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The truth and beliefs: Questions by BK followers

Below some questions by Brahma Kumaris followers.

Avyakt7 currently, does not wish to be engaged in any belief system, although avyakt7 respects someone else’s beliefs.

Avyakt7 will not emit judgment whereas your belief about a belief system is wrong or right, or the explanation that you received is “right” or “wrong.” Avyakt7 has no opinion on those issues.

Dear BK readers,
Let us go into the main lessons of your belief system:

The first lesson is that “I am soul.” The second lesson is “God is a soul.”
My question is: Can you know God unless you know yourself?
God and “you” have the same eternal nature. Unless the experience of that which you believe in, is experienced in yourself, there is no possibility of knowing what you believe God is.

Do you know Avyakt7? Because you read these writings here, do you think that you know avyakt7? Because you have spoken with Avyakt7, do you think that you know him? Because you have seen his picture or a video, do you think that you know him? How can you know avyakt7?
By being him, of course. Who is him?
Isn’t “he” a soul? 🙂
Isn’t God a soul?
Aren’t you a soul?

In spirituality, knowing is being it. In the “normal” world, to know means to have the head full of information about something. We cannot know what swimming is by just reading about it. We cannot talk about Spirituality without observing and knowing ourselves, because in that we could know everyone else.
We share the same nature.

When we understand deeply the above, we can abandon the idea of being a “devotee” of God and turn our journey into the honest quest of knowing yourself.

That is called with many names by many spiritual teachers: Soul consciousness, dying alive, detached observer, self transformation, self realization, emptiness, nothingness, detached participant, self- awareness, consciousness, Buddha and of course, illumination…

Now let us go back in to the “soul.”
The word “Soul” is just information, a label to denote something which can only be experienced. When that something is experienced, then we can put different labels to that something: Some may call that spirit, others, emptiness, others light, self, bindi, atma, purusha, etc, etc.

The third lesson in your belief system is about the cycle of time.
Let me ask you, is the “soul” bound to time? No, because it is eternal. Then, how is it possible to experience time?
It is a contradiction… That is why, we cannot explore these things with intellectual understanding, with “0” or “1” answers.
We are both, we experience time and we are time-less. It just depends in our consciousness.
That “contradiction” that we found is the “door” to further realizations.

We cannot talk about the timeless with words bound in time. We cannot understand the timeless, when our consciousness is bound in time.

Last question: In which moment of the cycle of time do we truly know God? 🙂
If you say “now,” Please read this response again from the beginning. Note that in the Golden age, God is not there and that is the moment of highest consciousness, when those beings know themselves. When they are “equal to the Father.” 🙂

Throughout Avyakt7’s life, the search for the truth was the main point and driving force in my life. First, it was understood as a label, as something intellectual to understand, to write down and tell everyone. To know God was part of that intellectual understanding; but that wasn’t enough.

Then, Avyakt7 went through different changes and found the truth in knowing myself, going through the journey of observing the only thing that Avyakt7 can change in the whole world.

The queen who lost her necklace was looking for it everywhere until she realized/ became aware/ conscious that she was wearing that necklace all along.

We could believe in anything, doubt in anything… but finding the necklace is where fulfillment is no longer an idea to believe in.

Best wishes from the heart!


1. “In a class I heard that there are souls who reside in the soul world when they do not have a role to play in the drama. So, this means those souls are with Baba for a longer time than the souls who start the drama from Golden age. Isn’t that what we all want in the end- to spend more time with Baba? Why would we want to start from Golden age?”

2. “Dear Avayakt7, Bapdada’s role specifically in terms of service: three types of service Bodily, Wealth and through the mind. Is the topic of maximum number of souls served the basis of your position in the beginning of the cycle? If that is correct then Brahma Baba being number one is a little flawed inspite of his avayakt role. There is a feeling that Dadi Prakashmani had more to do with expansion. I understand that this is specific to the BK Belief system but wanted your view on the whole aspect of service connected to the position you would get.. or is this is a story of the carrot being waved? Would love your response.”

3. “Does God ever become “imperfect”? In BK gyan, they say that God has come in the body of Brahma and give knowledge to human being in order for them to make effort and become deity. We all know that the “perfect” stage is only in the soul world which means “zero”. When souls come down on earth to play their parts, the mind then be created and their stages gradually decline into 1 ,2 ,3… till 15 and body consciousness grasps in. So when God Himself comes into the field of action, does He become 1 rather than still in “zero” stage? Because you know when souls start to use physical organs, information start to flow in, create fluctuation which is the mind.”

Reader comment and another reader question

“Dear Avyakt7,

I wanted to share something that happened to me in terms of shift in consciousness. Its festival time in India and lots of celebrations take place like any other geography at this time of the year.

The OLD Me: When I used to observe people who dance either during the Ganesh festival or during Garba Ras (navrathri) was all “These people are in body consciousness and they do not have a clue of why they are dancing etc.. Again no fault of people who have expressed their feelings from the BK world.

The New Me : These people are all my fellow beings who are just having a great time celebrating and being joyful- Can i not soak in to their joy and feel great about it? If I knew dancing I would have been glad to go and dance along with them. Once this shift in consciousness happened internally, experienced a never before feeling of oneness and world family.

A small step nevertheless but for me a significant one. It gave me a lot of joy just being there and observing myself go ” AHA”…

I just wanted to share this because without this blog I don’t think that this would have been possible. I just have a different understanding of what Bapdada has been trying to tell through the murli’s.

Many Many thanks for helping me understand the self better.”

Dear reader,
Thank you for sharing your experience. Glad to know that you feel the improvement! Learning some dancing moves could enhance your joy! 🙂

Perhaps next time you could observe the inner chattering in yourself (which you have described.) Perhaps, your mind dialogue will not be there with opinions. Perhaps next time just joy for the sake of it will be in your consciousness so the external joy harmonizes with the internal. That would be joy without words… 🙂

Dear reader, please keep in mind that this blog is about spirituality and that spirituality is the same but only explained with different words by different teachers.

What you understood from BapDada before was due to your state of consciousness. What you can understand now is also due to your state of consciousness. Some may see things that you don’t; others may not see what you see. That is the game.

Thank you for your continuous support and my best wishes for that spiritual progress.

Q: “I would like to know who is in charge of this blog. May I know it or it has to be incognito? I thank you in advance for your answer.”

Dear reader,

Sure, you can. It is “me.” “Me” is a nobody.

Best wishes! 🙂

On Oneness

In the map of “oneness,” there are many fingers pointing to the map, but our understanding depends on walking our particular path…

Below some food for thought 🙂

“I confess that there is nothing to teach: no religion, no science, no body of information which will lead your mind back to the Tao. Today I speak in this fashion, tomorrow in another, but always the Integral Way is beyond words and beyond mind. Simply be aware of the oneness of things.”

Hua Hu Ching CH 8

“In practice, Bap and Dada are such constant companions that you cannot separate them, even if you wanted to: sometimes you experience the companionship of both to be so close that it is as though they are one. In the same way, the company between two should be that of oneness: not that you are one, but that you are equal.”

Avyakt BapDada July 11 1974

“The Tao gives birth to One.
One gives birth to Two.
Two gives birth to Three.
Three gives birth to all things.

All things have their backs to the female
and stand facing the male.
When male and female combine,
all things achieve harmony.

Ordinary men hate solitude.
But the Master makes use of it,
embracing his aloneness, realizing
he is one with the whole universe.”

Tao Te Ching Ch 42

“The Truth is One; Sages name it variously…”
Rig Veda.

“Let there one strength and one support, and one teacher. Neither follow the dictates of one’s own mind, nor the dictates of others. Follow the instructions of One and experience the sweetness of One. There should not be sweetness in any other individual or object. If there is oneness in this way, the soul loves solitude, and going into the depths of one – the soul loves the word “one”.”

Avyakt BapDada November 23, 1989

Questions of the day

“Is it the “DUALISTIC” nature of a “SOUL”, that makes IT, to think in terms of “TRUTH”, rather than exploring and experiencing in terms of “REALITY”?”

Dear reader.
Duality is an experience. Nothing more than that. It is neither bad nor good. Just an experience.
“Truth” is a dualistic label for there is falsehood. “Reality” is a dualistic concept as well, for there is “Illusion.” However, when we look beyond mind-made concepts, there are no words to express what we find, BUT when we want to describe this finding to someone… we must use dualistic words to explain. That is the problem of using words in spirituality.

In my experience that “reality” or “truth” or “wisdom,” or “oneness” or “emptiness,” or “God,” or “divinity,” or “soul,” .. Am I forgetting any other label? 🙂

All of that is experienced by BEING that. There is no separation, no duality there.

A Brahma Kumaris or someone for a monotheistic religion will probably say: “He believes in omnipresence, he has probably changed to a new age religion” 🙂 Avyakt7 feels inclusive not exclusive. Please see that we are just being caught up in words, in concepts.

Every religion merely explains that “mystical” experience in their own words. Buddhism may use “emptiness,” Sufism may use “beloved,” Bk-ism may use “Baba,” Zen may use “reality,” etc.

Cleaning our minds from all those concepts is important to be free, so we can experience the experience without the parameters of concepts and the expectations that those concepts bring. The “truth” cannot be a static concept, a definition.

Below I will repost the video that Bloggyhead shared with us. It is worthwhile to listen to it without paying particular attention to the words used but by recognizing those words in our own life experiences.


Notice the words used to explain the experience of non separation, or oneness. Those words are also mentioned in BK knowledge (but with different words) when we understand the concept of the Drama and roles at a more refined level. If there is no ego, there is no separation. Roles go by and the “being” observes. Detached observer. That is all.

Best wishes!

“I want to ask were women not used to get pregnant in satyuga?”

Dear reader,
In Sakar Murlis Baba mentioned about the “palace of the womb.”
Best wishes!

“brother as you have experienced avyakt milan in madhuban , can you please explain what exactly happens during that time, who enters gulzar dadis body, where does gulzar dadis soul goes, how are avyakt milan dates decided?”

Dear reader,

In my experience, there is definitely a being of light there. A divine being. My experience is explained here:

I don’t know the details of your question. I will not know unless Avyakt7 was Dadi Gulzar. Dates are easily decided by just asking, for that connection could happen at any other time.

In my experience, there are other beings of light as well. Other divine beings who are helping us in this path of self-realization, silence and harmony at this time. That is the “Godly team.” 🙂

The “Hua Hu Ching” CH 59 explains this.
Best wishes!

Questions for June 8, 2103 – Roles, Shiva.

Om shanti brother What does bapdada mean when he mentions become merged in father’s love. Would love to hear your thoughts 2) what is baba trying to explain – become emperor or subject. I believe it is an analogy for something. I can relate to higher state of awareness and reduced state of awareness as we all are number wise.. Look forward to your thoughts Thqnks

Thank you for your question.
Dear soul,
What BapDada means is an experience. It is not a definition. Become merged in love and you will find the Father’s love. Feel that love that you are and you will find “real” love.

That love that you are is not different, in my experience; than the Father’s love.

On question number 2, the Father wants for his children to be the best… That is in a talk suited for a childish mind, that means to become an Emperor, number 1, Narayan, etc; etc.

The Father wants for his children not to slack off, for the children may be thinking that once they reach Paradise that is all and since the children are BKs, then Paradise is an automatic “reward” according to SMs. Then, there has to be something to become, something to compete with others, higher marks to get, percentage, etc to fulfill ; that is the carrot in front of the donkey, so the donkey can continue moving forward. See?

When you become soul conscious like anyone else there, does it make any difference what your role is? If it does, isn’t that “role consciousness,” leading into body consciousness? Could it be possible to be in “paradise” and to think:
“ I wanted to be Laxmi, why didn’t I become that? “ Isn’t that sorrow in Paradise? 🙂

Best wishes,

Dear soul, The thought of an eternally repeating cycle makes me wonder if Shiva has recollection of the previous/future cycles. Surely that must not be the case. I assume that Shiva lives completely in the moment focusing on his role to purify his children and provide the foundation to start the golden age. Also, I have been thinking what does Shiva do between the golden and silver ages. What role does he play at that time? Your thoughts are greatly appreciated. Many thanks brother

🙂 Thank you for your question, dear soul…
In this Drama, no one does anything. Everything gets done through us according to the Drama. A soul receives a role. That role is not the soul, but just a role like in a play for little children.

A child has the role of a donkey, another child the role of a king. In their next life, the child who was a donkey may become a princess, and the one who was a king may be a toad. See?

You are humanizing Shiva as if he “was working hard for us” as the SM mentions ( at the office from 9 to 5 PM, and even overtime…making plans to save the children from the claws of Maya, the villain.)

If Shiva was like us but He could not forget; it would be “severe punishment” for Him, to remember every cycle countless times. Remembering and forgetting is duality. Shiva is beyond that.

Is there any other way that “Shiva can purify his children,” besides reminding them this knowledge through Brahma which will be understood in a “numberwise way”?

We will “do” (remember, we don’t do anything) the rest, according to our prescribed part.
Thus, what Shiva does between the Golden and Silver ages? 🙂

He rests for 2500 years after having a “hard time” trying to convince His children to self transform at the confluence age… 🙂 🙂 🙂

Dear soul,
I apologize for not being able to share anymore on this for now. I hope you understand for there are many levels of souls reading this.
However, as your experience increases in self transformation, you will understand the answer of your question very well. It is just a matter of patience and time.

Best wishes!

Consciousness and Motivation in a Spiritual Life


Many concepts which are supposed to help our rational being to understand things so we can self transform, several times are misunderstood when they are understood without experience and merely using our intellectual abilities to grasp them.

The battle between “free will” and “predestination” is just one of them.

Spirituality is not about intellectual understanding. Having a high IQ means nothing. In spirituality, our understanding will change as our consciousness changes. Openness of consciousness means greater understanding.

In simple words, a person without much ego; will have a different understanding than a person filled with ego.

A person without much ego will be able to sense that “his individuality” is an illusion of the mind for practical purposes. Life is a relationship. The “I” is nothing without that relationship. A person without much ego, will be able to sense the Unity of all, not as another concept, not as another label such as “omnipresence,” but as an experience of life.

As ego dissolves; then having “free will” or being predestined is no longer important for those concepts do not affect the only fact of BEING, those concepts only affect BEING when there is separation, when there is this idea of “individuality,” which exists only as much ego is displayed.

Then, my “effort” becomes important. Then, to “try hard,” to labor, to achieve, to strive are all words known by those struggling in the ego battle of “becoming better.”

When ego is left aside, the above mentioned words are no longer used. Then, we achieve by not trying, we make effort; when all effort has ceased…Paradoxes.

Because there is no “I” doing things.

In that process of seeing the “I” dissolve; there is a time when “I” need to be motivated so I do not forget to “make effort.”
Motivation becomes important, because it is the way to continue on in the Spiritual quest to self-transformation.

Many who have been involved in Spirituality, have left this path only because their motivation was lost.

When we lose our motivation to continue, carelessness arrives and with that “entropy,” which means that we will be going “back” to the old ways…

BapDada calls that motivation with 2 words: Zeal and Enthusiasm.
Without those (which I refer to as motivation) we will experience “darker days and nights,” we will experience that our purpose is gone. We will search for outside sources of motivation, such as being with the Spiritual family, the center, being busy in this and that, etc. All important items as long as there is no dependency.

Nevertheless, motivation, to be true; always comes from the inside.

As our consciousness increases, our motivation will increase as well. It cannot be otherwise, for seeing the “attainments” (As BapDada calls it) is an automatic boost to continue on.

Those attainments could be named with simple words: Experiencing the inner smile of super sensuous joy (bliss,) experiencing the light of being light in life and to finish this beautiful painting, with a bright smile in our faces.

The above cannot be “obtained” by making effort. It comes automatically as a reward of maintaining that inner motivation, as the prize of experiencing a different consciousness.

Question: dear soul my query is regarding ayakt bapdada milan how it is declared before so many months ahead that on such and such dates god will come in dadi how it is declared so well in advance,or can we interpret it like how we interpret sakar muralis that if we follow strict srimat of baba all life long including bramhcharya,strict vegetarianism,not eating outside,doing amritvela,atleast 8 hrs dyan even in daytoday karma,feeling merged with god the point of supreme light,feeling light and flying shtithi,then perhaps one can invoke god the supreme energy into us,this is the last stage of rajyoga feeling one with god in combined swaroop.your comments and interpretation.

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

Many times when we want to understand something Spiritual, we use as our reference, the physical world. This is the world of schedules, unforeseen circumstances, etc. At the Spiritual level, BapDada is ALWAYS available. There is no need to set up a “meeting.” In the subtle region there is no time. Therefore, those dates basically come to us as a convenient means for us bodily beings so we can “arrange our busy schedules.”

Dadi Gulzar is the appointed instrument to receive BapDada. In this way, we can avoid misunderstandings.

Dear soul, If you want to be “merged with God,” all you need to “do” is become soul conscious, the experience of the “true” self. As I have mentioned many times already, at the soul level there is no sense of “separation” even though we are different souls, just like in the subtle region there is no sense of time. However, in the consciousness of the body, we are stuck in thinking that GOd is the “other.” That is the conceptual view at the physical level.

One more item, “to interpret sakar Murlis” is not the more convenient approach, for everyone has their own interpretation. Then, we can appoint someone as the “bona dife instrument” to interpret what “Baba wanted to say,” however; we forget about different experiences in life and we cannot make a “blanket statement” that should apply to all for them, we will miss the gyani concept of “numberwise.”
Experience, then share your experience.
Following strict Shrimat to the “dot,” is interpreting what is meant to be the experience of the “spirit of the law.”

For example, if Shrimat says that brothers should sit in the left side and sisters in the right side and never mingle among them; then your strict interpretation of shirmat will be to “never” sit on the same side of the opposite gender.

That is not the “spirit of Shrimat,” which is basically to allow for people of a particular tradition to feel comfortable while maintaining at ease any feelings that they may feel while in the process of conquering sex lust. Once we have conquered sex lust you can sit with anyone on your side. It is numberwise.

In other gatherings, where “sex-lust” is “normal,” it doesn’t matter where you sit as long as you feel comfortable. Different “interpretations” according to experience.

It is important to remember that all the things that we practice are meant to help us in the experience of soul consciousness. As Baba mentioned in one Murli : “Be soul conscious and then do what you want.” 🙂 This is not meant to be a “religious ritual” but a tool for self transformation.

Best wishes!