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A lesson in Appreciation

Ananda experienced what is like to have an infected finger this past week. The physical “cause” was a piece of yellow squash that got into his index finger while cooking. The underlying “reason” was a buildup of emotionality that needed to come out. The past couple of weeks brought the experience as if everything in “his” world was falling on him. There is a time in Life where we learn how to swim in a nice environment. There is another time, when we need to put that skill into practice while in the “real” Ocean and not a swimming pool anymore.

It took one week for the finger to show symptoms of infection: It swallowed up, hurting with a dull heartbeat, changing color, etc.

Mathias helped Ananda through this “experience.”
Raysha (Ananda’s sister and channel of Mathias) observed how Mathias used some sort of needle of energy, to pull something out of Ananda’s finger.  Ananda did not see or felt anything. Mathias then told Ananda to put the finger into a solution of water and baking soda for a few minutes. Ananda felt a relief immediately!
Mathias said: “Your body wants to get rid of the element, but it cannot. That obstruction caused the infection. But behind that infection, there is trapped emotionality inside you due to persistent thoughts.”

Ananda was thankful and appreciative of Mathias and Raysha.

Ananda felt very lucky for not having to see a regular doctor. However, he had to go through the “natural process” of dis-infection.
The finger was in pain for a couple of days. Woke him up at night. Mathias mentioned to apply ice to help in the healing process.

The finger turned into different colors: black with white indentations and red in the periphery. It was an “ugly sight.” Doubts came into Ananda’s mind. Perhaps he needed a regular doctor?

Mathias asked: “Are you finding difficulty to go through the natural process? Once that emotionality goes away from you, so will be the inflammation. You have 2 paths: You could go through the experience of natural healing and take away a valuable lesson OR you may want to get help from Science to make the recovery quicker, but you may not be aware of a lesson. Both paths are fine.”

Ananda went with the natural process.
Mathias said: ”Many times in the process of Life, things get ugly before they move into balance. Those who are not aware of this process do not know the end result and they become anxious and suffer by trying to change things when it is not their time. Only those who are ready to see a lesson, will take that experience as an opportunity for growth.”

So, what was the lesson that Ananda learned through this process?
Ananda learned about the “true” meaning of appreciation.
Many times, Ananda heard this word and even used it in many of his “spiritual” articles. It is a pretty word. Something everyone likes to hear. However, it was truly an ideal, a “concept.”
A “little” finger infection was able to move Ananda’s world into discomfort. Ananda learned to appreciate his health. Something that otherwise, he usually takes for granted. That appreciation is a source of happiness: His world could be upside down, but he is healthy. He can enjoy Life in many ways thanks to health. It is ironic how we need to “lose” something to appreciate it. That was another well-known, pretty phrase, that finally has meaning for him.

Life continually teaches us and will give us the tools for growth in consciousness. We are not willing to learn. We want to “change the world” to fit our ideas.

Unless we are ready to see, we will not see… but yet we are unwilling to trust Life to lead us. We want to see the world as built through the conditionings of our mind. That is why, we cannot AWAKEN. Our eyes are closed in our dreamy world of made up “realities.”

Life calls Death. Both use the same phone number.

She looked at me with a hopeful look in her eyes. She asked me: “Are you sure that we are eternal?”

What for some is certainty, for others is a belief.

Every individual’s Life has a unique process.
The fruit in the tree has a process to mature. A Lifetime. The fruit has no objective by becoming ripe.
For the fruit, it is merely a stage in its Life process.

Whether the fruit in the tree becomes rotten or eaten by an animal or a human, the end product is the same: to recycle itself back into the Totality.

We are One. We cannot be separated from that oneness. Consciousness binds our forms together into that Oneness.

To deeply go into this observation means to understand the process of being and non-being; what for most could be called Life and Death.

As in any duality, humans have separated 2 processes, which truly are the continuation of each other. Different form perhaps, but nonetheless; One.
Life and Death are just like Day and Night.

Afraid of Death, we choose to cling to Life…. For dear Life. We count on miracles. We pray for our wishes to become true. We call the Gods and the Devils to help us dissipate our despair, even though eventually; Death will be there.
It is just a matter of time.
That time, is what we call Life.
Death is brought by Life itself.

The insanity, is to live a Life with fear of Death. That means not to live Life, but to be already death, even though breathing.

What is the preparation for death and dying?

To live fully, totally. To embrace ‘what is.’
The meaning of “fully and totally,” will be different for every individual according to their particular processes, their particular awareness.

Nevertheless, it could be simplified as the duality of “Going away from the self” just to come back to it. That may be known as the “journey.”

The waters of the Ocean of Life are moving “you” from left to right. What do “you” do?
We’ve been taught to “fight” until we die, to support “I-ness,” to get our way no matter what, by separating from the Ocean of Life.
When we understand the currents of Life, to relax so we could float is the obvious path… to allow for the currents to take “you” from left to right while enjoying the experience. If “you” are going right… “you” must go left at one point. It is a matter of time.
To learn to relax is the task to “do” for the one who is conscious of the “I.” We call that to feel “peace,” and to “get” that “objective,” we may have been advised that we need to “do” some “meditation,” to follow some “stress –free” life style, etc. Lots of “doing.”

However, there is no “doing” needed there, for relaxation starts in the mind.
How do we “make” the mind peaceful? 🙂
By BEING peaceful. There is nothing to do. Not a thing.

BEING peaceful is a Life process, assimilation of experiences coming into fruition. There is no “method.” It has to happen naturally to be true. It cannot be manipulated by an “I” desiring to “be peaceful” because that “I” has that goal in mind.
Being non-peaceful, calls for peacefulness, sooner or later.
Become aware of that lack of peace. Trying to fix that “problem” will only increase our rejection to what we are in a point in time.

Life will change into Death all by itself. “Your” help is not required. 🙂

Can Death change into Life?
Just as night changes into day and day into night. Just as the current of the Ocean will go from left to right or right to left…

Then, what is the human problem, the human dilemma?
To be afraid of change, of course.
To be afraid of Life and Death, for both of them are change. The “I” does not realize to be change itself and not something static.

The “Me” coming back alive is the dream of the “I.”
Some call that reincarnation. That is their belief.
Who reincarnates?
They call that a soul, the spirit… that is their belief.
“I am soul.”
However, there is no “I am” for an eternal “being” in continuous change. Nothing could be static for something meant to change.

We are the Totality, One. Different forms but bound by consciousness. We go away as a drop of the Ocean to experience individuality but go back into the Ocean, just to leave again. It is the eternal dance of going away just to come back. Day changing into Night, going left just to go right…

The experience of BEING a drop does not take away the fact, of BEING the Ocean itself. The drop will disappear, but the Ocean cannot. The drop is in the Ocean.

“You” are but “you” are not.
When “you” are not, there is only everything, Oneness, Totality.

It is just a matter of awareness not of logic or reason. A diferent Consciousness cannot be faked, it cannot be “achieved,” it is not a goal… It happens when the “I” allows it.