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Does witchcraft exist?

Yes, it does.

Its existence is hidden in most people’s belief that it does not. Most believe that “ignorant, less educated people may believe in that.” Through that belief, witchcraft, black magic, sorcery, etc. are able to act upon another against their will, infringing the natural laws of cause and effect.

Individuals lacking knowledge on how Life operates, will use the “evil side” of magic to impose their wishes. Those individuals truly deserve compassion, for their deeds will be experienced by them sooner or later. They do not know what they are truly doing.

For example, someone wants to become a leader of a company and there is a person competing and blocking that wish to be true, then; all of the sudden that person dies unexpectedly, clearing the path of the power hungry person, to be the new leader. Is that a “normal” occurrence? Maybe. But maybe not. Witchcraft is also involved in the emotions of a person as if “cupid’s arrow has hit someone’s heart” to love someone who was despised or not even considered as a partner.

But why bother to use witchcraft when there are other human means to do the same? It is simple. There is no physical evidence. Damage can be done at a distance, or by other less evident means. Even though human justice may not be able to act, the laws of nature are incorruptible. That person soliciting the work of a witchcraft or “brujo” and the witchcrafts themselves will pay the consequences of their doing. That is a simple fact of observing the world of duality, that is cause and effect.

Individuals without empathy and with a crooked, heartless attitude in Life, will usually go to whatever extent is needed to obtain what they wish, even if it is as petty as having more coins and bills in their wallet or the love of someone.

How do we know if someone or ourselves are “under the spell” of someone?

Another “brujo,” “shaman” or “witch,” could tell. These people are able to “read” someone’s aura or they have a connection with other realms which are capable of giving information as detailed as : Who the attacker was, when that happened, how that happened and what to do to clear that “spell.” All human actions are “recorded” and these people have access to that information mostly because they have that skill as a “gift.” This “gift” could be detrimental for the health of the “witch” as well, for their intervention needs to be wisely done as there are consequences. For instance, revealing who the perpetrator was could inspire vengeance in the victim which could end in deeper suffering for all parties. It is important to understand that to fight evil head to head, is to strengthen it, for fighting is evil itself. There are ways to go around it like sorting waves in the ocean. That requires intelligence.

No one needs to believe in that “ witch nonsense,” but I wanted to share my own experience hoping that this info could be beneficial to some.

Most “sleepy” individuals are seduced by the illusion of a world where security means to attain power over others. These individuals do not even realize that their own death is the only security they can ever have as well as the consequences behind the intention of their actions. Paraphrasing Benjamin Franklin: “Nothing is certain except death and taxes.” In Life, there are consequences of our actions just like paying taxes. It is a compulsory “contribution” to repay Life for what we have taken for our own selfish purpose. That requires prompt and full payment when it is due.

Will resume writing on March 31st. Until then! 🙂

Beach healing and therapy – By Paul Demske, LMT


Note: The article below is from my friend, Paul. He shared this article with a group of local energy/light practitioners and I requested him to allow me to share his article in the blog. Paul is describing the healing aspect of Nature, which Avyakt7 has experienced (Avyakt7 is an avid “beach goer” with infinite love for Nature.) There are several ways to clean your chakras at the beach.
Why is this important?
Because we accumulate heavy energies throughout the day and we need to “clean” our energy field from that heaviness. If we go on, our mood will change and our sensibility will shut down. Our aura field expands and shines when we are healthy. We are in “inter-beingness” and our subtle/energetic body is in constant relationship with the totality. To be in Nature is natural for a healthy human being.


“There are occasional times or periodic episodes in our lives when we become disconnected, or as Abraham-Hicks might say, we are “out of alignment with Source.” And intuitively I recognize when the need arises to follow through on my personal prescription or inner-guidance system, to take time-out from the demands of life or self-inflicted judgments and false beliefs about myself. I get back to nature. And although the parks along the seawall of downtown Saint Petersburg have been like church to me for about twelve years now, there is also a time when the specific need for the beaches along the Gulf (or Ocean) calls to me with its own medicinal characteristics.

Walking barefoot has been a part of my nature which I probably picked up from my Mother. But now I do it consciously and with more frequency in part because I understand, as an energy worker, the benefits of connecting with the Earth, grounding, and even as a cure for insomnia.

But there is such an INCREDIBLE feeling when my feet first touch the sand. The therapeutic results are immediate. My shoulders drop, the muscles in my face soften and I often release a deep “AAAH!” exclamation which vibrates down into my abdomen, down my shoulders and out my hands. It is an acknowledgment of connection, gratitude and humility on an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual level.

The beach is also geographically unique in that it contains all the elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth, simultaneously. In addition to the sun providing healthy Vitamin D for our skin in as little as 20 minutes per day, 83 elements of the periodic table, biologically available, are found in sea water. Inhaling a sea mist filled with negatively-charged ions, or molecules that attach to your lungs also boosts your immune system, according to naturopathic doctor Connie Hernandez.

In addition, proponents claim that swimming in seawater opens pores in the skin to allow the absorption of sea minerals and the expulsion of disease-causing toxins from the body. Nature’s own flu shot!

Moreover, the beach can provide an almost-instant chakra cleanser, opening and stimulating all of our senses. Its vastness inspires creativity, wonder, perspective, tranquility and introspection. And on a personal level it invokes elements of creative expression that transposes itself into the music I perform and the massages I provide to my clients. I often draw Reiki symbols in the sand to activate the intention of global healing. Even though you are likely aware of many of these benefits of the beach (we DO live in Florida, after all!), just think of this as a reminder of who you Are.

The simplest pleasures in life remind us of our personal Divinity and Universal Connectedness. Whether we choose to put on our favorite loose-fitting clothes and attend a laid-back, beach-front gathering, or to find a place of solitude and necessary alone-ness (not to be confused with loneliness), our miles of endless Floridian beaches allows us a fresh element of therapeutic peace.



Paul Demske, LMT A native of Green Bay, WI, Paul is a Licensed Massage Therapist (MA#66850) / body worker, musician, Reiki practitioner, voice impressionist, writer, photographer, and certified Quantum Touch™ practitioner. His multi-faceted levels of experience led him to Florida in 2001 to further pursue my spiritual path and self-initiated education in the areas of wellness, quantum physics, metaphysical studies, alternative research and awareness, and as a Heart Forgiveness Facilitator. Available for massage sessions in Pinellas County. 813-438-9171.