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Sainthood or Angel-hood?


Actions by itself do not carry a moral value. The intention behind the action becomes the important ingredient for every action. That intention cannot be faked to ourselves.
We could lie to others but never to ourselves.

I could donate tons of money for the welfare of “others,” but my intention is to get a tax break. For society, I may be a “great soul;” but for Life it is all about “my tax convenience,” which is not “bad” either.

Life returns an action based on the intention.

Moral codes and religions are caught up in the “Do not.” The actions.
Those “moral codes” automatically create saints and sinners.

A saint is a repressed individual.

Religions create saints.
Want to be a saint?
You know the path.

There is nothing wrong with becoming a saint. Our society supports sainthood. A saint follows to the dot and beyond what our society perceives as “positive.” To take away those behaviors, which are deemed as “impure”, is the task of repression.

That is the reason why repression has been taught as a way to “purify” the self.

For example, if the Buddha embraced celibacy in his late years, for the follower that means that “we have to be celibate now to be like him.”

Forget about that the Buddha had a kid. Forget about the fact of his age compared to many younger followers. Forget about the fact that the Buddha embraced celibacy, as a natural state of his consciousness, thus there was no conflict in him.

For the rest, that repression becomes a sign of sainthood.

Let me share a secret.
Saints cannot “become” beings of light also known as “angels” until their life is harmonious with Life itself.

BUT WHY!!!!!

Any form of repression does not lead into enjoyment of Life. That is balance, harmony in Life is very important. How could you be an example to “others” if you are not naturally cheerful after going through all experiences in Life?
Do we think that by repressing, sucking it up and trying to forget about “it,” we will “conquer” our longings? How do we think this will affect our emotions?

Nevertheless, let me share this second secret with you. 🙂
To have the experience of “being a saint” is necessary to understand by EXPERIENCE rather than intellectually, one side of the swing of Life.

For example, Mike does not want to join a religious group because he finds that group to be repressing. Mike wants to “enjoy life.” “Enjoyment of Life” means for him to taste every single pleasure that Life offers to the extreme.

Mike will do that “tasting and more” in his life as he did it in other lives, but in this Life as Mike, he will experience something different. He will find himself completely drained, unhappy and looking for something “better.” Suffering will appear in his Life for the first time.

Even God may go across his path at this point. He may even have a “spiritual experience” to seal his destiny into a religion just to find the “path of sainthood,” the opposite of his current way of living.

Do we see the pattern?

Life will present to us as an oscillating swing in the playground of Life. One side of it, as Madonna could sing is to: ”Express yourself” just to go to the other side, in sainthood as: “Repress yourself.” Both are experiences of having a “Self.”

Even though, we have understood this intellectually, we must experience it ourselves to know. That is why, in Life; knowing is being. To know is not to keep information in our heads by reading books, listening to “experts,” etc. However, in the “office world” “information is power.” Thus, a balancing act is needed in a Life that integrates everything.

In Life unless we become our own “expert” by being awake, aware; we will be in the position to rely on a belief system.

As mentioned before, relying on a belief system is not “bad” but part of the oscillating swing of Life for some people; not all, but some.
To be caught up in a belief system means not to be able to enjoy the full oscillation of the swing.

A “being of light” is the one who had the experiences of the full swing and he is able to live harmoniously in Life, not taking sides, labeling and rejecting for he understands that the oscillations of the swing of life are “teachings” meant to be enjoyed. Integration with “what is” at every moment.

As we go into the air by swinging in that swing, we will oscillate to the other side, which will serve as propulsion to gain greater momentum, just like a pendulum. As you are up in the air, going back and forward, then an automatic, natural smile will appear… You are enjoying Life! 🙂

That enjoyment is not artificially made by something like: “You must love God” or the religious, “Be happy… you have been saved from experiencing x,y,z in Life.” That enjoyment is a natural offspring of the oscillation of Life.

Balance, harmony could be explained as the “middle way.”
Interestingly enough, the Buddha taught about the “middle way.” So did Christ, but Christianity is not the “teachings of Christ” but the teachings of Paul and later on, Popes and other “authorities,” people without the insight of Jesus.

That “middle way” teaching has been interpreted in so many ways that it has become a source of inner abuse or even organized abuse.

Here is another secret: 🙂
That “teaching” is not a teaching. It is a faint description of Buddha’s consciousness by using dualistic words and many translations, which obviously were misinterpreted by followers.

To know what the Buddha is talking about, we need to walk the path. “Walking the path” does not mean to join a Buddhist temple, or Buddhism, No! That is to regress into human interpretations. (Which is not bad either, but necessary for some) It is to be aware, awake, and conscious of the teachings brought to Life at every moment. Life is the “temple.”

Humans even as keepers of “Godly teachings,” can only teach about sainthood.
Only beings of light could “remind” someone about their own angelic nature. Not humans.
Life has it exactly in the way that it has to be. Perfect and complete.
All experiences will take us to our destination. Whether we choose or we don’t; we will get to our destiny in our own particular time. To trust Life is to love Life.

Enjoy the oscillations of the swing of Life!

Epilogue: Death is a window until the door is shown


Life presents different perspectives from different people who are under the same situation.

A friend mentioned: “I know what is like to lose a father.”
We can only know about our own experience. Let us not generalize. If a particular experience was full of sorrow, pain and uncertainty; then the expectation is that everyone should experience the same thing.

That belief, does not allow for openness in our consciousness for the “I” becomes the center of the Universe.
“I feel this way, therefore; everyone else must.”

Ananda’s sister; Raysha, is gifted with a high sensitivity.

Raysha saw her father sitting by a lake in a region of white light. He looked much younger and his body was of white light. They spoke to each other. Raysha noticed that his father did not have any emotions in him.

Ananda asked Mathias, the wise tree about this episode.

Mathias responded: “ When you get re-set, you do not have any experiences in you. ”
Ananda: “Re-set?…But if my father was “re-set,” what is the benefit of going through the previous experiences if he will be in “zero” mode?”

Mathias: “ He will take with him what he needs for his next life experience.”
Ananda thought: “ But…who gets to give him what he needs for his next experience?”
Mathias said: “ The Totality.”

Ananda smiled: “ I understand now, Mathias… Thank you.”

Our minds are framed in the belief of being separated. It is that “I” with is own stubbornness and pride who fights to continue on. That belief is so enrooted in our bodies and mind which only allow us to perceive this individuality, separation. That is the cause of suffering and it is suffering the one who will burn that “I” until it gives up, surrenders, bows down, let go, etc. Use the word you wish, but we get the idea.

When that happens, a new experience awaits.

That “burning” can take many years of suffering or just a month of “intense fire” like in Ananda’s father’s case.
Then, according to what is needed in the Totality, the Universe, life, etc; the drop of water will be ready to appear in another place, another time, another circumstance to perform a particular task needed for self-preservation of that Totality.

That is the moment when the “I” will be born again.

Observe that I could label any of the words above with religious terms.
I could call the “Totality” as “God.” I could name the region of white light as “the subtle region.”
I could call that experience of “purging the I” as purgatory, hell, punishment, etc.

I could call Ananda’s father as an “angel.”

Forget the labels.

What you interpret, dear reader; out of all the experiences that I have shared with you up to this point, is your interpretation. That could range from “nonsense, false, true, the holy truth, etc.”

It does not matter to Ananda the way the above is interpreted. Ananda only shares his experiences here, for the common good.

What is the epilogue of the characters of this story of life?

For Raysha, it is to know that his Father is doing alright. A sense of closure. To know that Life does not end when the body perishes. That is no longer a belief. That experience of dealing with his father’s passing was a source of internal growth, the kind which no book, lesson or “spiritual teaching” could ever give.

For Ananda it is the trigger to recognize that “I.”
To dissolve all his previous religious beliefs and to “re-set” his mind into the wonderful and amazing experience of living life with joy. The teacher and the student are the same. However, life is the teacher… and there are friends to listen to in life. 🙂

For Ananda’s mother is the time to deal with herself. That is to experience loneliness and attachment. She has lived for 50 years with her husband.
Some may say: Is to have a relationship “bad”?
Not at all. She grew with the support of that relationship, now the opposite must be experienced. That is the world of duality. If there was no “I” in her, how could she experience loneliness or attachment?

Some religions or beliefs will state that it is best “not to open karmic accounts.”
That “black or white” belief, does not take into account that every experience in life is an opportunity for growth. It is not the action in itself but the state of consciousness. It is not the time that we spend being “spiritual” but our readiness through life experiences.

If we don’t experience, we do not learn. If we don’t suffer, we do not grow. If we don’t know our limits, we cannot go over them.

For Ananda’s little brother, the time has arrived to walk his own path into life, for if he remains in dependency; he will miss the experience of life through his own lenses.

Ananda’s father got liberated from his decaying physical body and in the process; he has obtained a new consciousness.

Therefore, everyone gets benefit.

To live life is an awesome experience, thus; to be amazed by it, to be in gratitude to it; to completely appreciate it as it presents itself… that is to be in love with it…is the greatest experience.

Angelology anyone?


I was surprised to discover that there is a “theological study of angels” named “angelology.”

It is interesting to note in that article how every religion has their own beliefs about what an angel is; which of course, only gives further support to their own ideologies.

When humans experience something “supernatural” then, an immediate explanation is required so it could be expressed to others and that explanation will carry in them, their own beliefs.

Angel with wings, pretty looking androgynous angels in white and gold, etc.
The limit is our imagination influenced by our own beliefs.

Some individuals believe that in the “angel world” there is a hierarchy just like in the “office world.”
There is the CEO known as God, then Seraphims, Cherubims, Archangels, regular “angels” and so on and so forth. Those are things to memorize and study in “Angelology.” 🙂

Sometimes we may talk to someone who has experienced an “angelic healing” from Michael the Angel, or Metatron or someone else.
Their immediate response is unconditional worship. These people will turn into hard-core believers.

The realization that their consciousness has changed due to that experience is minimal.
Before that experience, their world was the Office, the family sitcom etc. After that, they developed an interest in healing and “spirituality” aka. spirits.
Their consciousness changed.

If they had a serious disease and they were cured, they don’t ask themselves about the significance of that. They are happy to only worship and to tell the story.
A disease is part of the journey and so is the cure, but this life is not the only journey.

“Angels” or beings of light, know that every human being is located in different consciousness and “their help” is to become that trigger for that change of consciousness.
The word “help” is in quotes because “help” may not be in their vocabulary. There is something that needs to be completed and they have a part in this “unlimited game” which we call life.

There are many beings of light working together at this time. Raising human consciousness is part of their task as well as “helping” Nature from human abuse and negligence.

It is that big human “I” which does not allow us to perceive the Universe in a different way, in Totality.

A different consciousness is needed.

Lost in beliefs and the economical advantages of the “business world” we may overlook the obvious.

We don’t join a religion or an ideology or follow moral standards to become an “angel.” We join it to start our personal journey of self-realization. Some may need that, others may not.
Life is not interested on particular “brand names” to sponsor as “the only ones,” for the journey is in itself the destination at every moment; and everyone of us has his own path.

Angels Way



Angels have Intellects that are Deep and Well-Rounded,

and although Beautiful Contemplations fill the Atmosphere

of their Moments, they can Easily go Beyond to

the Fullness of Silence,  Stillness and Peace.


They are Born to Bring World Benefit, which comes

to Fruition when they are in Tune with Who they Are,

What they need to Do and How they need to Be.

Being an Angel is predestined but is No Accident.


It is a choice to take Flight, using the Energy of

Positive Returns.  This comes Naturally from their

Integrity, Commitment to Serve and have a Loving

Relationship with Nature, the Self,  God, and Others.


They listen to whispers of Truth and check that they are on task.

If they are not, they simply realign and keep flying. No time to waste.

You can enjoy the company an Angel, but you cannot capture one,

they know the value of Freedom and Delight when others take Flight!

Point in Depth: Lost in the “Ladder” (2)

The significance of the “angels going up and down a ladder” in Jacob’s dream is quite interesting.

1) Duality is certainly explained through this. This physical world changes due to the forces of duality. It is the Yin and Yang in action. Usually Eastern thought is ahead on this. In Abrahamic traditions there is nothing like this as acceptance of duality and its manifestation, but rather it is the continuous fight of “good against evil.” In other words, there is “choosing” which needs to happen at every moment. However, as expressed before, that “free will” cannot be exercised as what we are right now, is not solely a product of our “free will” but rather, other elements such as our birth parents, birth place, traditions, experiences, beliefs and intelligence which come into the picture to make up what today is known as “me.” That “choosing” depends on those factors which color our belief of what is good. For instance, back in the times, it was believed that “slavery” was “good.” Our “free will” to choose slaves was tinted with that belief. Now, we know that “slavery” is not good. This is why our “choosing” is not an indication of morality, of being “close to God, ” etc.

2) Life experiences as a process. This is expressed once we see that going “up and down a ladder” means to step in every step that there is. Usually we think in terms of “absolutes.” I am here, on the first step of the ladder; but tomorrow, I will be up at the top. We forget everything in between and forget about the “journey” by just concentrating on the “goal.” Every moment is the foundation for another one. Baba does not say the word “process,” but he talks about that “it takes time to go from Tamopradhan to Satopradhan.” Same thing, different expression.

3) Entropy: This is the process of “descending.” Every being on the physical plane will experience this. A baby gets old. That is higher entropy. As we take rebirths, our next birth will be of lesser quality than the previous one. “The old days were better days,” is an expression which expresses this experience. The soul feels that lack of peace. This is not a matter of having new technology available or more money/power.

4) Angels are the ones going up and down that ladder: This dream of Jacob has a greater significance. He didn’t dream about “human beings” going up and down. He dreamt about angels. What is the difference?
Only angels are capable of “going up.” There is no “normal” human being who is experiencing entropy that would be able to “go up,” because to “go up” is not what “normal people” do.
In BK knowledge we understand that “doing good and being a good boy” it doesn’t mean to just do “good actions.” It means to transform our sanskaras. It means to transform by “dying alive.” This is something that a “normal” person will not be able to do. Their capacity is different. For them, spirituality is just a matter of going to some church/center, praying and confessing “sins.” For a BK is about self-transformation, it is to be a “new,” human being. That takes a lot of guts.

5) Going up those ladders takes less time than coming down. That is why the “confluence age” is so important, because it is the same ladder with 84 steps to come down, but those 84 steps to go up need to be earned now, in such a little time. However, as we know, time is not a consideration for a soul. The soul only records growth, not the time that took to become something “higher.”

6) Going up and down is the story of this world. The story of this comedy of life that is why we need to learn to enjoy the “ups and downs.” Going up means to come down. Nothing new.