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BEING conditioned

“Just BE who you are… Express yourself….Be all you can BE.”

Those catchy phrases, are very superficial… but good sellers… They are easy to understand or misunderstand. Either way, they sell because they are not deep. Believe in them or not, they are like palliative medicine.

BEING is not possible until the layers of conditioning are realized, observed, when we become aware of them.

Notice that I am not stating: “ Work on that conditioning, get rid of it, conquer it, reject it, dissolve it.”

If I say that, then that is material for a “best seller.”
It is unreal. For those who are not aware, to reject something, to DO something in order to “solve the problem” is the “solution.”

Peter likes to drink beer.
Peter may think that “He is BEING himself” if he overdrinks, for that is “natural” for him at that moment. Peter has heard that he “needs to be natural” and he likes that “concept.”

Peter gets drunk and after a few times of this, he becomes addicted.
What is the solution?
Stop drinking. Don’t allow yourself to be close to a bar. Consider the urge to be a temptation of the Devil.
Fight against your desire. Don’t allow the “bad guy” to win.
Those solutions are considered to be “good,” “moral” in our society. Peter may be sober now, nevertheless; the cause behind his addiction hasn’t been discovered.

Superficially speaking, we may say that “Peter is an alcoholic.” Peter may believe that “alcohol is bad,” but looking deeply, we may find a psychological trauma, which could be forgotten through over-drinking.

With greater depth, we may discover that trauma as a conditioning of the mind. Many “horrible” things could have happened to Peter, but he is unable to let those things go. Peter is stuck in the past and unable to move forward despite Life changes.

That trauma will define Peter’s ego.

Intellectually we may understand what is going on and we could offer the “solution” to Peter, but things do not work in that way in Life.

It does not matter how much third party information someone may have to resolve his inner issues. It does not matter if that person changes his thoughts. It does not matter if that person changes his behavior to pretend “improvement.” Any so called “change” coming from ego, is an escape from  the opportunity to be completely aware of “what is.”

He is still the same addictive personality in repressed mode.

BEING is not changed by reading, listening or doing things. There is nothing the ego, the “I” can DO to change BEING.
Because the ego is not real, although paradoxically is very real for most of us. It is an illusion that we have taken for granted. We have created a society and belief systems based on that illusion. When we AWAKEN that illusion dissolves.
BEING changes all the time “naturally” for we are one with Life; so the “intelligent” question may be: “Why that traumatic experience isn’t changing now?”
Because there is a grudge, a mental wall unable to move.
The solidity of Peter’s ego depends on that trauma to thrive.

For such person, to “Be himself” is to bring a past trauma into the present.

“What can I do?”
Nothing. BE AWARE of it. Let it go through you without trying to stop it or to change it into something “good.”
Let go of that conditioning.
Merely become completely aware of it, like a “detached observer, “ let a distance between what is going on and the observer, without that distance there is no AWARENESS. Let the sensation move through you.

“It sounds good, but I do not understand… Are you saying that to be lazy, to do nothing about it, is what is needed?”

No. Please stop interpreting. Just look at yourself through the examples.

Carlos eats fast. Carlos overeats because he is eating fast all the time.
Superficially, we may say: “ Learn to eat slowly.” “Take one spoon, count until 10 and then take another.” “Take this pill to slow your anxiety.” “Eat less, so if you become hungry, it is your fault for eating fast and you will deserve your punishment.”

However, if Carlos was AWARE of his eating, of his anxiety, of how tense his stomach is while eating, on how his mind takes him away from the “now” to a dream world here or in the afterlife…there is no way he could eat fast or slow. Carlos needs to eat alone for this realization to occur, that is how the conditioning is realized and BEING comes back without DOING anything.
Leave Carlos alone, by himself in his own solitude so there is no escape from himself.
That is a “natural” remedy.

Nevertheless, Carlos may dread to be alone, to be left all by himself… He may want “methods” to deal with his issue while having the “support” of others… He may want to take a pill, to get treatment, to follow some code of conduct, etc.
All of that is palliative medicine, but if Carlos is not ready for observation of his own conditioning; those things will be his tools to deal with his issue.

His time for self-realization hasn’t arrived yet.

Being, becoming and non-being

Obtaining the things that we want.
Not obtaining them. Both are Life.
Labeling one side as “good” and the other as “bad” is to delve into duality.
There is no “good” without going through the “bad.”
Thus, “good” and “bad” are the same rope but different ends. The extent of the rope is the journey. We can only go up and down the rope of Life.

Day and Night. We label both occurrences as Day. The Day is made of day and night.
Words get in the way of understanding.

We call day the opposite of night. We talk about their differences, our preferences, likes and dislikes.
If the day is different than night, could they be complements of each other?

A difference complements. Because they are complements, they are One. A Day.
Because they are different, they are opposite at the same time.
Every human being is different than another even though the same human being, thus we complement the Totality.

Logic tells me that 2 things, which are different, cannot be One.
However, opposites complement each other. Thus, they are One.
Male is different than Female, but they long to be One. It is their difference, which complements each other.

We may look for differences and forget about complements, Oneness.

Every issue has 3 sides. The one that you see, the one that you don’t see and the one made up of what you see while it is changing into something that you don’t see. The process, becoming.

The static perception of “yes and no,” and the continuous “live” process of change of “yes into no.”

There is “having” and not-having, but also having while becoming “non-having.”

Every time we think we have the “truth,” we say: “ The truth is this…”
We are forgetting that “this” has also “non-this,” and “this” becoming “non-this.”
Makes sense?
Here, the example:

“God is the truth.” He said.
Who is non-truth?
The opposite of God. The Devil.
Do opposites complement each other?
Yes. They are One. God is one with its opposite.

Your belief will no accept the above. Your belief is made to separate complements.
The process is God becoming the Devil and the Devil, God. One, not many.

Truth becomes non-truth.
What is static cannot change with Life. When Life changes, that which remains static, becomes non-truth.

“Life is truth.” He said.
Life cannot be “truth” for it changes. It is not static.

“Change is truth; then.” He said.
It cannot be, for change is…. Change.

“Truth” is just a meaningless word.
But also, a word with meaning.
And… a meaningless word changing into meaning…and meaning changing into meaningless.


No worries. It is “normal.” That is the issue when our consciousness is trapped in duality.

When a human consciousness is caught up with only 2 states such as “day” and “night,” that person is unable to look at the journey, the change.

“The means justifies the end.” It is a well-known phrase denoting “wisdom” that many like to use.
That is how reaching “Paradise” in the future, becomes more important than living the “now.”
That is how killing in the name of “peace” to win a war in the future, becomes more important than all the suffering that individuals are going through to reach the “goal.”

It is that mentality used to reaching goals, stressed out to achieve something, which is so self-centered that it is unable to perceive something besides himself. That mentality is unable to stop, to take the time to smell the roses…

Violence cannot end in Love. It may end in dependency, but not love.

The end is the consequence of the means. It cannot be otherwise. It is continuity.
Enjoy the process of change. It may be slow, it may have many turns but there is no reason to speed it up.

Throw your logic away. Get rid of your reasoning.(But keep it for the “Office world” and the paycheck.) Life is not lived by thinking about Life and by knowing intellectual answers.

Knowledge is not the most important factor to live Life in joy.
Your feelings are. To understand your feelings is to know enough.
Knowing enough, we could enjoy living.
Being in joy, we could know what love is.
To know Love is… Being it.
Being it means… not being… 🙂

It is the process of being into non-being what we call living Life.

Mind the business of your own mind


Pic by Vvrisor

Ananda had a supernatural experience. After meditating , he felt in complete bliss. Obviously, Ananda believed in the meditation practices and in the teacher who taught him about this type of meditation.
Ananda became a believer.

Ananda had a deep sense of commitment and started following every direction from his new appointed Guru.
Ananda wanted to “become better.” Ananda wanted to be enlightened with wisdom and to become another Guru just like his master.

Ananda made all sorts of “effort” to get that same experience of bliss that he had experienced sometime ago.
Nothing happened.
Ananda’s expectations to get that “out of the world” experience increased, but at the same time; he experienced the frustration of not “getting it.”
Ananda made all sorts of “efforts.” He changed his life style completely. He wanted to be better, so he avoided people who were not in his path.
Ananda rejected the world and wanted to spend time meditating and to experience that bliss again…
Nothing happened.

Ananda was truly disappointed with his Guru. What was wrong? He was doing everything and nothing would happen!
Ananda decided to change his Guru. Ananda bought books on Spirituality, bought CDs, Ananda attended to several seminars run by the “experts,” in “enlightenment,” he even traveled to the holiest places on Earth to get “better.”
Nothing happened.

Ananda developed an obsession out of his spirituality. He developed a great ego as well and sarcastic irony when he heard others speaking about their own spiritual paths and experiences.

Ananda gave up. He was truly tired of all the rituals and reading materials which “promised” him to become “better.”

Ananda couldn’t sleep. He went outside and sat by a tree. Thoughts started coming into his mind about all the “effort” that he had done. All the time that he had wasted for nothing! His memory brought the episode when he got into this blissful state and he started to recall every moment of it. Ananda wanted to experience that moment one more time, it was so exquisite, so out of this world, so blissful… Ananda started to cry in distress. All his knowledge about his spiritual teachings were in vain, he thought.

Ananda wanted answers and no one was able to give those to him. Ananda felt like a failure.
Meanwhile, Mathias, the “wise tree,” was a witness of all of this.

Mathias spoke to Ananda.
“Friend, why are you crying?”
Ananda replied: “ I am a failure. I wanted to become enlightened with bliss and I cannot.”
Mathias replied: “Really? Who wants to become enlightened?”
Ananda looked at Mathias bothered that he had to say the same thing again. “ I said , Me.” Replied Ananda.
Mathias answered: “ Then, get rid of “me” and there will not be a failure.”
Ananda said: “Are you crazy? Do you want me to kill myself?”
Mathias replied: “ not friend, just your mind. “Me” is in your mind.”
Ananda didn’t realize in all his years of “effort” that his own mind was in continuous upheaval. Always striving for something. If the issue wasn’t how to get a better job or a better something, then it was “to be better.” To become enlightened, angelic, Godly, pure, powerful, etc, etc. If he didn’t reach “his” objective, the frustration and sorrow set in.

Ananda, thought about it for a second and asked: “How do I do that?”

Mathias replied:
“By becoming aware of your mind. Sit there, stop thinking, experience what you are besides that mind. If you hear words inside , that is your mind. Observe how your senses experience something and then an idea is created in your mind based on the memory of previous experiences. See how you are incapable of observing and listening to others and to yourself without putting an idea and “making sense of it.” Observe, how your mind is constantly taking you from one place into another. If you hear a song and you recognize it with your memory; that song will take you to a daydream. You may call that “to remember is to live again,” but become aware that all of that is the past and it is dead.

That experience may take you to a happy end or a sorrowful end, therefore; your emotions are slaves of your own mind.
Similarly, your “becoming better” is to be anxious about the future, which is not real. Your mind is taking you to the past and to the future, but cannot be still in the present.

Become acquainted on that timeless serenity, that which you are besides the mind and then other experiences may arrive. To spend your time observing the works of your mind is to become free from it.

That bliss may arrive again… but this time without “you” wanting it. That is how things arrive on time, when “Me” is not there, completely out of the picture. No failure, means no success.
Duality free. That is the greatest success.” 🙂