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Praying, Thanking and Appreciating


The greatest opportunity that Life offers is right now. There is no other timing for the one who is aware of impermanence, change, newness and therefore, appreciation.

The past, it wasn’t “me.” The future will be something different than “me.”
Can we live with that?
Can we embrace that total “flowing with Life” rather than clinging to what we have been taught: security, control, certainty, safety, etc.

That dichotomy of extremes has an abrupt and insurmountable space of mediocrity in between, but again is not about making a “decision” but to embrace it all.

“God please help me. Protect us. I ask you for my loved ones and for my country and for my world. Please… listen to my prayers.”

The above is a state of consciousness. It is known as “self-absorption.” It is all about “Me” what is “Mine” and what is related with “Me.”
Nevertheless, we believe to be “good” if we do that every day or in “special” occasions.

“Thank the Lord for everything that we have, for this day and for sending us his blessings so we can continue walking in this valley of tears, until we meet Him again.”

The above is a state of consciousness. It is known as submission. That submissive personality which is taught to believe in anyone else but themselves. A submissive personality thrives in suffering and in the hope of one day, to get out of it and to meet his savior.

Thanking the Lord for “being here” is not the same as thanking someone for something that kindly, they have done for us.
Thanking someone for “being here” is a contradiction when a belief is looking to “get out of here” to go to a “better place,” Paradise or Heaven.

Then comes, appreciation.
When we get up in the morning, do we appreciate the fact that we could move? Do we appreciate the fact that we could walk and use our senses to feel the world around us?

No. We take that for granted. Just because for the most part, we could do it every day.
When we are aware, that is an opportunity to appreciate “what is.” Not to thank anyone, but to appreciate the different flavors of Life.

As the body ages, do we still thank the Lord for that? Do we pray to get a younger body? 🙂

No. That is the importance of appreciation.
We appreciate all of those changes.
Ahh!..uhhh…ohhh…. ouch…man, it is hard to move!!!
Let me complain a bit more… Dam it! I am getting old!!!

Those “onomatopoeic effects” are just a learned behavior.

We may as well say: “Great… Look I can move!” “Wonderful! I can stand up!”
But our consciousness is not set in appreciation but in comparison.

This used to be the “old Me.” versus this decrepit “new Me.”

To be trapped into the timeless, static “Me” is the issue. It is a mind problem not a bodily issue.

As we become aware by observation of all the typical activities that we perform during the day, as we become conscious of the feeling behind those activities, we could observe how much appreciation is behind our day, and at the same time, how that appreciation goes hand in hand with enjoyment.

Nothing wrong with praying or thanking … It is just a state of consciousness.
Some kids think that they know everything when they learn to add and subtract.
If they were adults, they could make a dogma out of that “knowledge.”
Thanks God… 🙂 Those kids do not have a problem in learning to multiply and divide.
They are still “open minded.”