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Childish beliefs of a religion near you


As we come to terms with suffering as an opportunity to renew our consciousness, then that rejection of suffering as a traumatic experience disappears. Suffering becomes another experience and its intensity only matches the size of our ego driven life.

Therefore, do we want to pray to God to “deliver us from evil”?
Do we want to ask God to “take away our suffering”?

For the one who understands that life is not a random event but a planned game of eternal but yet ever-changing conscious energies meant to recycle itself, for that person there is no worship necessary or a divine indulgence needed to live life.

Paradoxically we could express ourselves like Voltaire:
“May God defend me from my friends: I can defend myself from my enemies. “
But for the one who does not indulge in the duality of thinking, we could express, as Master Kahn would say:
“Deal with evil from strength, but affirm the good in man through trust.”

Different states of consciousness.

The child will cry to obtain a favor from his Father. A man will deal with issues with his acquired wisdom and trust in life.
When a man comes out of the consciousness of a child, religious games of eccentric beliefs are naturally discarded.

There is no need to act in a certain way for fear of punishment or everlasting damnation. Actions are meant to happen according to what a man has in his heart. Those actions are neither “good nor bad” but necessary as the state of consciousness “is.” However, there is a consequence that will be experienced.
That consequence is not labeled either as suffering nor pleasure but just as life experiences.
What becomes important to learn is not to distinguish between “good and bad” actions, but to discover the intention of our hearts. Those intentions are the seeds for feelings and those feelings will be the ones displaying our essence in life, the way we manifest to others.

In Life we do not learn about “good or bad.” That is for little children. We learn to be in balance by not rejecting energies but by transforming them according to the need of time and circumstances.
As such there cannot be a “code of conduct” that will be acted upon on every single occasion, but rather the different experiences in life become the sand box for manifesting the feelings behind the actions.

When we are aware of those feelings, we could transform our lives.

Someone sent me an email about a “scientific paper that will reveal God.”
There cannot be God’s revelation through a paper, or any human idea. There can only be your own revelation in harmony with “what is.” That, does not require any wording or writing.

Someone sent me an email stating the date for Armageddon, destruction.
When you are living life from your heart, there is always a new beginning. Life is not a man-made by-product, thus; man cannot destroy it. There has always been transformation and nothing is static but ever-changing.

In a childish mind, we could be prompted to join a religion so we could “save ourselves” from being destroyed. Destruction and Creation happens all the time at every second. Consciousness is eternal and it is not dependent on anyone to exist.
It just is.

As we dispose ourselves from the diapers of a childish consciousness, we may see that the immensity of life cannot fit in the security of a baby’s crib.
A child is meant to grow up and live life, to learn by living life (not by making mistakes) to develop by engaging his life with the Totality… that is unless he wants to hold onto his childish beliefs.

Question: It is said that Father (Baba) will take us all back home (soulworld) at the end once all the souls have descended from the soul world. Does that mean at the end it will be revealed to every soul on the planet who the father is and the knowledge of the drama?

Thank you for your question!

As “pure gyan” states, There will always be human beings in this planet. Therefore, not “all souls” will go back at the same time.
Also, we cannot take the words: “Baba will take us all back home” in a literal way, for before that we need to go through “Dharamraj” right? 🙂 and then, to the “soul world” in a “numberwise” manner. That means, not necessarily at the same time.

I feel that every major religion knows who the “Father” is, even though they may call “Him” with different names. At the same time, every major monotheistic religion has its own version of “Armageddon.”

God is one. The experiences that we have with Him are many, because we are “numberwise.”

Best wishes!

Trust ancient traditions

While scientists are still researching “how everything started?,” we have ancient cultures who are able to give us some light into this by telling us that we are destroying this world which we do not know how started.

Scientists are late. It appears to me that scientific knowledge to be widely accepted has to come from the UK or the USA. Better if from Harvard, Cambridge and all of those high $$ places to learn “how to think.” 😉 I am amused to see how a highly educated man in general, is unable to perceive life from an intuitive perspective. Einstein was the exception confirming the rule.

Below some videos about our “destiny.” One from the Norse mythology (Scandinavia.) Another from the Native Americans (called Indians) and the third one from the Hopi tradition.
Every ancient culture has an explanation already.

It really surprises me how the Norse tradition explains “predestination” in their mythology among other aspects of BK knowledge and Christian traditions about “Armageddon.”
It is worthwhile to recognize that things are happening if we can see. The only security we have is “inner security,” the experience of soul consciousness and of our own eternity.
There is no death for an eternal being.
Matter cannot be destroyed neither created, only transformed. This is a reasonable as physics have gotten IMHO.

Norse Mythology – Ragnarok * A must see… 🙂

Native American Prophecy

Hopi Prophesy