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How to pay attention accurately? – Question by reader

“HOW TO PAY ATTENTION ACCURATELY? The funny thing about this path is that: I want to have experience whenever I want, as long as I want. The problem is when I pay attention inaccurately, I feel tension and no experience. But when I “just be” and forget about paying attention, I may loose awareness and become “unconscious”, thus performing wrong actions. So how to pay attention but not to feel tension. How can I keep my experience constantly and accurately?”

Dear reader,

Thank you for your question!
Life is a continuous experience. There is no need to “want something,” when there is always something as long as we are “nothing.” 🙂

In the physical world, we become “good” at “something” with practice. In the Spiritual world “to be good” is already inherent.

Thus, all we need to “do,” is to become aware of it. Our consciousness improves as we develop greater awareness of ourselves.

This “looking inwards” cannot be put in words as to specifically tell someone what to “do.” It is observation, looking, being appreciative, being aware of everything with an open mind.

As long as the mind is busy with “stuff,” and rapt into it, there will be “unconsciousness.”

That is why , “emptying yourself” (your mind) is what will allow us to be an active participant of the moment, then attention happens.

Tension is a product of a made up “I” (mind) who wants to control “you” (another made up entity.)
The “good” “I” who is spiritual, pure, knowledgeable, who needs to shape up the “vicious” “I” in you.

It is just an intellectual game. 🙂

“Attention without tension,” are wise words which are not meant to be understood intellectually. They are meant to be observed in ourselves.

Every time, we use our reasoning to understand a spiritual teaching, we need to be careful not to misinterpret it by adding intellectual reasoning.
We just need to observe that teaching in ourselves.

Performing “wrong” is done when “you” are there with your own beliefs, prejudices, ideas, standards, wants, wishes, desires, hopes, etc. That is with a mind full of stuff. That is being “unaware.”

Best wishes!