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Duality: Self and No-self


We interpret life. We typically do not observe.

It is a wonderful sight to observe how daylight appears from nighttime. The label we use is “dawn.”

That perception of pristine light may be called “paradise,” and darkness “hell” or we can change labels in duality and call them “good” and “bad,” “right” or “wrong,” etc.

Nevertheless, when there is a preference for an experience, a rejection is born out of that preference. The night is not cherished as much as daylight.
“Hell” is despised despite its continuous occurrence and need to be there, for “paradise” to happen.

The above is the belief system and moral standard of many at this time. It is called duality.

Our culture has taught us to “choose” one side considered “good” and reject the other.
Embrace the day and reject the night.

That vision is the cause of inner and outer conflicts.
That vision takes a person into mental and psychological issues.

There is absolutely nothing that “we” have to “do” for nighttime to become daylight again. It will happen by itself, without “our” help.
Do we see that?

What it needs to change is our vision, our attitude in life.
Nighttime offers an experience and so daylight.
When we embrace both without judgment as life experiences, then we don’t reject; but we integrate.

We have been taught that “angels” reject the darkness of the light. They fight for light and conquer evil.
A being of light or an “angel” does not reject any part of duality. A being of light does not reject “hell” and chooses heaven. A being of light integrates both perceptions and experiences so his life remains in joy, in appreciation and in balance according to the movement of time.
Embracing the Totality is what we call harmony. A being of light is harmonious in life.

Life is harmony… if “I am” the Totality, why I am not harmonious?
That is the question. The answer may be the sense of self. There is no flowing in life when we are not life itself.

The symbol of “yin and yang” expresses that beautifully, although that symbol is open to interpretation according to the consciousness of the viewer.

Some will say: “ It is the concept of duality forming a whole.”
That concept is worthless, intellectual stuff.

The symbol of “ying yang” represents life itself, the Totality. That symbol is meant to be in movement just like life.
“Tai-chi “ is that slow movement which represents life. To consciously balance the different energies in the self.

When we truly understand harmony then we can start seeing something different. There is no fight needed. Nothing to conquer.

A life without harmony does not experience joy. That joy “NOW” is the most important item in life from my view.
As long as there is a rejection of a part of life, we will have an internal issue, an emotion that will need to be healed.

Typically we say that “acceptance” of life is needed, but there is no such a thing as “acceptance” when there is “no-self” to be life itself.

Thus, to bring that harmony, there are many elements that life offers in our experience. To use those according to time and circumstances is the art.
Whatever we choose to do or to be matters, as long as there is harmonious joy, balance in living.

That is the bottom line.

The above observation was expressed in a different way by another culture with the word “yoga.”

It is union. It is not the “union” of the “self” with something else, such as “life,” “God,” the “divine,”etc.

It is the union that happens when there is “no-self.”

Is self “bad”?
That question is called “misinterpretation.”
It is just a different experience.
We are so in-tune with “self.” We understand the world in “self.” We follow religious beliefs in “self.”

Through these writings, the invitation is to explore “no-self” and to embrace both,self and no-self; to integrate both experiences, to be harmonious just like the yin-yang symbol.

Want a teacher, a guru for that?
Observe Nature, the plants and the animal kingdom. Learn from their “ignorance” and open your heart to appreciate with thankfulness the marvelous opportunity to feel life by being aware, conscious of it.

Angelology anyone?


I was surprised to discover that there is a “theological study of angels” named “angelology.”

It is interesting to note in that article how every religion has their own beliefs about what an angel is; which of course, only gives further support to their own ideologies.

When humans experience something “supernatural” then, an immediate explanation is required so it could be expressed to others and that explanation will carry in them, their own beliefs.

Angel with wings, pretty looking androgynous angels in white and gold, etc.
The limit is our imagination influenced by our own beliefs.

Some individuals believe that in the “angel world” there is a hierarchy just like in the “office world.”
There is the CEO known as God, then Seraphims, Cherubims, Archangels, regular “angels” and so on and so forth. Those are things to memorize and study in “Angelology.” 🙂

Sometimes we may talk to someone who has experienced an “angelic healing” from Michael the Angel, or Metatron or someone else.
Their immediate response is unconditional worship. These people will turn into hard-core believers.

The realization that their consciousness has changed due to that experience is minimal.
Before that experience, their world was the Office, the family sitcom etc. After that, they developed an interest in healing and “spirituality” aka. spirits.
Their consciousness changed.

If they had a serious disease and they were cured, they don’t ask themselves about the significance of that. They are happy to only worship and to tell the story.
A disease is part of the journey and so is the cure, but this life is not the only journey.

“Angels” or beings of light, know that every human being is located in different consciousness and “their help” is to become that trigger for that change of consciousness.
The word “help” is in quotes because “help” may not be in their vocabulary. There is something that needs to be completed and they have a part in this “unlimited game” which we call life.

There are many beings of light working together at this time. Raising human consciousness is part of their task as well as “helping” Nature from human abuse and negligence.

It is that big human “I” which does not allow us to perceive the Universe in a different way, in Totality.

A different consciousness is needed.

Lost in beliefs and the economical advantages of the “business world” we may overlook the obvious.

We don’t join a religion or an ideology or follow moral standards to become an “angel.” We join it to start our personal journey of self-realization. Some may need that, others may not.
Life is not interested on particular “brand names” to sponsor as “the only ones,” for the journey is in itself the destination at every moment; and everyone of us has his own path.

Godly Leadership


It was a sunny afternoon. The atmosphere felt pretty heavy due to the general human vibration of a continuous “diet” of worries, anxieties and stresses of the “modern” life. Despite that heaviness, Nature was very welcoming with its colorful beauty and its therapeutic scents in the park where Mathias, the wise tree; resides.

Raysha and Ananda wanted to speak with Mathias, but Raysha wasn’t able to hear him. Then, Raysha heard a voice: “ Wait. I will be right there soon,” and along with that voice she had a vision of beings of light reunited in a circle. It seemed like a council. A being of light flew to the middle of the circle to share something to the group, and then went back to his former place while another being of light shared in the middle of the circle in turn.

Mathias: “Welcome friends! I was in a council. Mathias feels very refreshed after one of those.”
Ananda: A council? What for?
Mathias: To maintain the balance on Earth. Some people are only destroying some parts of the Earth.
Ananda: Who is the leader of that council?
Mathias: Everyone shares.

Ananda: oh! No leader… interesting. That is unheard of in our society of human beings…I have a question related to that friend….
I have realized that God is conceived as a human idea only, which comes from the way that we have created this society. There is a government and there are people in a hierarchy. There is a leader and followers underneath. It seems to me that humans have arranged the same idea for the Divine. There is God and other “governors” underneath with their representatives on Earth…. Angels, archangels, saints, etc. Isn’t this correct?

Mathias: Friend; Mathias just came from a council and you asked if there was someone who was the leader. Mathias told you that it was a sharing. That is what you mean in your question?

Ananda: I refer to the human idiosyncrasy. God is the king, the father. He is the one who decides and manages things and underneath him there are people who “represent” him. A human form to follow. The point here is not about the existence of God. That is not the point. I am just referring to our human vision towards that which only projects a belief based on what is known to humans.

Mathias: About that human vision, you could speak better than Mathias.
Mathias will only say that the one which you call God is a fantastic being.

Ananda: A being….
Mathias: Fantastic being, my friend!
Ananda: But now, there is no being which I call God.

Mathias: The way you conceived God before and the way you conceive God now has changed…only in your mind and your heart; but essentially it remains the same.

Ananda: That is an interesting answer. Mathias does not truly answer my question but Mathias allows me to experience and open myself to discover through my own changes.
You let me go with my ideas of the moment, and even though I may have asked the same question before in a different way, your answer is not the same now… I could see that an authoritative answer such as : “God is this” will only limit my own discovery; then I could say that God is a discovery…

Mathias: Which you will discover according to your location…
Ananda: Location?
Mathias: The way your consciousness is situated to observe. Your perception goes according to that.
There is a painting. Many people will look at it in a different way according to their location.

Ananda: Then, even though those are different locations, none of them is wrong… but humans are always trying to convince others about the righteousness of their own perceptions, their own locations.

Mathias: Why Mathias should try to change you? To beautify you but not to change you.

Ananda: Mathias you helped me to know myself as a being…
Mathias: Mathias only helped with a snip here and a snip there to beautify that small growing plant who is now a shrub. Mathias did not change your essence.

Ananda: Interesting way that you have to interact. It is definitely not human…
Mathias: Which is neither good nor bad, only different…
Ananda: yes… only different, my friend!

On Saints, Demons and Angels


In a nutshell, a society makes up a Saint. Once a saint appears, a sinner is born automatically and with that a demon.

A society has moral values, which will change in time. A Saint represents that person who embodies those values.
A Saint represents the duality of being “against” something and “for” something. A saint lives for the most part a repressed life style.
His “goodness” is artificial for it is based on moral standards.

A saint represents a religious doctrine and because of that, a saint cannot be universal. A saint is the standard to imitate, a “divine” life but his lifestyle is out of the reach of the common man.

For that reason a “saint” becomes a “saint” when he is no longer among us; for that saint cannot make human “mistakes” anymore.

When dead, followers will appear and with that a new belief system.

Not everyone could be a saint, that person needs to fit the standards of “sainthood.”
Have not heard of a happy saint yet. As a matter of fact, it will be hard to see one who is joyful, smiling and full of life.

Nevertheless, our society needs those examples to point out the “right way.” 🙂

A Demon is a reactionary movement against sainthood. It is “heavy metal” when all you hear is church music. That reaction has the same qualities of “sainthood” just with the opposite polarity.

A saint rejects evil. A demon rejects the common good.

Most monotheistic religions are based on rejection of something to embrace the opposite.
It is in the understanding of the opposite but complementary forces of the Universe how wisdom appears. Wisdom cannot appear out of rejection.

An Angel transforms. An angel does not reject or oppose.
An Angel accepts and transforms. An Angel embraces all and is able to live in the dichotomy of life.

Everything is as it should be, so why reject anything, then?

An Angel does not belong to a particular religion, but he belongs to the world and it is in the world how an angel is made. An angel does not appear out of a religious protected environment or an ideology, but as the lotus flower; he emerges out of the mud not a clean vacuumed carpet.

An angel lives life to the fullest; experiences to the fullest and transforms all experiences through the consciousness of his benevolent feelings. An angel is out of this world but still lives in this world…among us and with us. Although he cannot be recognized as easily, he could leave a positive lasting impression in someone’s life.
That is his trademark.

Want to become an angel?


One of the best explanations I have found about this “process” could be read in the “Hua Hu Ching,” Chapter 59.

“Greed for enlightenment and immortality is no different than greed for material wealth.
It is self-centered and dualistic, and thus an obstacle to true attainment. Therefore these states are never achieved by those who covet them; rather, they are the reward of the virtuous.
If you wish to become a divine immortal angel, then restore the angelic qualities of your being through virtue and service. This is the only way to gain the attention of the immortals who teach the methods of energy enhancement and integration that are necessary to reach the divine realm.
These angelic teachers cannot be sought out; it is they who seek out the student.
When you succeed in connecting your energy with the divine realm through high awareness and the practice of undiscriminating virtue, the transmission of the ultimate subtle truths will follow. This is the path that all angels take to the divine realm.”

There are many beings of light who are helping at this time. This is the “Godly team.”

This is important to know because your affiliation to a particular religion or creed does not determine that these “divine beings,” will “choose you.” There is more to that. Many lifetimes are behind that.

It is more about our own qualities and capacity to live a virtuous life of service to humanity, which is not related with belonging to an organized group or devotional practice. It is basically your innate quality to help humanity without looking for an ulterior motive. Being self-less. Humanity is you.

Sincerity, honesty. Back to the basics.

Moreover, those qualities do not appear all of a sudden in this “lifetime,” but as we are aware of the law of karma, we recognize that what we are here “today” is nothing else but the consequence of other activities in our past lives.

Thus, angels are “meant to be,” not something that happens all of a sudden out of just joining a group or performing “important” deeds. Angels are helping hands to humanity. The rest is devotional imagination.

It is important to know that in life, every experience that someone goes through will lead that person to his destination, which is none but to experience the range of his own spiritual capacity.

The inner work of a person who will become an “angel” is not easy, for there is nothing as hard as to take the “rust out of the self,” it is like peeling your own skin of cover ups, weaknesses and complexes; just to be free and light, again.

Light so you can be light for others.

Life “tests” and experiences are meant to clean up an individual. The tests are many and there is no “failure” there but just the appreciation of your own capacity for spiritual growth.

The bus of destiny will unload some individuals at different corners according to their roles in life. That is their capacity. Stop signs are located at every corner. Only few will go the whole ride to the last bus stop and this capacity, will bring help from “up above.”

All is good. Life is good… 🙂

Question: Brother thank you ever so much for sharing your understanding and experiences, extremely extremely helpful for me personally. What you are suggesting is that this which has no begining and no end, then the middle i.e. what I am experiencing is just an illusion/dream? It does seem real as that is the only experience I have. And now I must make an effort to be the best possible. Pardon me for saying this, I mean no disrespect to anyone. So ‘God’ could also be an illusion but seems real and necessary for my self transformation. Also, cyclical time with the four stages makes sense as it solves a lot of questions. 5000 year cycle is also probable. However, I had a few doubts, what i understand is that once a soul enters into this plane, it stays on till the end of the cycle, is that for all souls? Even ‘messenger souls’ who lay foundation for major religions? Moreover, I do not have much knowledge/experience but you have a whole lot of people using angels / spiritual masters from subtle realm to guide them. So our these subtle energies also part of the drama and they have always been doing that or could there be something else. As one of your links points to findings where they point out that earth is orbiting in a spherical path, so could that mean that we are also moving in that path with each cycle taking some souls to higher states as well? Or is this again my ‘ego’ trying to find answers for soul capacity. Many many thanks.

Thank you for your great questions!

Dear soul,

Ah! We are going into the interpretation “game.”
I am not saying that what you are experiencing is neither an illusion nor real nor a dream. All what I am saying is that whatever you think/feel/perceive that you are experiencing, is not “you.” That is all. Detached observer. The points in these sharings are meant to go in that route, to discover the self.

In that apparent inoffensive phrase “I must make an effort to be the best possible,” lies lots of issues with our long friend “ego.” By discovering the self, there is no need to be “better” for you have found what “is.”

About God. What do you think God is? What do you think BapDada is? Is it true that what you “think”of God, is truly God? Are our thoughts able to grasp God? So, you have an experience with God. Does it mean that someone else who had another experience but it wasn’t with Bapdada, did not have an experience with God? Haven’t Sakar Murlis mentioned that according to our “faith” so our experiences?
Do you think that God is a point of light sitting in Parandham? Is that thought God? 🙂 Isn’t that just information?

Dear soul, As mentioned many times and in different ways throughout this blog; before knowing God as He is and how He is, I need to know the self, experience the self. Why? because God is a “soul,” and I am a “soul” as well. Isn’t that what Gyan says? If I have not experienced “I” the soul, can i know God? Knowing is not words, concepts, pictures and faces. Knowing is being. Experiencing. Therefore, you want to know God? Know the self. Not because the self is God, but because by experiencing that soul consciousness, I could be like Him. See? One more item which has been repeated many times already: There is no separation at the soul level. Separation only exists at the physical level. Something to churn about. 🙂

According to Gyan, all souls who enter this Drama, must stay “in it” until the end of the cycle, either by taking rebirth or by “being there” without taking rebirth for some “time.” However, it is assumed that God is the only soul in the Drama who could “come and go” as He “wishes” but yet, He does it as it is in the Drama.

In my experience, at this time you will have “positive energies” as you call them “ascended masters” or “angels” or “beings of light” or however you want to call them, which offer a “service” to humanity as Brahma Baba is doing to Brahmin souls. All of that is part of “Godly energies.”

In this avyakt Murli is clearly expressed: “Therefore, do not be afraid. In order for you to face anything, BapDada the backbone will be revealed through any being at any time and even now is revealing Himself.”

Also, you have the “challenging” energies. Called “darkness.” All of that is “real” for some. Not real for others. As an article expressed about “reality” what matters is how that experience “transforms” the self. That is the bottom line. There is a point where we cannot longer figure things out intellectually. It becomes worthless, for it only fills up our intellect with “new” ideas; which we think is “knowing” but it isn’t. It is just information which will not reflect a “true” reality for we cannot put “reality” or rather our “experience” of reality into words or ideas. Words cannot express fully that.

Finally, according to Gyan and “my experience,” this cycle of time is eternally repeating. “the fly passing by now,” is an eternal “movie” which will be shown to us again in another cycle, which will be, just like this one… 🙂

Best wishes!

Angels Way



Angels have Intellects that are Deep and Well-Rounded,

and although Beautiful Contemplations fill the Atmosphere

of their Moments, they can Easily go Beyond to

the Fullness of Silence,  Stillness and Peace.


They are Born to Bring World Benefit, which comes

to Fruition when they are in Tune with Who they Are,

What they need to Do and How they need to Be.

Being an Angel is predestined but is No Accident.


It is a choice to take Flight, using the Energy of

Positive Returns.  This comes Naturally from their

Integrity, Commitment to Serve and have a Loving

Relationship with Nature, the Self,  God, and Others.


They listen to whispers of Truth and check that they are on task.

If they are not, they simply realign and keep flying. No time to waste.

You can enjoy the company an Angel, but you cannot capture one,

they know the value of Freedom and Delight when others take Flight!