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Searching for the truth.

The disciple asked: “Master, I hear and read about life in other planets, then about spiritual entities like angels fighting with demons, and then religions preach about repentance of our sins before final judgment. I am confused with all of this. Are those true? What is important to know in Life?”

The master reflected on that question for a few seconds which seemed an eternity to his disciple and said: “ Important? That depends on who you are. Who you are depends on your state of consciousness. Look. Do you recall a time in your life when you thought you were the center of the Universe and everything revolved around you? Most children will go through that stage of great egotism. Plenty will stay that way as adults. For them, there is no other life besides their own. That is, they look up only for number one. “

The master paused and the disciple asked: “But master, how my question is related with your explanation?”

The master smiled and said: “ There cannot be other beings when I am all that matters. Life is about Me. My salvation, my family, my property, my land, my ideas, my religion, my beliefs supporting my life style, etc. With that mentality, all I care about is my life cut off from the rest and later on how to take what I value from others, for I am living to compete. It is the survival of the strongest and I want to be the strongest, it is about force, violence.”

“But master,” interrupted the disciple, “ What is the truth?”

The master looked at the disciple with care and compassion and after half a minute responded: “Have you experienced all of that which you have heard of?” The disciple replied, “No, master.” “Then…” the master said “ That which you have heard or read about cannot be the truth for you. It could be for others who have experienced those things.”

The disciple said: “ Master, Does God exist?”

The master said immediately, “God is needed for such consciousness, the ME first consciousness. God is necessary and helpful as a way to reform their minds from degradation.”

The disciple was a bit tired by now of not getting straight answers and said: “ I see that you will not give me a straight answer, the truth.” The master smiled and said: “ I am here to help you with consciousness, then you will find the answers yourself.”

Those searching for the “truth” are interested only in information. Their minds filled with words and beliefs from their own experiences or others, under the label of “truth.” Those who search for change of consciousness are very rare indeed; for they will need to understand the signs posted by Life pointing to inner change.

When does the mule get to eat the hanging carrot?

The master said to his disciple: “Humans are conditioned to see the world through the lenses of the mind. Once you learn to open your heart to relate with Life, you will have a different lenses and a different perception.”

The disciple wasn’t sure if he had the experience of the heart center or the mind, so he asked the master. “Master, how do I know if I am looking through the mind or the heart?”

As they were sitting in a place in Nature, a flock of birds passed by. The master exclaimed: “Look at the sky now. Do you see that?”

The disciple looked for a few seconds watching the birds pass by and said : “I see 12 birds flying by.”

The master said: “The mind is only interested in numbers and labels. Did you see the flying formation, the particular shape of it? Did you enjoy the moment? Those are traits of the heart. Most humans want to feel happiness and joy through the mind. They believe that there is such a thing as a “loving thought.” That is not possible. However, the mind knows about the pursue of pleasure which is not joy or happiness.”

The disciple said: “ Numbers will give an accurate description of what is there.”

The master said: “That may get you a job, but not a sense of fulfillment. Look. Fulfillment is the language of the heart. When we feel Life, there is that sense of fulfillment. In society, we have created “middlemen.” That is something in between which we think is the real. A job is a “middleman.” You obtain the job and then you THINK that you are fulfilled, for the conditioning is there to push you into that direction. With the mind we create a world of measurement: We measure seconds in a competition, dollars in wealth, ejaculations in sex and declare winners and losers through comparison, through statistics. To be identified with the label “winner” gives a person a conditioned boost of elation which he then relentless pursues as a measure of success for he believes that to be happiness, but it is only pleasure which cannot be satisfied. That is the trademark of the mind.”

The disciple replied: “The mind strives for fulfillment in something which cannot give that.”

The master smiled and said: “It is the game of the mule trying to get the hanging carrot.”

The mind creates the carrot, society the different types and colors of sticks to hold the carrot and the mule…. Remains a mule.

The disconnection of the world of “interest.”

The master said to his disciple: “To know the self, does not require previous knowledge. It is only observation. Likewise, Life requires careful observation not previous knowledge. Knowing yourself, you will understand another and thus, Life itself.”

The master paused for a few seconds and added:

“Society is built on the principle of acquiring knowledge, second hand information and to apply it in a reasonable way. However, when it comes to human relationships as in the government of people, that does not bring the anticipated benefit. For example to elect those who should be in government is based on some information about them, their knowledge. However, what is needed from those in office is honesty, selflessness, and a keen understanding of the common good. There is no knowledge or training, that could give those qualities to a person. Do you see the disconnection?”

The disciple listened attentively and said: “Yes master. Those needed qualities cannot be measured unless that person’s character is known and seen in action in tests, like primitive societies used to do.”

Then the master reacted with a smile. “The ideal is there to be defended with reasons and information but underneath all of that, there is the human psychological and emotional component which brings separation, antagonism and fight. Remember this: The collective consciousness does not operate through reason but yet majority rules in theory. In practice it is about the interests of few. That is another disconnection.”

The world of supply and demand has forgotten about human virtues and qualities, for those cannot be sold to another.

Bailed out from jail time

The master and his disciple were strolling at the open market place. There, they found many things to see including all sort of animals such as birds, hamsters, and even mice.

A strong medium size bird caught the attention of the master. That bird was hitting the cage while trying to fly from one side to the other. The bird had vitality and plenty of stamina.

The master said to his disciple: “Buy that bird.” The disciple asked for the price to the seller and paid for it. As soon as the disciple finished paying, the master told him: “Open the cage.”

The disciple hesitated while the seller exclaimed : “What!!”

The master said in a firm voice: “Open the door of that cage.” The disciple obeyed and – Oh Behold! The bird escaped the cage. The master exclaimed to his disciple: “ That bird wanted its freedom. Give that cage back to the salesman.

The disciple said: “ For sure that bird will appreciate its wings and its flying ability now.” The master said: “Nah. That is human. See that other bird in that cage? “ The disciple said : “Yes, I see it.”

The master replied: “Buy that bird.” The salesman was getting a bit anxious while taking the money from the disciple.

The master said: “Open the door of the cage.” The disciple opened the cage. The bird was hesitant as if it wasn’t sure whether to come out or not. Finally, after a few seconds, the bird flew away.

The salesman couldn’t contain himself and asked the master: “Why are you doing that?”

The master replied: “Why not? ” The master asked his disciple to give the cage back to the salesman and walked away.

Freedom does not have a patent.

Too much I-ness

The master and his disciple took a taxi to go back home from downtown. Once the taxi arrived, both entered the property. A few minutes later, the taxi driver rang the bell and knocked at the door of the house frenetically.

The disciple opened.
The taxi driver said: “ My cell phone is gone. I had it with me. I think you stole it. I want to talk with your master.”

The master overheard the conversation and went to the door. The taxi driver told him outright that his phone has been stolen.
The taxi driver then said that he left his phone within reach of the back seat of the car.

The master asked: “Do you leave your phone near the back seat?” The driver said that this time he did.

The master told him that neither him or his disciple had his cellphone.
The taxi driver was furious. He went away.

After half an hour, the taxi driver came back. He saw the disciple outside and said to him: “Look, I want to apologize with you and your master. I found my cellphone. I left it in my house. I feel bad about it and want to talk with your master.”

The disciple went inside the house and looked for the master.
“Master!!” he said. “The taxi driver want to apologize with you. He found his cellphone. He said that he feels bad about the incident.”
The Master heard the story and did not go outside to see the taxi driver. The disciple was confused. Why his master wouldn’t accept the apology?
After a couple of hours, the master observed the face of his disciple. It had a big question mark.

The master said: “The answer is – too much I-ness.”

To apologize means to recognize that we made a mistake. It is a duty to bring that up once we find the mistake within our judgment. In that way we learn about our inaccuracies and shortcomings. We learn not to take our beliefs and inner mental chats too seriously.

However, when we apologize because “we feel bad,” we are not doing this as a recognition of our mistake. We are being compelled to soothe our own feeling of guilt. It is about ourselves and not the other. “I made a mistake and projected it to another. I feel bad about it. I want redemption from that emotion, despite the fact that I created it.”

It is all about ME.

Integration is the total understanding of duality

Mental understanding of duality does not have any consequence in our lives. It becomes yet another concept, another theory, another definition to like or dislike. Day and night is an example of duality but what is the consequence of it in our own lives? That is the question that truly matters for those looking to live Life in harmony.

Whereas in our society we make continuous distinctions and differences which in turn are used to separate people in religions, races, gender, nationalities, etc. a good grasp of the meaning of integration of duality is lacking.

Let me illustrate with practical examples.

Gender is a good case in point. It is a duality. There is male and female. There are many shades of those 2 genders in between. A person identifying with a particular gender will create a separation on something which is meant to be united, whole, harmonious within ourselves.

Of course the above may not make any sense to most individuals. A male is supposed to be a “macho” figure. Anything less than that is despised with a derogative in many societies. However, gender is not just a function of having a particular body organ. It is mainly how a person FEELS about themselves. Moreover, every individual has within them male and female characteristics. It is a mix with different percentages; a person by person case, thus undefinable. The reality of Life goes beyond our mental definitions, our artificial “lines” that we draw to differentiate A from B, male from female.

Let me go a notch further in depth. There is a cliché stating that “to love another, first we need to love ourselves.” How could this be accomplished unless we are energetically complete? Otherwise, we will feel as if something is missing, thus; we will have the need, the desire to complete ourselves with someone else. It is that desire, that need not allowing us to feel love. A desire is not love. A need is not love. Consequently, we typically observe the drama of relationships as desire and neediness. To transcend that, we will need to recognize and acknowledge the male and female within ourselves. That “marriage” within is completeness, and from that wholesomeness we could extend who we ARE, onto others: Love. We could say that Love is the extension of BEING when wholesome.

INTEGRATION within meshes together a duality. Different forces converging in a point together to create union.

Observe the ideology of nationalities. Duality is created once we identify with a particular “nation” and look to benefit it without acknowledging the Totality. Chauvinism is a disservice to humanity. Another example is to side with a particular religion, a political party, a race, all of those ways to separate; by creating rejection or repression of a part which makes up the whole.

When we have created a duality, we need to observe how a contradiction of values is born: For instance, a white supremacist who could be a Christian at the same time, is contradicting himself. Those contradictions create a dishonest person, a two face individual. It is that sort of corruption within corrupting society, and a corrupted society feeds individuals to preserve corruption.

To embrace our light and our shadow, is the practical work of the spiritual seeker. While knowing that shadows exist within because of light; they will learn to integrate their shadows into their light. That is when Lucifer reclaims his status of a “fallen angel” to align with his creator, God; in sacred union.

Will take a break until November 11 ! 🙂

Seeing Spirituality through the conditioning of society

Many individuals when experiencing some sort of suffering in their lives or some form of existential emptiness, will either start their “search” and become “seekers of truth,” or go into self absorption, perhaps experiencing the bottom side of their existence through some form of addiction. It is so much what we can DO out there before we go back to the basics: Who am I? What is the purpose of this? What is the point of living if “I” am going to die? Many others are entertained by “achieving” great things in society while oblivious of existential queries. To each according to their consciousness. All is good and necessary.

Nevertheless, for those who look for “truth” in spiritual or religious experiences, it is important to observe that the ways and conditioning of society does not necessarily translate to spirituality which is defined here as “Living Life in harmony and enjoyment.”

The “achiever” wants to “achieve” enlightenment. A seeker wants to get some “tools” out of some philosophy or religion to “become better.” Another person may want to “help others succeed” so his own existential emptiness is covered. All of those ideas are part of society’s conditioning and the DOING of those without BEING are fragmented.

Spirituality is not learned through a power point presentation. There are no definitions needed nor certifications from “studying” with some enlightened being. All of those “terms and conditions” are part of society’s conditioning as well. No one obtains a different consciousness through “study.” That study is good however, in order to get a job or to learn a trade.

While in society; to cultivate the mind, to memorize and to recite things is encouraged; in spirituality is not.

Please do not think that I am not encouraging someone to take an on-line spiritual class, or to go to some spiritual retreat in a far off place to be in silence. NO! By all means there is benefit, as we need to realize things for ourselves.

While in society we can learn things through others; in spirituality or “the art to live Life in harmony,” we need to walk our journey while being fully conscious of it; that is the way to realize things which will enlighten our own path. Society is about DOING, getting info from “experts” so we don’t make “mistakes.”  Spirituality is about BEING. Thus, DOING does not translate into BEING. A peaceful person does not learn to be peaceful through a class or by DOING peaceful actions, but through conscious experience of life, then his peace is whole, real.

However; before running, we need to walk and before walking, we need to crawl and before that, we are entertained in a “golden” cage known as a crib, big or small; still a crib, where we have plenty of time to dream about every achievement there is. Everything and everyone has a particular time. Everyone is at different stages. All is good.

Observe the inclusiveness of differences of everything there is . Here, the “small print” or disclosure: To understand through experience what is consciousness, may have a steep price to pay. As it is said in society: “You get what you pay for.”