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The Energy of Anger – Part 2


As mentioned in the previous article, anger is energy. Energy has the power to transform matter. This means that anything touched by that energy depending on the intensity of it, will be colored by that energy. If you are cooking, you will put the ingredient of anger in your meal. If you speak with someone in angry mode and that person is “unprotected” (energetically) that current will go through in the form of fear or further anger.

Please be aware of this: To say that anger is “bad,” is to go back into the duality of it. A person who has the understanding of things as being “good” or “bad” has the understanding of the level of spirituality 101. This is not “bad,” it means that it is a beginner understanding.

A little puppy is told “bad dog,” when we would like to correct the behavior of the puppy. Because the dog does not have complexes related with moral teachings; what the dog merely understands is: “do,” and “don’t do.” The dog does not comprehend the complexities of “heaven and hell” and “punishment forever… ”
We may need to learn from that puppy dog 🙂 and rather than qualify something as “good” or “bad,” just refer to that as “do it” or “don’t do it,” for in this way guilt and repentance are avoided, for we know that in spirituality, whatever we “do” or “don’t do” has a return; thus, it is wasteful to resort into meaningless thoughts, when we will have to “pay the bill anyway” or “obtain the fruits of our activities.”

“Not doing” is actually doing. Not acting is acting.

If we consider that anger is “bad,” we will repress it. In a few words, we will be allowing that energy to cause damage in our being. The “healthy” alternative given by “experts,” is to send it away, to “others,” in adequate doses, 🙂 to “express it.” “Experts” recommend to hit a punching bag or to go for a 15 mile run, etc.to dissipate that anger. That is to merely waste our own energy unnecessarily.

As we know, in Spirituality, the “other” is non-existent when it comes to karmic returns. Basically, that anger will just come back to the originator.

Therefore, whether we keep it inside by labeling it as “bad,” or whether we send it out by calling that “healthy” or “good,” it just comes back to us.

It is very important to understand that anger occurs because we are not aware of it at the moment something is triggered in us, and the ultimate reason as to why we are not aware, is because our state of being is chaotic. Something we will not hear from the latest M.D research or “expert” advice.

That is our mind is not stable and nourished with serenity and calmness.

Thus, we cannot expect a method to deal with anger when our minds are not experiencing continuous serenity.

On the other hand, if we nourish ourselves continually in the morning with the experience of serenity and lightness coming from Nature or by some tranquil activity such as meditation or a combination, then our state of mind will be tranquil; and when something may likely trigger anger in us, we will be able to recognize it and to feel the consequence of it in our own bodies and beings. It just takes a second.

The stove of anger is burning, but we keep putting our hands in it as an automatic, learned response. If on the other hand, we are aware of the heat coming from the stove, we will learn about the pains of being burned… which we call “living life,” until all of a sudden, we know better by experience.

If we awaken to the awareness of anger without labeling it, then we can transform that energy in us BEFORE it happens by being serene calm, observing it… until it goes away…
A serene, calm mind will feel the disturbance of anger and self correct by itself without the need of remembering “moral codes.”

Anger bouts


One of the first “juicy” issues to find out about ourselves, is our immediate disposition to become angry.

To show anger is so common that it has been named as a “normal” thing to experience. It is so “normal” that to relate with another human being without anger is considered a sign of weakness, of being meek, of not having the force to oppose others, etc.

Anger is just a mental disease, the turbulence of the mind. When tolerance and inner strength are lacking, then anger arises. Thus, anger is weakness in itself.
It is the little pussy cat pretending to be a big tiger. 🙂

Anger could arise as a mechanism to protect our “weak” ego. There are some individuals who use anger to support their position in life, to manipulate people around them; that is to control people and situations.

The emotion behind anger is: “things are not going my way, I must force them to go my way at all costs.”
Any form of anger has that motto.

In a competitive society, anger is used as a “boost” mechanism. If I get angry I will fight with greater courage, with greater force, with greater strength, etc.

However, what is not observed is that anger “hits” our own body/emotions by way of diseases: Heart problems, high blood pressure, digestion issues, strokes, depression, anxiety, etc.

Anger is energy. That energy could be directed to someone or something, but at the same time; that energy remains in the person producing it, which has ill effects for his own well-being.

Emotional anger could be felt when a person raises his voice, when a person becomes ironic, when a person develops thoughts against someone or a situation, when a person uses harsh words to express himself, when a person has violent movements or lacking gracefulness… different ways of manifesting anger; some are very visible, others are more subtle.

This problem with anger, gave birth to the duality of expressing “healthy anger” and avoiding “unhealthy anger.” That is how “anger management” took birth.

In this duality of “good or bad,” we oversee the problem; as long as our minds are not balanced, harmonious; there will be anger and with that the problem of defining levels of anger as “good” or “bad.”

This harmony of the mind is not resolved by taking a pill or by going to classes on anger management or by taking up meditation or by “doing” something to “get anger out of our systems,” when there is a cultural understanding that “we need anger so we can deal with people.” We need to get rid of that complex first.

Anger merely demonstrates how dysfunctional our society has become.

When kids are angry, they fight to find who “is the boss.” The issue does not matter but it is all about physical force. When adults have anger is about screaming and putting up an emotional performance to take the audience in deep silence…and fear… It is the master and slave complex.

🙂 The one who screams the most wins…at least at the moment.

Anger is a very immature way of dealing with life. It is the rage of someone who didn’t get his piece of chocolate cake, and wants for no one to enjoy their piece to “get even.” That is the cowardice of the pussy cat performing the roaring voice of a tiger.

As we observe, as we become aware of our own minds; we will recognize the rage of someone who does not know the meaning of tolerance, compromise and calmness without taking a pill to numb his mind, to dull his feelings.

This realization, will bring change without side effects. This is the task of a healthy mind.

Question:How to stop from getting irritated?

Interesting question.

Being irritated is primarily the survival of Ego, Irritation or anger will exist in one way or another until Ego is gone, however; there are various degrees of it. You can see “gross anger” in someone’s face or vibrations (They get upset and their face change color and their bathing becomes heavy.)  That is the irritation that perhaps you refer to and it is the most common. Some call this to be “normal,” and even  HEALTHY. 🙂

In my experience the change came while I was 3 years in knowledge. On that day I became very angry with a loved one. The realization was strong, for I failed the “test paper,” of spiritual knowledge and at the same time it affected me and affected the feelings of this person who was very close and dear to me. I felt pretty bad and had the determination to stop this childish tantrum.

  From that moment on, “gross” anger went away. It wasn’t shown from my face, but then my vibrations became very strong when upset, in other words, anger still was trying to express but the gross form was gone.

Vibrational anger/irritation is felt by most people around you, specially if someone has a strong field of energy. This type of anger is related with sex-lust. I recall that feelings of sex-lust and vibrational anger were somehow related. This is a process, for we need to remember that all vices are related for they come from Ego, in different shades and forms.

From Vibrational irritation/anger comes, anger in your thoughts: Someone cuts you off while driving, a thought emerges with unkind words or unkind comments for a brief time. This is subtle anger. The only one aware of it, is you. For that is important to maintain a peaceful stage “constantly.”

Spiritual life based on practical principles will definitely, help on getting rid of irritation/anger. Deep meditation helps in recognizing that peaceful state which when lost, we automatically should tend to go back to it, so it becomes “natural.”

As you can see, your question has many layers; hope that you received the answer that you were looking for,

Best wishes.