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Angelology anyone?


I was surprised to discover that there is a “theological study of angels” named “angelology.”

It is interesting to note in that article how every religion has their own beliefs about what an angel is; which of course, only gives further support to their own ideologies.

When humans experience something “supernatural” then, an immediate explanation is required so it could be expressed to others and that explanation will carry in them, their own beliefs.

Angel with wings, pretty looking androgynous angels in white and gold, etc.
The limit is our imagination influenced by our own beliefs.

Some individuals believe that in the “angel world” there is a hierarchy just like in the “office world.”
There is the CEO known as God, then Seraphims, Cherubims, Archangels, regular “angels” and so on and so forth. Those are things to memorize and study in “Angelology.” 🙂

Sometimes we may talk to someone who has experienced an “angelic healing” from Michael the Angel, or Metatron or someone else.
Their immediate response is unconditional worship. These people will turn into hard-core believers.

The realization that their consciousness has changed due to that experience is minimal.
Before that experience, their world was the Office, the family sitcom etc. After that, they developed an interest in healing and “spirituality” aka. spirits.
Their consciousness changed.

If they had a serious disease and they were cured, they don’t ask themselves about the significance of that. They are happy to only worship and to tell the story.
A disease is part of the journey and so is the cure, but this life is not the only journey.

“Angels” or beings of light, know that every human being is located in different consciousness and “their help” is to become that trigger for that change of consciousness.
The word “help” is in quotes because “help” may not be in their vocabulary. There is something that needs to be completed and they have a part in this “unlimited game” which we call life.

There are many beings of light working together at this time. Raising human consciousness is part of their task as well as “helping” Nature from human abuse and negligence.

It is that big human “I” which does not allow us to perceive the Universe in a different way, in Totality.

A different consciousness is needed.

Lost in beliefs and the economical advantages of the “business world” we may overlook the obvious.

We don’t join a religion or an ideology or follow moral standards to become an “angel.” We join it to start our personal journey of self-realization. Some may need that, others may not.
Life is not interested on particular “brand names” to sponsor as “the only ones,” for the journey is in itself the destination at every moment; and everyone of us has his own path.