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Questions for June 12, 2013

brother, there are many freshers bk who works in night shift. what can be the approach for amritvela for them?

Dear soul,
Thanks for your question.
Amrit Vela is a matter of consciousness. Where is your consciousness at 4 AM? That is all.

You could be sitting, standing, doing things, etc. Where is your consciousness?

Best wishes!

How do I experience Baba as the child?

Dear soul,
By letting the inner child be free.
You can only experience a relationship as long as you believe to be that which you want to experience.

In my case, “I” am a friend, not a child anymore.

But if you want to have all relationships with the Father; then become a “detached observer.” That is as paradoxical as Gyan could get.

Here some Murli points taken from the avyakt Murlis:

Avyakt Murli dated October 28, 2012. “To be merged in the Father means to become the same form as the Father.” that is to “become combined and become One.”

“By being a detached observer, you will easily become companion of the Father and equal to the Father.” – Avyakt Murli June 10, 2012

“Unless you constantly have the consciousness of a detached observer, you cannot make BapDada your companion. The experience of the stage of a detached observer enables you to experience the companionship of the Father.” – Avyakt Murli, November 25, 2012.

Let me ask you this; why “make effort” to have one relationship when you can have all of them? 🙂

Let me recommend to read this:

Best wishes!

Om shanthi Brother… What is the difference between being Powerful and in silence? Are they same or different? Can you also define each of them. Thank you Brother.

Dear soul,

To be powerful is to be in a constant stage of inner silence. That means beyond thoughts and thinking.

Please do not be content with more definitions. If you define, you cut off the totality of the experience.

No more definitions. Experience the inner self and then everything will come to be understood without definitions.

Best wishes!

Question: Om shanti. How to conquer sleep? i have taken this knowledge 4 months ago. i get very good sleep during nights. But i keep falling asleep during amritvela time. For two days amritvela would be good and on the third day i tend to fall asleep. Everyday i have to fight with sleep during morning time (amritvela time?). i sleep by 10.30pm but still it will not have any good effect on my morning meditation. i have two main weaknesses – sleep and laziness. i pay attention to my daily routine too. When i have good amritvela, i feel happy. Otherwise, my entire day would be spoilt. i even miss amritvelas. Please tell me what to do.

Dear soul,
Thank you for your question!
First, I would urge you to find someone who could translate your questions in English, if you would like to ask more questions. This time I had to search for a caritative soul to translate the question that you wrote in Hindi using English characters (which Google couldn’t translate.) Please, your help and understanding on this will be appreciated 🙂

On your question.

Amrit Vela is training in the beginning, then it becomes “Natural.”
You conquer sleep by sleeping good. (quality) 🙂
Waking up before 4 AM is something which is going to take you a little while before a “sanskara” is created.

In my case, when I started I was doing that just for a few minutes at the time every other day, then I increased the time to 45 minutes every other day and then, I started adding more days in the lapse of 6 months or so. Until I got used to it every day…

I also take a nap in the afternoon which refreshes me and adds to my “healthy sleeping.” To take a nap is healthy but that will depend on your circumstances, personality, etc. It is not necessary for some.

It is very important to realize that a good “amrit vela” is in direct relationship with what we we do throughout the day; that means a good sattvic diet, celibacy as well is very important and to “slow down” at night. This means to have a peaceful night without “running around,” but just get ready naturally to have a sound sleep. Take it easy at night.

Try going to sleep no later than 10 PM to start. I know of some Brahmin souls who will go to bed earlier than that, which is healthy as well. Also, your bedroom needs to be free from electronic devices such as cell phones as explained in one article. Meditate a bit before going to bed and go back into your day through your mind to find things that you could improve the next day.

When you wake up, you can try having a few deep breaths or taking a shower before Amrit Vela.

During Amrit Vela, many souls have an experience according to their awareness.

In my Brahmin life, I started with feelings of love to Baba, then churning Gyan, then a combination, then “getting Drishti from Baba,” then walking “amrit vela,” then “visualizing,” being in the 3 worlds etc, etc.

Now, it is just clearing thoughts from my mind by “centering” and experiencing the “true” self. That experience is blissful in itself and fulfilling. That is “my” way of remembrance now, which works for me.

It seems that you have your own way, congratulations!
You may have to get used to this practice little by little. Do not be hard on yourself. Be disciplined, yes… but remember that there is more in Amrit vela than just waking up before 4 AM, there is your previous day behavior, thoughts and feelings.

Experience, Experiment and Enjoy!

Best wishes!

Question: Om Shanti. Dear brother, In one of the murli’s, It is said : “Knowledgeable children should have half as much sleep as those who don’t have knowledge. Go to sleep at 10.00pm and wake up at 2.00 am and sit in remembrance. ” Have you tried this any time? Does this really work?

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

Yes, I have tried that some years ago. (3 AM) It didn’t work for me since I was involved in many physical activities and required a nap. 🙂 I woke up at 3 AM for Amrit vela, but it was more a sitting exercise than a connection.
My sleeping needs are currently 5 to 6 hours. My Amrit Velas are always at 4 AM. I wake up by 3:40 AM (I get extra 10 minutes for I do not take that long to get ready) 🙂

I could go to bed as late as 11 PM, but 10:30 PM is my regular time. I take a nap after work.

I guess, I am not as knowledgeable, but I sleep good. 🙂

Best wishes!

Question: Om Shanti, Dear Brother, Shiv Baba says that wake up at least by 4 am and do yoga. My question is : Can some one wake up 3 am and do yoga at 3:15 or 3:30? Is there any difference between doing at 4:00 and 3:15 or 3:30? Why I’m asking this question is I prefer to do it 3:15 am and from 4:00 to 6:00 am I’m planning to study as I’m a student and go to Murli class at 7:00 am.

Thank you for your question.

Dear soul,
By all means your timing is fine. Please plan accordingly to have enough sleep. Amrit Vela times are between 1:00 AM and 5:00 AM. Any time in between should do it.
Please keep in mind that going to bed early enough to rest becomes very, very important to have a good amrit vela. I know of BKs who will retire at 9 PM. Others will do it later. Yet others, will need to take a nap to be able to “function” properly. Be cognizant of this and make your schedule accordingly.

The early hours of the morning are definitely of great benefit for spiritual studies as well as worldly ones. It is a good time to be acquainted with a peaceful atmosphere and to feel outer silence which will bring inner silence, for the atmosphere has an influence in us up to a point.

Best wishes!

Story time: Let us hear about your one month stay in Jodhpur. How nice! I remember reading you rode a bicycle to the Centre

Thank you for your request.

Here is the little story of Jodhpur in a “nutshell.”

That is the place where I started my change in “careers,” towards the healing arts.
After going to Madhuban, I took a bus to Jodhpur. Didn’t know anyone there, but I contacted someone in a school of acupressure in Jodhpur. My decision to go there was based on proximity to Madhuban as well as economical resources.

This young fellow who luckily spoke English received me at the bus station of Jodhpur. I rented a room in the institute with access to a small kitchen. Very few people spoke English.
This is the first time that I had an experience of “real India.” 🙂 It is quite an experience especially if you are following your BK time table. It was the first time that I felt difficulties staying awake for amrit vela. The vibrations were one of the most dense I’ve ever felt.

Madhuban is really easy to meditate in due to the great vibes. The USA is mostly easy as well; in my home country’s capital, Lima; the vibes are dense, but nothing like Jodphur.
I experienced the Muslim “wake up call” for praying with megaphones at 5 AM. Experienced the mosquitoes everywhere, the roaches coming to “visit me” regularly and the under nourished street lame dogs walking by.

I remember the main street. It was an experience in itself. Never saw a bi-directional road full with cars, bikes, bicycles, cows, donkeys, sheep, camels, dogs and people all in the same place making their own way, however they could go in both directions. No traffic lights, of course. The amazing thing is that when 2 cars /motor bikes were about to collide, both drivers looked at each other’s eyes and one of them moved out of the way. No words exchanged. No one screaming. No gestures with fingers. Just lots of noises from vehicle’s horns; but things were cool!
That is something that so called “First world countries,” should learn. Just maintain your cool even if a cow crosses your path. 🙂

I also witnessed that the less “culture” someone had; the happier they seemed to be. Simplicity goes along with happiness.

I got into a public bus one time, and everyone looked at me as if I was from another planet! They just kept looking at me the whole way to one of the BK centers. From that point on I got a bicycle from my host and I would ride everywhere on the bike. Even though, it may look dangerous, I was used to it. I had practiced that in my home country, going between cars and jumping through sidewalks….only here there were more “objects” to look out for…and no sidewalks!

There were 2 BK centers. I rode the bike to both. No one spoke English, so for a couple of days it was just me reading the avyakt Murlis I brought with me and just the vibes of the centers to meditate.

They offered me a chair to sit down. Most everyone else sat on the floor. Murli started at 8 AM, and they had lots of people there. After a couple of days, a BK soul who knew English showed up. We became friends. He would translate the Murli for me while he was reading in Hindi. (I found him in Shantivan last year and here is the pic.)

He had a motorcycle and he took me to some places with his motorcycle. It is the closest that I have been to cars in motion while in a vehicle, surrounded by the noise of horns everywhere.
One interesting incident is when I wanted to get some money out of an ATM.

Many people where in the queue and that was no queue at all, but everyone was around you! They literally saw everyone’s “secret codes,” and there was no way to stop them from looking even though I tried my best…Their sense of “personal space” is almost “no personal space at all.”

I went to the store by myself. The guys from the neighborhood came closer to me as if I was some “star,” as a matter of fact, sometimes it felt as if they liked me, so no problem. I cooked my own meals in my own pots with my own ingredients, even though it was mostly the same thing for days….

Also getting used to drinking water was another adventure. I had a mild fever for drinking the water from a water purifier system!

Rode the bike to the stadium and watched most practicing pranayamas and hatha yoga. Very few would run laps. I was one of them…then I did pranayamas with a group of people before Murli.

While practicing acupressure I went to the “Ashta bawhan” (sort of like a clinic) to practice my skills on people. Hygiene was very low as well as poor sanitary conditions, but a good experience nevertheless on “survival.” Riding the bicycle at night, is not recommended unless you are a “dare devil,” but that was the way to get home; I was glad to be alive, every time I made it home. 🙂

Jodhpur is the first place that I saw the sun being red in the afternoon. A big red ball of red fire. Very nice….After my studies concluded I went back to Madhuban to “gain some weight,” and to be pampered at “home,” with the nice vibes, food and people.

Overall I learned to survive by myself. To be resourceful. To have confidence in the Drama and to feel the “protection” from the “Higher being from up above.” 🙂

Question: What is the importance of Amrit Vela according to Baba?

Good question. Thanks.

Check out the Avyakt Murli from 1/30/11 – 06/24/72.

The importance of Amrit Vela. Why do we wake up so early every morning? Why 4 am? Why shouldn’t I continue to sleep?
Baba answered all of those questions. It is the time when we can experience peace without the environment and the external situations pulling our attention. But even a greater reason than this and in my opinion, the most important point of that Murli; to make our awareness powerful.

Following shrimat and doing Amrit vela is the surest way to make our awareness powerful.
Why do we need to have our awareness powerful? Because otherwise, we will be “sleeping” while awake in this world. We wouldn’t be able to recognize the importance of the current time. We wouldn’t be able to receive Baba’s “true” inheritance; which is “light,” “might” and “insight,” and without this “inheritance” there is no possibility of acting “right” or according to the “truth.”

This is quite important point. If you ever wondered how to act “right” at every circumstance; it is not by following a book or what someone says. When our awareness is powerful, we will know what the right action according to time is. To be an embodiment of natural remembrance and to have a powerful awareness is what makes us equal to the Father.

“Effort making” is based on awareness and so, Brahmin life.

Spiritual Efforts: Amrit Vela time: The “checking” effort.

Many BKs wonder about the importance of Amrit Vela. If waking up before 4:00 AM is not something desirable, we can come up with many “reasons” not to do it such as: “It is just Indian Bhakti,” or “What is the magic of 4 AM than 5 AM does not have?” or “I need my 8 hours sleep because scientists and MDs, say that 8 hours are needed for a “normal” body.”
Let me go straight to the point on this: if you are Golden age material, you need to practice Amrit Vela. No further negotiation.

I love that question. 🙂

Because the checking point on how your previous day have gone is at the time of Amrit vela. If you did not follow correctly some of the principles in the life style, you will see the result at Amrit vela. You will not be able to meditate or go into it right away but your thoughts will be heavy, or you will be sleepy and tired, etc. BK life style when followed correctly, will allow ourselves to sleep less hours with greater quality and at the same time, to be “aware” and awake to spiritual energies right away.

As your vibrations and ability to concentrate increases and as the experience of being in silence or in tune with a spiritual thought/feeling (churning, talk with Baba, experience of the self, etc.) increases, then sleepiness will go away for that period of time. Sleepiness will be replaced by that spiritual experience.

To do this requires training. It requires determination and discipline. It requires courage to go against the “norm,” the “threshold” of a typical “normal” person. If you are a BK, Golden age material; you are not a so called “normal” individual. Your life will show you that.

Amrit Vela is a checker of our stage. It will let us see that we need to improve something in our BK life.

If your thoughts are running wildly in your mind and you practice an “extended” traffic control by being just aware of the thoughts that appear in your mind; you have saved yourself from feeling sorrow, anxiety, desires, etc. The next morning at Amrit Vela, I guarantee you that your Amrit Vela will be great. That is how important Amrit vela is, as a checking point on our spiritual efforts. The rest is just talk.
A great Amrit vela is “everything.” If you do it constantly; you are already “there.” It is that simple.

As far as my experiences in Amrit Vela, many of these realizations have come at that time. Many of the subtle changes in behavior are part of this as well as the experience of “mental torture,” (settling karma) meaning the inability to get rid of a nagging thought, whether it is an episode in our lives, particular attraction to someone (that person becomes your Amrit vela) or just “fighting to be awake” and blaming someone or something how bad your day went because of lack of sleep.

The “timetable” is important to follow, Amrit vela is your checking point. “tell me and show me how well your Amrit vela goes and I will tell you about your status …” 🙂

This is not about “scientific research;” it is about our willingness to experience and to follow the steps of the Father. When there is courage, the Father helps…