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The “now” does not exist


“Be in the now.” “Be in the present.”
Those words are trying to explain the experience of “being centered,” that is when the mind is “timeless.”
The “now” is timeless.

Ananda was looking at the Sun just appearing in the horizon. The beauty of a new day was in front on him. Ananda was touched by the experience and thought: “I am enjoying the present, the now.”

Actually, he wasn’t. He just thought that he did. 🙂

Every time thinking appears, then time will appear.
That is known as experiencing the “3 aspects of time.”

In a collective consciousness of individuality, there is a past, a present and a future. Our minds are seldom located in the present, because it cannot be grasped. However, the past is easily grasped when we have the time to “rewind our experiences.” On the same token, we could fantasize with the future. That is how a typical human being uses its idle time, when he is not busy.
That fantasy world of past and future will bring emotions and attitudes. The interesting thing to realize is that both, past and future are non-existent.

“I experienced this before.”
Wrong. It was experienced but it wasn’t the “you” who is there “right now.”

There is no single moment which we can call “now.” We are always becoming. We are not the same at any moment unless, we want to create a prototype in our minds as to “who I am” and “how I behave.”
That type of mental jail will not allow us to open up to life and to new experiences.

We are becoming all the time. There is no destination. Our thoughts provide an artificial world of separation which brings the idea of time.

What is the practical aspect of this realization?
If we have any grudges due to some past experience, we are just taking that heavy weight with us when we try to make alive something, which is gone and that is the memory of a person or persons which do not exist anymore. This is how we sabotage our “present” by bringing that past to fit into a different being: “we” in the “now.”

Notice how when we identify ourselves with our “past self” we make that past alive.
Do we understand that everything changes?
But not practically, because in our minds we still bring the “3 aspects of time.”

The above is very important if we are willing to become free from “our” past. If we just understand that those experiences were experienced by a different being which is not the one living today.

Nevertheless, even though we could understand that nothing is the same, we make that past alive and fantasize about the future.

If there is a psychological past and future, then there is a “now” which cannot be grasped by the mind. The present.

To be timeless is to enter in the realm of the immortals. To be timeless is to experience Totality, which has another name in the consciousness of individuality: Soul consciousness.