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Question on Mind vs. Gut Feeling

How do u know while taking a decision whether it is a gut feeling (heart) or your mind speaking (conditioning)?

Thank you for your question. It is a question that probably most will want to “know.”
First, if you take a “decision,” that is your mind without a doubt. The gut feeling knows without choosing. It is immediate. If you wait around, the mind appears.

Be aware that because I am answering your question with words, you are going to try to understand my words by using your mind. Notice the trap.
The mind could make you believe that “you know” if you follow my words, and you will believe that this is a “gut feeling.”

By asking that honest question, you are demonstrating how hard it is to “Know thyself” when we are trapped in the mind. 

The gut feeling is your internal wisdom. Your action when you listen to it, will be according to your role in Life, which means that you will feel fulfilled by acting on it, regardless of human opinions based on conditioning about favorable outcomes.

The gut feeling is not an emotion. It is not the mind. Both of them are conditioning.

First, we need to learn to observe our inner world. Notice when a stranger comes by you, there is the conditioning, which immediately jumps in “ He is ugly.” “What the heck does he want?” If you are not aware, present to observe this, you will not notice how your feelings get colored by those statements from the mind. To go deeper into your reaction, your conditioning, is to liberate yourself from that trigger.

To learn to observe, you need to be in a “neutral state,” as when a car is in “neutral,” it goes where momentum will take it.
Similarly is with your state of being, in that state you can observe.  Free of judgment, free of opinion, free of past learnings. By becoming aware of our own breathing, focused on it but in a neutral state, we could learn to observe how the mind jumps in during every interaction with others. This is critical.

Notice that when you willfully stop breathing, the mind stops as well. To be aware of that state, means to know no-mind, the neutral state.

I could only give you my experience through words of recognizing the mind. I cannot give you “the answer,” or the “method.”  That is for you to discover.

Once you are familiar with how the mind jumps in, then you will not identify with it, you will know that it is not “you,” but all the conditioning from many past experiences; that is what most believe to be “I.”
This AWARENESS is to know something useful.

If you have not been aware of a gut feeling, my description may be worthless to you. You may feel a sensation in your gut (it could be energy or some feeling) If you are not aware of it, the mind will overwrite that sensation with an “educated choice,” a conditioned statement.

It takes inner observation, which is not a “practice,” but being conscious, awake to our inner world.

I am aware that I may not be answering your question with a “cut and dry” recognition of the mind vs. the gut feeling; but you are asking me “how to breath,” even though you are breathing… I could tell you “inhale air with your nostrils” and that is misleading for breathing happens without the “I” doing anything. If the “I” does it, that is not breathing but just an exercise on breathing. If you become AWARE of breathing, then you will know without any doubts.

Through my answer, you may have discovered the shortcomings of words and teachings, and hopefully you will be AWARE of what is going on in you. That is where the “true” answer resides, our journey is to uncover it. 🙂

What is true cannot be chosen

“When we believe that our reactions to situations are dependent on the situation, then we shift to an automatic way of reacting, rather than choosing our reactions.

Situations outside are uncertain. If we make our state of mind dependent on them, then our reactions also become uncertain.”

The above was sent to me via email. I am copying that here because the above will help illustrate something which is very difficult to explain: “ A different state of consciousness.”

Teachers, Gurus and even “Gods” (in different religions) are not teaching the “truth,” but only teaching a method to gain awareness while in a particular type of consciousness (followers.) Teachings are geared towards students residing in certain consciousness.

The above quote is the popular teaching on “having control on how we react” and “choosing our reactions.” Seems like a wonderful teaching to follow. Right?

When a person starts their journey into inner search, that person does not have awareness. Their minds’ inner chattering is continuously clouding that awareness. Their reactions are learned mechanisms. They may blame others when they react in a certain way.

For example, Mary screamed at Sam. Sam slapped Mary in return. Sam blamed Mary of his reaction. She made him violent, he said. For Sam, Mary had a violent interaction (screaming.) For Mary, screaming at someone is not violent. She has learned that. It is “normal” for her. If you are upset with someone, you scream at him to show that. That is the way soap opera actresses (super stars) behave… and even Mary’s mom, aunt and older sister behave the same way.

Thus, a teaching telling Mary: “ Don’t get angry. To scream is bad. You will go to hell if you scream at someone. God will be upset with you,” etc. That teaching is trying to change Mary’s behavior. “Here is how you react: Be silent. Don’t do anything. Feel compassion for them.”

Sounds good?
Yes! What a wonderful teaching! It makes sense. It is “logical.” 🙂
A few days later, Mary is upset with Sam. Mary remembered this teaching and “chose” to be silent.
Wonderful! Mary feels happy about her “improvement.”

Mary does not realize yet that she has learned to repress her anger.

A few days later, there comes Sam again to “make” Mary upset.
Mary was too angry to remember any “good” teachings this time… She failed “her test.” She screamed at Sam and in the process received another slap in the face.
She took her “punishment” without complaint, for she had failed and she felt guilty. She needs forgiveness now in order to be “good” again…

If Mary becomes aware, she will notice her repression of anger.
That is a step forward, because before the teaching she did not have any awareness whatsoever.

She also realized that “to stop and choose how to react,” many times is impossible to DO. That is why she “failed her tests” in many occasions.

Awareness is working wonders now!

Mary may decide to ignore her findings and decide to “try harder” next time… OR she may decide not to repress her anger because she heard a teaching by a super Guru which said “to repress is bad.”

Mary’s mind will go to extremes. She needs to experience that “trip” to move into another consciousness. Becoming aware of that repression is a necessary step. Mary cannot study “how not to repress.” She needs to live it to know.
When she does that, the previous teachings will not apply to her anymore.

The issue in a new consciousness is not what you DO or how you react, the issue is if you are AWARE of yourself while it is happening. To be AWARE is not a mind thing such as “think before you act.” AWARENESS is beyond the mind.

If Mary is AWARE of becoming angry while interacting with Sam, that AWARENESS will not go into anger mode unless she wants to. If Mary is not anger, there is no way Sam could bring anger from her. That is why BEING is before DOING and DOING several times something does not change BEING. Consciousness is not changed by repetition (DOING) but it changes as a natural process of LIVING. When we are AWARE of that process; we become conscious, awaken.

Let me give another example: It is as if 3 year old Carol, had the need to pee and she couldn’t control it because she is not aware yet. The “moral” teaching for her is: “Peeing your pants is “bad.” You will be punished. Avoid peeing.” Thus, “choose” not to pee. “Think” before you pee…  🙂  It is all about the mind.

When Carol learns to be AWARE of the sensation, peeing her pants is no longer an issue. It is not a matter of “choice” but of AWARENESS. When Mary learns to go to the bathroom as she has been trained, she will understand that the moral ultimatum of “Peeing your pants is bad” is not true… but it was useful at one time, for she is in a different consciousness now.

The second paragraph of the quoted paragraph, will be dealt with next time…

A Pelican: The Guru of balance


Ananda enjoys going for a bike ride early in the morning by the Bay, as the birds awaken the daydreamers with their melodious self-made music.
Going out on a ride will be followed by coming back. That is self-evident. However, what happens in between is part of the newness that Life brings at every moment.

Ananda was riding his bike with the wind. Coming back, he was riding against the wind.
Both are experiences in Life, the completion of both experiences is what brings “insight” as “knowing” but never as the ultimate “truth for everyone” to follow. Everyone needs to ride their own bike and their experience may be different.

On the way out, it was an effortless ride. Although, it felt hot as the temperature went up. On the way back, it was an effort to pedal, but it was cooler and breezy.
Just like Life.
Today your grass may be greener but tomorrow it will not.

Both experiences are just that, experiences which in “reality” are just “One” experience. Going out and coming back is the trip of Life.

Ananda hasn’t said anything extraordinaire up to this point, but he had…. 🙂

“Going out was so easy. I was sweating like a pig, but it was nothing…. but, coming back… that was cruel man! I wanted to quit!”
Sounds familiar?
It is called comparison.
Judgment is included in that as well as a teaching for humanity, that is …everyone else:
“Do not ride against the wind.”

Ananda stopped by the beach to go for a swim. He observed a pelican teaching him what balance is all about: There is a time for gliding and another for flapping. That harmonious combination gives that gracefulness in flying. Funny, the pelican didn’t say a word of wisdom in its teaching.

I could hear some human teachings:
“Don’t be lazy. Make effort all the time. Flap your wings until there is nothing left. Go against the wind or with it. It does not matter. If you look tired is not “good.” Always have a smiling face.”
“Don’t do a thing, man. Let everyone else do it for you. You need to learn how to use people to your advantage. There is always a sucker out there…”

The “black or white” mentality.

The pelican kept flying. You couldn’t see a smile in its face, but a sense of elegance, distinction and confidence.

The pelican does not know what those words; elegance, distinction and confidence mean. The pelican “is” all of that without knowing. Isn’t that paradoxical?

Shall we teach a monkey to “become that”?
If the monkey could observe. If the monkey could know by experience what harmony is, then perhaps the monkey will be ready to learn.

What about if we take the monkey to a school to learn all those things?
Information is not the “thing.”

“Scientific research has proven that 20% of white adult males between the ages of 30 and 45 years will not complain when riding against the wind. That is when riding on a wind of 8 mph coming from the East in a fairly cloudy day with 90% humidity.”

Now you “know.” Your experience may be different but a researcher knows best. 🙂

In Life, we will go out just to come back. If our mind rejects one side of the trip, we have created a duality.
“Going out is better. Always select it. It is heaven. God will be with you.”

For those experiencing coming back in their trip of Life there is “hope:”
“That suffering in pedaling will have a reward in heaven. Don’t stop. Keep moving until you cannot pedal an inch.”

Observe. Be in tune with those who are less intelligent than you. Those who have fewer degrees than you, those who do not have God in their side… those who do not think but who feel Life at every moment, that is those who “live in the now,” without knowing what in the heck that is.

A teacher appears everyday in Nature. When the student is ready to observe, the teacher appears.
How do you recognize the teacher?
There will not be any teachings for you.

Fighting to live


When we become aware of humanity as our own extended “body,” how could we possible believe that living life is about fighting with someone else?

That could be like that dog who was chasing its own tail.
A dog chasing its tail is like a philosopher: Lots of round around thinking but going no where…or like a religious leader: Many beliefs and dogmas about the future and nothing concrete about the joy of the “now.”

Once the dog experiences biting its own tail, that dog may learn something out of that experience. The tail is one with the dog. It is the intensity of that biting which will bring greater suffering to the dog.

What is the moral of the story?
The intensity of the experience of pain will teach the lesson.

Likewise, we could start believing that fighting with everyone to “protect ourselves” is the key to maintain sanity and self-respect in Life.
The story of a Life “fighter” is like the dog chasing its tail: Give punches, receive punches, duck punches. Win matches, get beat up… and when Life wants to teach that lesson in an unforgettable way, a “knock out” will happen and then the ego sadly hurt, will become bitter and hate the experience of that punch.

“Life is a bitch and then we die.”
That becomes the poetry of the fighter. His rhyme and reason to be.
Why is it so hard to realize that a very deep, thick and concise ego is an easy prey for becoming the punching bag of Life?

While our worldly upbringings are meant to preserve that ego, enhance it and glorify it; Life takes a different turn.

Come on buster…Bite your own tail! Get angry…Become aggressive, an “A” personality and fight back! Hit harder!

Life will throw quickly a right jab, followed by an amazing left cross and then a solid right upper cut….

“You” are done.

Blood comes out profusely from your sweaty face.
You fought with Life… and almost lost it. 🙂
Did you enjoy it?
Yes? Then, there may not be an ego in you… or you are a masochist…
That is the way that ego will dilute itself.
No religious ceremonies or beliefs needed. No special praying. No pious actions needed. No holy priest required to be a referee.

But… after a little while… “You”… collected your missing teeth from the ground and got up to fight again!
Some may call that “being a man” others “stubbornness” and yet others, “having guts.”
I’d like to call that stupidity.

It is just a matter of perspective. Like everything else.

Can’t we find a better way to live?
That is it!.. We are starting to “reason” now… Time to become a “seeker.”
The wise “street” teaching is: If you can’t beat them, JOIN them.

In “Spiritual” hocus-pocus, the words used are: “Become One with Life.”

Same thing.

But you see, later on when the healing is done, the one who got beat up “by Life” is the one who will know the meaning of “becoming one” by experience.
The one who avoids the boxing match, will not know but only in theory, like a bookworm.

Paradoxical, huh?

Just like “real” Life.

Beyond our limits


Let us say that the world is a “shoe box.” There is “John” all by himself in it.
What would be “moral or immoral” for John? What would be “right or wrong” for John?
Answer: What he believes to be.

Let us say that there is another person who joins John later on.
What would be “moral or immoral” to do? What would be “right or wrong” to do?
Answer: it depends on their belief.

Besides beliefs, there are matter of fact consequences. John may enjoy the company of that other being for he was alone before, but at the same time, John likes to have his own space all for himself.

If john was a “black or white” type of individual; he will either choose to be alone or to have company. There is no awareness of integrating both experiences without choosing.

The paradoxical and beautiful thing about the world is that every moral value, every belief system that someone may cherish as “truth” is contradicted by another living species in Nature.
Do you think that a caste system, a hierarchy based on being born in certain social class is “bad”?
Take a look at bees and ants.
Do you think that family life is a thing of the past?
Take a look at how wolves live.
Do you think that to be a loner and to mingle with the opposite gender just to procreate is to take advantage of someone?
Take a look at the life of tigers.

If we observe life as it is in Nature and not the artificially created “world at the office,” we will discover those beautiful contradictions, which make this world what is.

What could be God’s law then, in the observation that every species of “his” creation acts contradicting any written law that could ever be?

Perhaps there is a law for every species?
I have not seen any written codes of conduct for Tigers yet. But because there is that diversity around, could I make myself such a narrow minded, judgmental person who takes sides to label something as “good or bad”?

If there was a law of “good and bad” coming from God himself wouldn’t that be a contradiction of what already exists?
That is why many individuals have decided to create their “own world” in their own “shoe box” to fit their beliefs as “righteous” in their world.

As John’s “shoe box” becomes populated, there is obviously a problem of “logistics” in the human world that animals are unaware of.
Thinking, logic, analysis creates that contradiction which a human being will pretend to resolve through moral standards.

An animal adapts and harmoniously is able to live in balance with its surroundings.
A thinking, “rational” human being is unable to adapt like that.

The question is not “why is that?” because that will take our logic and rationality into greater contradictions.

The point is to observe, feel and act.

Nature has a completely different way of manifesting beyond logic, rationality and belief systems… well beyond our “office world” morality.

The “world of the office,” John’s “shoe box” has rationality, analysis, judgment, comparisons, separation, and, ifs, or, not … computer operations, that we have learned to troubleshoot by breaking the problems in “halfs” until we discover the “culprit.”

Nature does not work like that.

Which world do we choose?
Wrong question if we could see beyond duality, but a rational “good” question for those who cannot.

Integrate everything. Welcome the “office world” and Nature. Experience both.

At that point, we could understand practically that “God” could never have given us any laws to be followed, but to allow us to make sense of things for ourselves…Not intellectually, but by using our “instincts.”
That is insight, intuition, love for the Totality, appreciation of what is, gratefulness and a sense of balance.
When we discover in ourselves what is beautiful, then we have discovered what we have in common with “his” creation.

The world of intentions


“I had the intention to do good…”

-Talk is truly enticing.

“My intentions were good, I don’t know why she reacted that way.”

-Because…your intentions were good, obviously. 🙂

“I can do what I want as long as my intentions are good.”


Misrepresentation of teachings about living life with fullness, are abundant, deep and “reasonable.”

Intentions are not “good” because we think that they are “good.”

Intentions are before thought. Intentions are the prelude of an action.
Our intentions are as we are. Not as what we think they are, but as we are.

We cannot hide them. We cannot add make up on them.

Action on the other hand, could have plenty of “make up” on them.
I could act in one way to make someone believe something. I could act to hide the “light of my procedure.”

Lost in judging “good and bad” actions, lost in the surface of appearances, we are unable to recognize the driven force behind.

As “I am” so my intentions. Nobody could truly know about my intentions except “I” and that “I” deceives itself.

It is not about convincing myself, rationalizing my actions and activities.
That game leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

Honesty is such as well-worn word….Lost in words and definitions, we are unable to find the meaning in ourselves…then our actions are meaningless and that becomes life for many, when in “reality” it is about joy. 🙂

The belief of getting rid of beliefs- Question by reader

Motivational-atheists (1)

“In one of your write-ups you mentioned about J Krishnamurthi..I have read quite a lot of his works..and i always felt his underline “idea” has always been to be free from all the beliefs and then one can know truly about oneself. But I fail to understand, how can one do that…isn’t getting rid from the beliefs also a belief in itself?
I agree that one should constantly question their beliefs and “work” on them, but how can one not have a belief?
This question has been on my mind for quite sometime now…”

This question could be applied to the “common good.”
Thank you for your question! Please place your undivided attention into this writing and a new insight may develop. 🙂

Intellectual understanding is very limited for things which are related with “living life to the fullest.”

Avyakt7 is not saying that “intellectual understanding is bad.” No.
Intellectual understanding is “good” for “another day at the office, honey…” type of scenario. 🙂 Intellectual understanding is “good” to get your certification in Cisco routers and to successfully complete a test in a school setting, etc.

If we are trying to use our intellectual understanding to “get” what J. Krishnamurti is conveying, we will have a very vague idea, no matter how many of his books we read.

J. Krishnamurti is usually labeled as a “thinker…”
Aristotle was a thinker. Voltaire was a thinker. Descartes was a thinker. A philosopher is a thinker…we cannot say the same for men who have experienced a different level of consciousness.

“Thinking” is not the adequate word, for that thinking comes from “conditioning,” that is from the past.

Krishnamurti had insight and so, many others so-called “spiritual teachers.”

For example, whenever a person uses his intellectual ability to understand “God,” he will be like Epicurus.
His philosophy departs from a preconceived idea of who “God” is.
God is omnipotent. God is omniscient. God is this and that…
That belief “defines” his “God.” Every religion has a different belief, a different definition of their “God.”

Atheists could jump in the “bandwagon” for Epicurus has demonstrated “logically” that there is no God needed.

Epicurus have only negated his own definitions and ideas by using the game of words.
God is not a definition. A definition is not the thing.

That is the tricky aspect about relying in the logic and reasoning of intellectual understanding.

Logic and reasoning are part of the “office” environment. That is part of the “man made” artificial world of squares and triangles, cement and computers…
What is the shortest path between point A and point B?
Intellectually, we repeat. A straight line.
Bravo! That conditioning works great. However, there are no straight lines in Nature.

You may be able to pass your exam at the College near you, but at the same time; we need to be aware that we are dealing with “Disneyland knowledge,” that is something which only exists in our imagination… 🙂

With the above little preface, we could go into your question.

isn’t getting rid of beliefs also a belief in itself?”

The intellectual answer is “Yes and No.”
Do you like that? 🙂

Let us try the Zen method for intellectuals.
First get rid of all your beliefs…
Now, get rid of the belief that “getting rid of beliefs is a belief in itself…”
No more beliefs…
Presto! 🙂

Now that our minds are clean from intellectual cluttering, perhaps we could share something meaningful…

When Avyakt7 refers to “get rid of beliefs,” Avyakt7 is constrained by language. The simple but dangerous “black or white” understanding may arrive for some.

“Pink pigs are able to fly.” It is a belief.
If someone tells you: “NO…you are wrong.” How do you feel about it? Do you defend yourself?
If yes. Get rid of that belief. If No… it wasn’t a belief. It was a thought… 🙂

Now, that we understand the game of beliefs, we could go further to push our own beliefs.

“Abortion is good”
What do you think?
If you disagree with me, that is fine as long as that statement does not move you, that is as long as you don’t put your energy to defend yourself or your position.
The issue with beliefs is not whether they are “right or wrong” that is debatable intellectual morality. The issue is to discover what moves you into some uncomfortable setting, something that gets you out of a peaceful self.

Let us try another one.
“God does not exist.”
Did it move you? Do you feel like defending God or rather your belief about God? 🙂

The opposite holds true. If you tell an atheist (someone who has labeled himself as “not believing in God”) that “God exists,” that person may strongly argue with you if he has identified with his beliefs.
On the other hand, if not he will carry on as a “normal” peaceful person, acknowledging your statement without “believing” in it…

How is that possible?
We shouldn’t forget that we are dealing with “perceptions of reality” and everyone is entitled to their beliefs. The problem is when we identify with them by REJECTING anything else.

That rejection in life will bring a lesson from life to learn to be open. ( As many other articles here explained that.)
Because there is oneness in openness. If we reject a part of life, we reject ourselves.

One more time, life is not interested in how “right or wrong” we are in our beliefs. That is of no consequence once we understand that we are dealing with perceptions.

Now… comes Mr. Intellectual and asks:
“You are saying that reality is a perception, right? Isn’t that another perception?”

And then… Avyakt7 will reply like his friend Mathias taught him:
“Yes and No.”
And if that doesn’t do the trick, then Avyakt7 will go back to the “Zen method” for intellectuals….

Any teaching that comes from insight is not to be taken intellectually. We could get lost in words, concepts and definitions by doing so.
Those teachings are meant to be used as a mirror to look at ourselves. Once we do that, we could “understand without understanding…”

Paradoxes are beyond logic and reasoning.

Life is a beautiful paradox. 🙂