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Questions of the day

“Is it the “DUALISTIC” nature of a “SOUL”, that makes IT, to think in terms of “TRUTH”, rather than exploring and experiencing in terms of “REALITY”?”

Dear reader.
Duality is an experience. Nothing more than that. It is neither bad nor good. Just an experience.
“Truth” is a dualistic label for there is falsehood. “Reality” is a dualistic concept as well, for there is “Illusion.” However, when we look beyond mind-made concepts, there are no words to express what we find, BUT when we want to describe this finding to someone… we must use dualistic words to explain. That is the problem of using words in spirituality.

In my experience that “reality” or “truth” or “wisdom,” or “oneness” or “emptiness,” or “God,” or “divinity,” or “soul,” .. Am I forgetting any other label? 🙂

All of that is experienced by BEING that. There is no separation, no duality there.

A Brahma Kumaris or someone for a monotheistic religion will probably say: “He believes in omnipresence, he has probably changed to a new age religion” 🙂 Avyakt7 feels inclusive not exclusive. Please see that we are just being caught up in words, in concepts.

Every religion merely explains that “mystical” experience in their own words. Buddhism may use “emptiness,” Sufism may use “beloved,” Bk-ism may use “Baba,” Zen may use “reality,” etc.

Cleaning our minds from all those concepts is important to be free, so we can experience the experience without the parameters of concepts and the expectations that those concepts bring. The “truth” cannot be a static concept, a definition.

Below I will repost the video that Bloggyhead shared with us. It is worthwhile to listen to it without paying particular attention to the words used but by recognizing those words in our own life experiences.


Notice the words used to explain the experience of non separation, or oneness. Those words are also mentioned in BK knowledge (but with different words) when we understand the concept of the Drama and roles at a more refined level. If there is no ego, there is no separation. Roles go by and the “being” observes. Detached observer. That is all.

Best wishes!

“I want to ask were women not used to get pregnant in satyuga?”

Dear reader,
In Sakar Murlis Baba mentioned about the “palace of the womb.”
Best wishes!

“brother as you have experienced avyakt milan in madhuban , can you please explain what exactly happens during that time, who enters gulzar dadis body, where does gulzar dadis soul goes, how are avyakt milan dates decided?”

Dear reader,

In my experience, there is definitely a being of light there. A divine being. My experience is explained here:

I don’t know the details of your question. I will not know unless Avyakt7 was Dadi Gulzar. Dates are easily decided by just asking, for that connection could happen at any other time.

In my experience, there are other beings of light as well. Other divine beings who are helping us in this path of self-realization, silence and harmony at this time. That is the “Godly team.” 🙂

The “Hua Hu Ching” CH 59 explains this.
Best wishes!

Asking questions: Is it “good or bad”?

Om Shanti, I heard from sister shivani that baba says In life kio, kaise kab no question just put fullstop. Whereas science discovery come from ‘question everything’ and their fruits we are using in our day to life. i am confused

Dear reader,

If you did not understand a class explained by your Math teacher, would you ask a question? 🙂
If you wanted clarification of a teaching by your Religion teacher, would you ask a question?
If your dog was hit by a car and the dog is dead now, would you ask why that happened to him?
If you missed your plane to go to “Happy Islands” would you search for reasons as to why you did not make it? The plane is gone. What is the need to ask questions? 🙂

As you can see, it all depends on circumstances and settings.

If you take everything literally, you will be experiencing only one side of things and lacking the other side. When you observe yourself while listening to spiritual teachings, you will find out what the teaching is referring to in yourself, without extending that personal teaching to everything in life.

Science needs to question things to find answers on how the world works in the material realm.
You need to ask questions to yourself as to how things work in your psychological realm.
There are no questions to ask when life is the way it is. That is what the spiritual teaching is telling you.

Best wishes!

Question: Dear Brother What is Inheritance for 21 births .(Varsa) ……what exactly does Baba give and how it last for 21 births pls share thnks

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,
That is a repeated question, which was answered here:


(Under comments)

Dear soul,
In the Sakar Murli, Brahma Baba task is to make sure the “children” know that God is their Father. To rely on God, to love God. By using the “father” figure (We know that father is a bodily relationship) Brahma Baba used the “inheritance” idea as something which God will give the children if they “do this and that” and love God more than anything else.

That “inheritance” is the Golden age. According to Gyan. The Golden age and Silver ages are called “Heaven.” The highest number of births that could be taken there is 20 (8 golden age and 12 silver age) The other “1″ birth could be in between the “official” start of the Golden age. According to Gyan, through the law of karma we will get to “go” where we deserve, so there is no such a thing as God “giving something.” However, this was an useful story at the time when trying to teach Gyan to the “children.”

Remembrance at the time of Sakar Baba was about using the mind to remember the Golden age and to remember God as tools to create “disinterest” of the “old” world. That remembrance has been changing in time as we see it in the avyakt Murlis to reflect a greater understanding and experience.

Hope this helps.
Best wishes!

Question: Dear Big brother, How will birth take place in Golden age ? In my centre it was said through Yoga where souls will be coming in from the soul world numberwise. But i want to know how will physical bodies be manifested for these souls coming in keeping purity in mind. And ahh i have said many times before and im gonna say 1 more time i love your churnings. :) Best wishes.

Thank you for your question and your kind words!

Dear soul,

That question was already answered. Please search under “reproduction Golden age” in the search article box.
Baba mentions about the “power of yoga.” That is communion between 2 beings.

There are no further descriptions about it. Whether it is the “regular” way or not; it is a different type of consciousness where duality is not experienced.

Best wishes!

“Brainy” questions :-)

Questions keep turning around in my mind, cannot sleep … Here are some: – why does Baba keep saying that he is not omnipresent .. (I keep explaining it to myself but it is like rationalizing) – why is there the mentioning of a sort of elite group the BK’s (not just some group somewhere in the cycle but no, elite (Baba;s special children, loves you the most etc.). I have difficulty in accepting this, also because of what I hear non-BK’s say, very wise souls too! – why does Baba limit his teachings to our own actions, he is not giving a wider picture than f.e.: the stars are there to lighten the stage etc. Also of Paramdham he does not give a lot of info, etc. it is like he focuses on souls IN the world but then he speaks about what they should be (future) IN the world. – why do we have to be so “obedient” why not more encouragement to use your own heart/mind/forgotten powers and qualities. Just because of ego’s sake? what is good about obedience. I can follow someone who’s qualities I respect (if my heart feels ok), why obedience, ego-problem? – why not more encouragement to use the virtues in the old world (lotus like), to spread pure vibrations in our actions? sometimes I feel that the idea is that i should not be here anymore, should ignore the old world as much as possible. Sometimes I feel that Baba (sakar murli’s, children) /the jagya is just keeping us busy with all the “assignments” so that we can do as little as possible in the outside world. (also: avyakt points for the month etc. etc. , I noticed several times that no one at the centre notices if yesterdays point is read today again. So many “duties” just done for the sake of doing). If I am to be of some “worth” then it should be now, and now, and now and .. not just obedience. I know: actions should be in state of egolessness etc, still I keep stumbling over “obedience”. What about studying/learning to practise to be self sovereign .. Om shanti 🙂

Thank you for your questions, dear soul!
Let us hope that these answers will allow you to sleep good.. 🙂

1) Why Baba keeps saying that he is not “omnipresent”? Because He is there, but there is the belief that He is everywhere.

2) BK elite group question: BapDada plays the role of the Father, as explained before in another article. When BapDada plays that role, He does a “good job.” 🙂 For a father, their children are the best of all.

3) BapDada’s teachings: Every teacher has his own style. Why does Christ had to teach using parables? BapDada uses “now” but also the “future” for to know what will happen in the future is part of this knowledge unlike any other.BapDada is like a poet in his way of teaching in avyakt murlis. Poetry does not know about logic or reasons. It is about feelings of the heart and when we are open to feel that, the heart feels fulfilled. If we are looking for teachings for just the mind, we have ” raw gyan,” which is intellectual, mechanical thing about how the Drama occurs or works and repeats. However, we can only admire the beauty of it when we forget about our “analysis” and our “logic.” That kills the beauty of the heart, feelings… and poetry.

4) Why do we have to be so obedient? 🙂 We don’t. We are still in this “thing” for many years, right? Probably we have not been that “obedient” after all. 🙂 In the “childish” language for the “children,” obedient is something that my dad would ask me to be, specially while living in his house and under his rules. Fortunately, I grew up and that line does not apply to me anymore.

Dear soul, don’t get caught up in the “baby-ish language.” As BKs, we are at different levels. Spirituality is not the same for everyone. However, BapDada will always “talk to the very beginners,” that is the “little children.”

If you become a spiritual “teen-ager,” and you are still hearing “5 little monkeys jumping on the bed,” everyday; even though you realize that the “doctor” in that nursery rhyme is like BapDada; you will realize that you could do many things besides “going to bed to sleep.” Here is the song, if you never heard it… You will get my point on this… 🙂

You need to keep in mind that Sakar Murli’s settings and circumstances are not like now. At that time, Baba wanted for the “little children” to be there and study so they claim their “inheritance,” and was looking for ways to motivate them to “make effort.” Situations are different now, although the aim may be the same.

Dear soul, in Spirituality, obedience is not to do what someone else tells me to do, but to listen to the inner call in life. However, to be able to listen properly takes sometime, it takes some discipline, some reformation. Otherwise, it would be to listen to our own vices.

That is why, in life; we are students first and then hopefully we will move on to something else where we could make our ow desicions in life. To be a “mamma’s boy” or a “daddy’s boy” “forever” is to hurt our own capacity for growth.

Best wishes!

Question: Dear soul In today’s AM , baba made a distinction between having a kingdom or receiving a status of a subject. Why is the distinction that subject is of a low stature.. Is that brahma baba making a distinction or shiv baba.. Your thoughts.. Thx

Thank you for your great question!
Dear soul,
BapDada is speaking through the role of a “Father.” As a Father of His Brahmin children; He is speaking as a “regular” father will speak to his little children.
Why become a janitor when you could be a king? That is his line. My father thought about me of “becoming” a famous cancer surgeon by discovering the cure for cancer… but I became “this” instead… 🙂

BapDada clearly knows about being “numberwise,” and once the children realized that gyani line, He changed in later avyakt Murlis to the new line of “being part of the first division” rather than a King… Now, BapDada can include the relatives of the king in that “first division.” We just need to be aware of the “ways” of the Father to make us “make effort.” That is His role.

As an aside, I would urge any BK who is interested in going deeper into Gyan, to pay greater attention on the teachings of the avyakt Murlis.

Best wishes!

Question: Dear brother i love gyan so so much like you.brother,you have told in a answer that “it is imposible for god to create this world”. How can you say that? How can we judge baba’s limits. May be there is other method used,which is not comes in karma. May be the defination of karma is different for baba. Baba only told us”what he do”,not”how he do”. I hope you get my point because i am little slow in english

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,
I respect your viewpoint. If you want to believe that God can create the world, let it be.
That gyan which we both “love” does not support that, for everything is eternal. Nothing can be created. Every changes in time.
To say that “God creates the world,” is to deny a very important premise of “pure gyan.”

Many times we tend to confuse “admiration” to God as knowledge. That is the origin of “bhakti.”

Best wishes!