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Words with value in our society

Achieve, attain, fight, struggle, succeed, have the drive, effort, ambition, compete, performance, conquer, beat someone…  Important words to remember! and with that some key phrases and quotes to “live by:”   🙂
“I am going to teach you a lesson.” “I hate this thing, but I do it because I am good at it,” “time is money, “ “The glory is for the winner, “ “strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle,” “ First place is everything, second place is nothing,“ “if there is no struggle, there is no progress.”

A person living in our society will have those values at the end of his “training.” Those values are ingrained, part of the “survival of the fittest” mentality.
Our society praises those who have those qualities, thus we firmly believe those qualities to be “good.” 

When someone is discovering some sort of “spirituality” for the first time, those values are magically transferred from the “mundane” into the “divine.”

We may not compete openly with others, but will show our worthiness by trying (meaning: struggling, being ambitious, making effort, etc.) to obtain heaven or being worth of being “saved.” We are an example, a walking show waiting for applauses and recognition, even though we openly deny it, for we want to look “humble.” 🙂

Our definition or concept of “good” must prevail, even though that may hurt others; we are “doing the right thing.” We are “conquering evil.”

The “hero” is the one who “protects others,” by killing others. Every country has a hero. The “good ones” are from “his” country, the “bad” ones, are not. 

Once we awaken from those infantile belief systems, it is a shock. Your struggle is not worth a penny, even if you think it is; even if society supports those beliefs.

It is useless to try to change what naturally will change, for everything changes by itself… it may not be “your way” but there will be change. To try to control  an outcome, is a disease of the “I.” 
We learned that to struggle for some cause will give us a “reason to exist,” “legacy.”
All of that is “pure” ego.

Thinking that we are DOING a good action, is only feeding our ego.
Thinking that we are DOING the right thing, is only strengthening our “I.”
Fighting with others for supremacy, so we can teach them a lesson, is only feeding our hungry “I.”
Inner struggle to BE good rather than bad, is defining our ego based on society’s moral standards, the “office world,” the “mind world,” the “religious guilt trip.”

Someone who does not understand clearly the above, will say: “You are right. I will oppose society’s values. I will not conform to the machinery.”
The mind (ego) will go from one extreme into the other. The “I” is still well and alive. That is why, it does not matter what we DO, as long as the “I” is behind that action, for that action is not in harmony with the changes of Life, but it is ego driven.

Others will say: “ What you just said is  very stupid. How can I get ahead, if I don’t have ambition?
🙂 I haven’t said not to have ambition. I haven’t said that ambition is “good” or “bad.” The understanding of  “black or white” statements only, is because we live in the mind.
AWARENESS of the “I” is not there yet.

Question: brother, not getting the part of desires and ambition..it has numerous backlinks :). It is ok that when we come to this path we are contented, this leads to success achieved right here. We know our time is getting used in a right way..that is for sure. But what about the approach to the outer world. If before this path one wants to be top businessman in the world, then should he change it now..coz its not worth it now for contentment also(he is being successful) and for the time also (situations in the world). Generally what happens we are inner top bussinessman and we feel we have everything means everything. But then also new people, new circumstances time to time ask what you have in terms of material? Should the desire continue then to show we have not renounced to the material world including status, good lifestyle etc ..?

Dear soul,

Thank you for your follow up question.

It is not a matter of “changing priorities” because you heard about it, or because some external situation. You have arrived at this path, then follow it the best you can so you can understand it and understand yourself. Spirituality is about self understanding, the rest are details.

It is you who has to realize what things to change in your life. The time will come so it is not a “compulsion.” Since you have arrived to this path and you desire to be “top businessman”… sure, play that game if you wish, but at the same time stay in the spiritual path… Then you will realize by yourself.

Many times people are asked to surrender this or that in the name of a religious belief. Just follow your heart. If spirituality is what you are looking for, things will arrange automatically. No need to struggle. No need to do something to “demonstrate” to others.

A suggestion, something that I learned in life: It is pointless to worry about what people say. You cannot make everyone happy and it is not our task to do it. BK life teaches us to be able to cut all dependencies by simplifying our life style so we can live a life “free from the strings of attachment,” and that includes other people’s opinion. Also, we need to be mindful that in the “world” we need a paycheck to survive unless we received our auntie’s inheritance… 🙂 therefore, we need to play the “game at work.” It is a game. It matters what your boss says between 9 AM and 5 PM in most jobs and if you become a “successful businessman,” for sure your schedule will be longer than that…

Please don’t play the game of “renouncing things of the material world.” Rather, you will get rid of unnecessary things in life as you grow in the understanding of this path. There is no need to renounce when there is understanding. It doesn’t hurt and makes things very easy…

Hope this time I was able to clarify my answer…

Best wishes!

Question: Brother Seems like you did not receive my Question – I am resending it.. Hopefully you receive it this time – Desire vs ambition. Ambition starts with a desire.. does baba mean not have any desire or ambition – is the thought of doing well at work, aspire to get more responsibilities, or even having a hobby, which you look forward to – is that not encouraged.. wanted to know your thoughts.. I understand do not get or expected or get attached to the results but everything starts with a desire.. even in Gyan you need to have a desire to transform your self..in a subtle way even that is not encouraged?

Thank you for your great question!

Dear soul,

Desires are sort of like dreams which give us the opportunity to suffer when these desires do not get accomplished or suffer as well once, we accomplish something, for we will find out that “it is not as we thought it should be,” and we will keep on “desiring” for something else. Desires are like a cancer which keeps reproducing itself with no end. No peace. As you mentioned, once we attach ourselves to the result, because we want it in a certain way; we set ourselves for suffering.

You mentioned that “everything starts with a desire.” Apparently that seems the case, when there is ego ruling our lives. Even the desire to be “self realized,” will produce suffering if that does not happen. Self realization is not a desire but a realization of being. Something that “happens.” You are, and because you are, you are experiencing yourself. There is an internal motivation to “move” in that direction which is not a mental “desire,” a thought about something; but that “inner motivation” is without thought, it is a driving force which will take us there for those who have it in our roles, in our fortune.

That is why, there is no need to “desire” this.

Once we know that there is a “Drama” and that we are eternal beings and that a law of “cause and effect,” exist; then rather than having a “desire” we could be driven with a realization based on knowledge, not in just a “wish,” which is a desire.

For those who do not have that realization at the core of the being, for it is numberwise; then different levels of desires will exist.

I cannot deny someone who has the desire to get a promotion at work and works “hard” for it. His consciousness is giving that person that desire. Once he fulfills that desire, he will learn something new.

In spirituality we cannot “deny” things to people, we can merely give some suggestions. If someone does not have the realization about desires yet, I could hurt him if i tell him “You must not have that desire to get a promotion,” for his consciousness is not ready yet. That “repression” will create further issues.

Through this Godly knowledge we have teachings which are geared for Brahmin souls to be “number 1,” that is “not to have desires,” however; reality is that we are numberwise.

BapDada’s method is always to aim for the highest but at the same time to simplify spiritual teachings for the masses, by using the main virtue of love. That is why when He mentions” You should not have desires,” he will add “The Father will satisfy all your desires if you are obedient. So have no desires.” That is a teaching based on our level of trust with the teacher.

This teaching then could be interpreted as a way of suppression, when applied as a blanket for every single BK, without using the knowledge of “numberwise.”

In the realization of the being, that is self realization, we could encounter that which we are looking for. Once we have found it, there is no need to desire for anything else. That is, “the Father has fulfilled all your desires.”

Best wishes!