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Question: Dear brother, Gyan’s interpretation is mainly clouded by individual’s past experience, culture and the social setting, thus the spiritual experience for everybody differs to some extent. This means to truly experience Gyan as it is supposed to be , we need to be able to remove all those accumulation of past experiences, information and all other stuff. In my experience when I listen to a murli point I see these clouds come in a shadow preventing me to experience or understand as I truly should be. Does this mean we should learn to remove all these before listening to murli or practicing spirituality?

Thank you for your good question!

Dear soul,

We need to be like children. How a child learns something so easily? Because that child is not concerned about “erasing” what he has learned. He is not concerned in analyzing stuff and comparing to find “faulty” information, to contrast and to weigh ‘pros and cons.’

A child is open to “learn,” accepts without comparison. If that which he has learned brings some benefit, a child will stick to it until something else comes up. Probably that is the reason why BapDada calls us children most of the time; even though we like to play “children” around Baba, our minds do not.

It is excellent that you realize those “clouds” coming into your mind. Realization has its own “cure.” After that, there is no need to “do” anything else.

Best wishes!

Concepts and Experiences: Let us not make a concept into our experience

“Raysha and Ananda were looking at the beautiful sunset near the beach. Ananda was enjoying it, but all of a sudden his face changed to a serious look and asked: “Raysha, my senses tell me that the sun is moving towards the horizon to meet the peaceful ocean. That is my experience. Is my experience true or false?” Raysha thought about it for 3 seconds and responded: “Even though your limited senses are giving you an experience, that experience is right for you. Whether the Sun moves or the Earth moves, what matters to you, the being; is the experience of peace and beauty. That is the truth for you.” Raysha continued meditating on her answer and then added: “However, intellectual people will tell you that is the Earth moving around its axis in rotation the cause of the sunset. They are happy with words and explanations, but in reality, there is no “sunset” even though you see it. Only few bend their mind towards such thinking.”
Ananda, was perplexed by that reply and added: “then what is the truth? It has to be something without change and completely reliable. Perhaps a mathematical equation, like 1+1=2… you know, numbers don’t lie…”
Raysha responded: “in real life, 1+1 could be 3 as well… it happens when the male form meets the female form. Only few people can see that. The truth is living, unchanged and changing at the same time, pervasive, good to all, it brings happiness to all…Many are happy with labels or equations, but only few have the experience and can see the truth; but you cannot put it in words….”

Being trapped in words such as “predestination or free will” takes away the experience that we have now as human beings. The experience of the “newness of now.”
Any concept or definition is a jail for the mind. It puts our joyous living into a box. Enjoying the sunset is the experience, whether the sun goes around the Earth or not, that does not take anything away from that experience.
What takes away from experiencing is thinking, analyzing….then we are not open to something new, but we see things from the reference of our old patterns.
Nothing wrong with thinking, but to believe that spirituality is in the same realm of thinking and analyzing, is to pretend to verbally know something which cannot be verbalized. The mind could be satisfied with definitions but not the heart.
God is an experience, just like the sunset. It is time to see the sunset, just to see it… No other conditions for otherwise, the experience goes away and the soul feels that pain.