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Being attracted by attractions is a distraction

Perhaps only for a few, being attracted is an issue to “conquer.”
For a “normal” individual it is “good” and desirable to feel attraction for things and individuals. It is part of the “culture.”
Mary met Bob because, They felt and overwhelming attraction. Funny, how that intensity did not survived with all the years that they stayed together. That “thing” became stale. It died.

Ralph felt attracted towards his current “new” car. He bought it without thinking how to pay it. The attraction was unstoppable. He thinks that he looks good in that car and that his peers will think more of him because of a car. 🙂
He drove it for a couple of months. He became tired of it. He wants to change it.

Both examples gives an account of what is an attraction and how sporadic it could be. Very unreliable to make a long-lasting deal. A relationship based on that alone will not last.

Through knowledge we know that attractions are basically “karmic accounts.” There is a “something” which pulls the mind of a particular individual but not another. It is like a “trap” that will force us to experience something which otherwise we wouldn’t.

Karen is 38 y/o. Mike is 22 y/o. Mike gave Karen a massage. Both “felt in love” due to the overwhelming, out of this world energy coming from both. They thought they were “soul-mates.” They lived together and that is when the dream shattered. Washing dishes and working for a living can be “overwhelming” to maintain an “attraction.”

Different personalities, different traditions, different age, different life stage got in the way of the romantic moment. Suffering came all of a sudden knocking at their door.
This is what BK knowledge calls “duality.”

Attractions are there to show us our weaknesses. Basically, it will show us why we are not complete. Wholesome human beings will not be looking for feeling “complete” through another being or object.

Certainly love has nothing to do with an “overwhelming attraction.” It is not a romantic serenade at midnight. 🙂
Love is sharing our own completeness. Our own being throughout life. That sharing renews at every moment because, we change. Love is understanding of that change and the freedom to let be. Love goes beyond the “living together,” for it is not bound by physicality. Love is spiritual in its essence. Only known by those who have found themselves in wholesomeness.
To know love is way more than to “fall in love.” An attraction is a mirage. A karmic bondage. That illusion could be “dressed up” with nice words and feelings. Because it is an illusion it will no last.

Attractions are like transactions. They will show you a fraction so you feel satisfaction…but that is just a faction. The infraction will come as a subtraction. That is why a distraction, will bring this chain reaction…. and you will feel the contraction… 🙂

Question: Unstable Remembrance? – Follow up by Reader

Comment: Thank you very much for your practical tips for, “Question:
On one hand, we need to make effort to remember God, and on the other hand”.
I have been following it on and off and would like to share my experiences as:
1. Mind wants to think. It keep pondering over events/ actions which has just taken place. For instance, we are through with conversation with someone, but the mind is still there, making more mental stories.
2. The intellect gets pulled towards people we perceive as superior to us or get influenced by their qualities. The movie formation begins to appear, cluttering our inner system.
3. When we are being aware of whatever we do, that ordinary activity becomes extra-ordinary. Like, when we are aware that water is falling over our head, we could experience the coolness of water drops and it seems as if we are standing under some water-fall. But unfortunately, that experience last for very few seconds.
4. Being aware of your thoughts is the most effective way to stand out of all those scenes and images forming in the mind. But it doesn’t remain for long!!

Great findings! Now we can go a bit deeper. Some of these are my own experiences/findings, so do not feel that I am outlining the “only way,” or the “truth.” 🙂

1) People/ things will come in your way to show you what you have inside.
Interestingly your question fits the avyakt Murli of today (7-15-12.)
2) Only those who are trying to stabilize the mind will note that the mind runs around showing us our own weaknesses. Others will not even notice how the mind runs the show.
3) A Karmic account which needs to be settled is appearing to us. This BK life is meant to settle those accounts.
4) Observing how the mind brings “stories” which are typically “dramatically” painful or just “nonsensical wasteful” is a good practice of awareness. If we are not aware, we become depressed or emotionally “elated.” A roller coaster. This is duality.
5) Remembrance is not meant to make us dependent of God. It is mean to show us who we are and stabilize the mind at will in a particular stage.
6) That “stage” can only be practiced when our sensibility has been awaken. That is why we practice “Maryadas” as a life style.

With the above, we can recognize that we cannot be stable in remembrance of God for a long time. That is a “helping hand” to feel what soul consciousness is all about. We can feel soul consciousness without connecting with God, but we need God to feel the experience of what is soul consciousness like through Him.

We can learn to ride a bicycle without training wheels, but training wheels are needed when learning to ride a bike. This is something which I have found with my “experiments.”

Basically we have karmic accounts to settle. That is what we see interrupting our remembrance and stability of stage. Once we settle those accounts, those burdens will be gone. You may feel that someone is “superior” than you. That doesn’t affect me. I do not feel the same. Different karmic accounts.
I may feel that someone is Beautiful. You may not agree. That is showing us weaknesses in the way that we want those qualities in us or to posses them. It is a sanskara being triggered and that sanskara will be there as long as we allow it.

1) We need to realize that it is there (sanskara.) 2) We need to lose all hope in “getting that which we want” (limited desires.) This is what Baba calls “unlimited disinterest.” Many times it comes when we hit the “bottom.” 3) Be determined to check the self and transform thoughts by realizing that they are just “stories.” Catch them right away and do not allow them to get in you. 4) Continue with yoga. Deep remembrance is meant to arise love in the being, the soul. That love is the one which is fire to burn our own weaknesses.

A loving being is a complete being, for that a complete being is the one who knows what love is.

Thank you again! All the best.

Avyakt Murli 12-5-74