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What is the purpose of being here? (The World)

This is the question that a young intelligent man asked in a spiritual gathering that Avyakt7 attended this morning.
Everyone gave their opinions.

Is there any way to answer that question without giving opinions and beliefs?

There is no known “purpose” for being here, unless you create that purpose. However, it is not something that you create by “doing” something in life; but by “being” aware, conscious, awake.

If you were conscious of your own immortality, your only “purpose” would be to express and experience.

To observe how life lives through you. That is to watch the eternal movie. To be a detached observer, a witness. To enjoy, to be naturally happy and to become amazed at the beauty and perfection of life.

That is why in spirituality, consciousness, awareness, the self, the soul, atma, bindi all of those labels, represent the observer observing everything without attachment, letting one scene of the movie of life go by so he can fully be in the moment. To take “pictures” with you (of some scenes of life) means not to travel light in life.

Here is when experiencing that inner self becomes important. Therefore, the “purpose” in life is to know yourself.

Your own existence should remove any doubts you have; for you exist without depending on anything.

You are in everything for everything only exists in your consciousness when you are there, conscious of it.

Life is a movie, a dream which you can truly enjoy when you are awake in your dreams, so you know that it is a dream and enjoy it.

What is the purpose of a dream? 🙂

To make the dreamer aware of its own existence.

Baby steps for inner observation

baby and mirror

Once someone has made the decision to become “spiritual,” that is a self signed contract to observe the self.
You will be the witness of yourself.

Sounds weird?

That is because we are trying to “make sense of it,” conceptualize. It is just a matter of “doing it.” We will be able to do it, when we become aware and remember. That is, when it is important to us.

When we observe we basically could “reject” everything that comes in our way as “illusion” or we can accept everything coming in our way without further judgment and without identifying with it. Those names are meant to label those paths, but they do not offer rejection or acceptance to life. Those are just labels to get to my point.

Please be aware of the above, for as far as I know; all religions and spiritual paths will follow either one of those paths. Very few, both. 🙂

The issue is that religions and philosophies feel that “their path” is the “true” path. Ignoring that there is a need of “different strokes for different folks.” Numberwise is the keyword.

Either path will take you to the same place, that is a greater awareness of the inner world in relationship.

How that works?

In the path of “rejection,” we are aware that everything that I sense, that I think, that I believe is an illusion. Whatever is going on in my head an heart are illusions. This realization could be backed up with intellectual knowledge or a simple strong belief, the point is to see “illusion” in “my” perceptions rather than the “holy truth.” 🙂

Then the question of what is real? Will arise. At that point we know that thinking is not, feeling is not but still there is something or someone “there.” The depth of this realization and self-discovery will bring greater awareness in the individual.

In the path of “acceptance,” we take everything in, we let it be. However, we do not identify with anything. I am not labeling things as “illusions,” there is a perception of things, but my mind and heart do not hold on into anything. We become open doors. Everything goes through it. That is self-less.

Let me give an example to explain this.

Let us say that we are listening to this song: “He is the greatest dancer” by Sister Sledge.. [oh my… a spiritual sister! ;-)]

In a “normal” individual, her emotions will be stirred up when listening to the tune. Fantasizing will be unavoidable. At the same time, the message of the song will be “subliminally” incorporated into the psyche of this unaware person: “He is a good dancer, He wears designer clothing, He is good-looking, He does not leave the disco alone…” For a female that could be translated into “my type of guy,” for a male; “the type I want to be.”

Now let us see some other “reactions” from the public:

1. For a “religious God fearing person,” this song is sinful. There is no question about listening to it. That song brings “bad moral standards.” You must never listen to such song. As a matter of fact, just to be on the safe side, you must never listen to any songs from the 70’s. 😦 and if you do not listen to any songs at all, then you will maintain your ears holy and clear…This works good at the beginning, but closing doors to the world means rejecting the world for what it “is” and that will definitely bring karmic accounts…

2. For a person who does not know English, that song has a lively beat, it helps to create a fun environment. It is about having a good time, so no moral decisions have to be made.

3. For a person who is observing the self, if he lets everything in; then he will not “process” anything. His mind will be like an empty glass. He could dance, he could enjoy the tune but once it is over, it is over.

For a person who “rejects” everything, he will know that he is enjoying an illusion and because of that, once it is over; it will be over as well.

Here may lie one of the greatest misunderstandings of those “following” the path of rejection. Most adherents feel that it is about “not doing.” – I will not listen to such a song, I will not dance such a song… as a matter of fact to have a “good time” is “bad,” for we are “wasting time.”

There is no “waste of time” when the wholesomeness of the individual’s life is at stake.

and the 1 million dollar question arises… Is that song “good or bad” Is it “holy or sinful”?

As we can see, it depends on the consciousness of the individual. This is an important rule of thumb to remember in the Spiritual path.

Please note that in both paths, the important item is to live the moment. Enjoy it. Then if the mind is being pulled to those things continuously, there is certainly attachment, there is emptiness which needs to be fulfilled somehow. There is identification. This is the path of the “normal” individual.

Once there is observation, then we could realize all of this in ourselves and filter things when we are aware or when we have reached some mastery of the mind, then nothing will bother us; either because it goes right through us or because we know about its illusory nature, or because we are aware and “filtering” and we realize that someone who selects a partner just because he is good-looking, a good dancer and wearing designer clothes may need some “growing up” to do and hopefully that will not happen in the company of a cute baby on her side…

A 5-year-old dances a song. That 5-year-old is not concerned about buying the song afterwards or remembering the tune of the song. Because he has innocence, he is not concerned about designer clothing although he may wear it. He is not concerned about having a pretty face because he is not-self aware yet. Because his mind is empty, he does not have those prejudices yet, which we grown ups are easy prey to pick up.

Therefore, the task of someone in the spiritual path is to liberate his mind and to clean it up with soap and bleach so it becomes innocent again. Like the one of a 5-year-old. 🙂

Question: Dear brother, how to overcome waste thoughts..? Sometimes thoughts arising due to our vices or sanskaras pull us towards them…Perhaps the mind derives pleasure out of them..? Even after understanding knowledge and liking the experience of purity( which I have experienced in flashes only ) and knowing the importance of it, why the mind sticks towards it…? Sometimes I know that these are waste thoughts and I shouldn’t think about it as I will lose much valuable energy and time but still I find it difficult to take my mind off and redirect it…Due to this I feel i am bound in chains as it hinders me in releasing my full potential..I want to get rid of this once and for all…Please suggest what should be done…? How to keep mind focussed in higher pursuits only…?

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

This is not like “taking a pill” and get better all of the sudden. First the disease of waste thoughts have to be realized and perhaps when it comes in its most advanced stages, we can “get rid of it” by no resisting them or fighting them that is, through being awake, aware, conscious when they arise.

Experiment. Walk around and then your friend says hello to you. You can say hello back, but watch the whole scene including your role with the consciousness that it is a “role.” if there are waste thoughts after that, those are not your thoughts but part of the role.

If you do not identify with those thoughts, then you are “getting there.” As you add further consciousness, as you are awake at every moment, then that waste will not be there unless you are “sleeping.”

It is true that a “sanskara” is the cause of those waste thoughts, but knowing that it is a “sanskara” doesn’t do anything to understand why those waste thoughts emerge. Moreover, there is no need to understand why they emerge, but only that they are “there” but that those thoughts are not related with you, that is your identification with them has been “cut off.”

That is all. Let the thoughts appear, be conscious, be awake in witnessing them as if you were watching TV; the stuff is going on in the TV, but that only affects you unless you identify with the TV program. The same is with life… you can create all sorts of waste thoughts about why the actor didn’t act in another way or fantasize with the stars of the program…the TV program has already been made the way it was broadcasted… The movie of life is in essence another TV program but commercial free! 🙂

Best wishes!

Spiritual Efforts: Do not force but let it be

Usually we think that everything which we want to have, we can obtain by adding some “effort,” by really “wanting it,” by using all of our resources to obtain a goal.
This is a teaching that goes along with egotistical needs to achieve something. This is Ego pampering 101.
If you want to run a marathon, do some training. Run every day 10 miles and you will be able to finish a marathon. Of course not everyone can do that, but then we have a reason to say “you cannot make it because you don’t make enough effort.”

If you want to become a doctor, just go through a university, pass the exams and you got it! Simple.
We become so used to this way of achievement that automatically we think that spirituality is like that.
We “want” something and we think that we know how to achieve it. We practice many things and we think that we are much “better than before.”
We are always comparing, determining, judging, manipulating, obtaining, etc.

Then the question arises: How do I become soul conscious? 🙂

At that point we don’t know the method. This is something that we cannot achieve by following an established “rule of thumb.” So, we pretend; but still we use the “key word:” Remembrance.
If soul consciousness is so “natural,” why is not coming naturally to us? Because we are trying things which we think will give us the result. We are not just being but rather, we are doing things all the time. That is a mirage. We want a ‘recipe’ for soul consciousness ignoring that the meal is already prepared.

If you sit down and just let yourself be and experience the self, a sense of peace will come. As long as thoughts and thinking are away, “being” will be experienced as a refreshing moment. There is no need to do anything. Being allows remembrance to happen as well. Being is “natural” soul consciousness without thoughts of desires.
Perhaps we need to stop “doing” things and stop trying things and “making effort” to “be” something which is already in us, but just requires the space to manifest. Give it space. Open the door of being without “doing” or “having.”

Therefore, there is no ‘effort’ in doing things. Effort is in allowing the self to be, to express, to come out. Paradoxically, there is nothing that we have to do, but just let it be. Effort is effortless in spirituality.

Practice “being” aware, being peaceful, being loving, being in the moment. That is effort when we are used to “doing.”