once we recognize that “things move on,” there is a chance to compose ourselves in the experience of our inner silence.

That is, “stop, close your eyes, clear your mind from thoughts, breathe in and out slowly, gently and purposely… just feel that inner wind of freshness coming from your heart.”

That is the 5-minute- quick- fix to regain sanity. Then, it is just acceptance of “what is.” Look at it. Experience that feeling completely knowing that it is “not you,” because “that” will go away; but it is an experience living or being alive through you.

This is the meaning of equanimity. It is acceptance of what is going on by just observing it. It is in that observation that whatever we are experiencing will not take charge over us.

Life will bring many different experiences, but as long as we are aware of our own “center” in silence, of that “5 minute fix to regain sanity,” little by little we will experience that which does not need outside things to feel content, to feel at ease and at peace.

The “trick” is just to be aware of that “inner in-built” serenity despite the outer dramas of life. Hold on to that, until the gray cloud goes away.
That serenity is bound to grow up in time so the “outer” will be just the “inner.”

Then, we can only be in equanimity.
To learn to clear our minds from thoughts, preconceptions, ideas, beliefs, traditions, dogmas and assumptions will give us the chance to experience what we “are” truly all about.

Question: I am a BK since 6 years, and I have experience various different stages, but the best part is that I keep evolving and progressing. Now, I am at this particular stage (maybe u would be familiar with the experience) where I see my stage oscillates from one state to another and it keeps moving. Few days, I experience complete bliss and flying stage and then without any outer trigger or obstacle, I find myself coming out from that stage (enjoying that inner space to being extroversion) and even being aware that its going to attack me, I feel so helpless…. again when I feel that it (waste and suffering) has come to brim, then I overcome that and feel the extreme opposite state…..I am not able to maintain a balanced state and at times, I felt so helpless and painful to always keep experiencing this ups and downs…..What should I do? Shall I accept it as a part of this journey? Shall I fight bck with the fluctuation I face? I always try to observe and watch my feelings when they are going out of control or unfamiliar to me, but always fails…..? Please share your experiences which might help me to tackle this

Thank you for your challenging question!
Thank you for sharing your experiences as well as your challenges. Being a BK for 6 years is meaningless for “last go fast,” and that is all there is.

In today’s Murli (9/13/12) Baba spoke about “maintaining our stage constant and stable.” He mentioned that “following Shrimat accurately” is what makes the difference.
When we say “Shrimat” there are many implications for “Shrimat” is pretty much individual. A “Shrimat” for a householder is different than a Kumar; that is why I like to go back to the Maryadas, for Maryadas are for all BKs.

Many times, our carelessness in one Maryada makes a difference. Today Baba spoke about cooking your own food among other pieces of advice. This is something that you may need to consider, unfortunately; I am limited in my knowledge of your particular situation; therefore, i can only share general items.

Now, on your question. I am aware that many souls have experienced this “trip” of bliss and out of this world experiences with Baba. Those experience serve as “motivators” to continue in this path; however, let me be clear that in this path, suffering needs to be experienced so we can learn and overcome. That is just our own weaknesses magnified through the tests of life.
This is part of the package of “dying alive,” until that suffering is understood and transformed. That means, our vices transformed into virtues again.

If you are not “creating” your stage with awareness, then any other energy around you can “get into you” and change your mood. I found this is one of the most common issues with souls who have lots of sensibility. These souls could be in tune with subtle experiences and “Baba’s energies,” but at the same time; the opposite will happen with “negative energies,” thus, changing easily the stage of these souls.
Perhaps this is your case.

Our stage is not made by “outside forces.” It is not made by subtle, divine experiences. We make that stage with awareness and understanding of our own processes in life. That is why, it takes time. If your stage fluctuates like a “roller coaster” that is the proof that your stage is not coming from your own self awareness. There is no “recipe” to improve that, other than letting life show you the way. The solution will come if you are honest with your efforts. Waiting just means the opportunity to settle karmic accounts in the process.

Do not get discouraged. As you mentioned, the first thing is to “accept that is happening to you.” Do not deny it. Then look for things to try to “improve.” “fighting” means rejecting. There is no fighting in spirituality. It is just accepting, surrendering ego and flowing with life.

Check the accuracy of those “maryadas.”
Check if you are experiencing greater concentration to be able to create your own stage despite outside forces…and finally have the tolerance and the courage to persist and to look and try for “new” solutions. Experiment.

Do not despair in what you are experiencing for it will change in due time if your persist. It is guaranteed. Tolerance and patience are needed more than anything else.

This path is about trying new things rather than repeating the same old stuff. Openness is needed. That is my experience.

Best wishes!

Health related suggestions to keep a balanced BK life style.

Here is my “little” list of different things which I have found beneficial in my BK lifestyle. Out of experience. Thought it could be beneficial to share these items.

1) Acknowledge the body. We are souls, but we express and experience through a body. This body is invaluable now, for it will allow us to settle our karmic accounts.

2) Acknowledge your emotions. There is nothing wrong in feeling love for someone or for many. What you feel is… what you feel. Acknowledge it, accept it and refine your feelings in a satopradhan (elevated) way. Transform feelings which are colored by our “pre-BK” lifestyle into something beautiful. Love to God is not in opposition to other types of love. Love to God will teach us the proper way to love others.

3) Spend time in Nature. This is the time to become sensitive and sensible. Let Nature open your heart to beauty. Sounds, colors, smells, sensations are all beneficial to be in balance with the unnatural ways of our “modern society” built upon “cement and isolation.”

4) Embrace the arts. Take up any artistic endeavor that fits your personality. This is a good way to emerge Golden aged sanskaras .

5) If medicine is needed for the body/mind connection, always go with something Natural first. Avoid “secondary effects” and “cure all” pills from your friendly drug store as much as possible. Many times, old “Grandma’s remedies” will work.

6) Take vitamin B12 to supplement your diet. Vegetarian diets are supposed to be complete in itself but given the circumstances of abuse of Mother Earth, what we obtain is not complete with all nutrients. Find for yourself different methods to improve your eating according to our code of conduct.

7) If looking and feeling healthy is appealing then avoid eating starches, white rice and all sorts of white flour.

8) Use different types of oils in your salads and for cooking. Coconut oil is well known for its properties to help our memory. It may be an “old folk tale” and not “scientifically proven” but try it and see.

9) Before going to sleep, slow down and take a brief walk, breathe in and out and relax yourself. Yoga and the quality of your sleeping will feel better, afterwards.

10) Use the sunshine as a natural way to revitalize the self. Early morning hours for a few minutes. Gazing at the sun while moving our head side by side in the early hours is a good way to keep our vision stimulated. The ophthalmologist may say that this is not true. Try it and see.
The water of the Ocean, will revitalize you right away. When you are charged with “negativity” go for a swim.

11) Practice pranayama and hatha yoga on a regular basis. Those 2 types of exercises are all that is needed to keep the body healthy. Use the early morning hours for this.

12) Smile, sing and dance.

13) Cook your own food. Even if a BK is cooking for you.

14) Enjoy life. Even if you think that it is “hell-ish.” Living is experiencing. Change your vision on that and learn a different way. This is the only time you have.

15) Enjoy solitude and silence on a regular basis.

16) Be yourself. Dare not to be “normal.”