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Spiritual puppy treats

Mr. Religion:“God will punish you, if you do wrong”
Believer: What is to do wrong?
Mr. Religion: To hurt “others.”
Mr. Religion: You have free will, but not to do evil. Then, God will punish you for that.
Believer: How evil came into existence? 🙂
Mr. Religion: Simply because, “good” exists. Duality, right?
Believer: Right.
Believer: How “good” came into existence?
Mr. Religion: Well, we believe that God created it.
Believer: Ok. Then the problem is that God created evil as well…
Mr. Religion: No! That is not possible… It was the “devil.” 🙂
Believer: Who created the devil? 🙂 …

And then, we will go into the intricacies of an ideology, made to explain their own shortcomings… Mr. Religion will tighten up the threads of his creative ideology, by saying something like: “ You must believe if you want your soul to be saved. Otherwise, you will be in hell for eternity. You are warned.”
No questions about it.

Let us see another “puppy training session:”

Mr. Religion: “If you do that action, then the law of karma will appear and you will suffer the consequences.”
Believer: I don’t want for the law of karma to punish me. What should I do?
Mr. Religion: You should do “good actions.”
Believer: If I help my neighbor because I am afraid of the law of karma, but I really don’t want to do it; is that a good action or a bad action?
Mr. Religion: It is a good action, because you acted “good.”
Believer: Can I do “good” if I think “bad”?
Mr. Religion: Ehem…Just do what I tell you and you will always do good….

Many times a donkey needs a carrot to do some heavy task just as a puppy dog may need a biscuit to perform the trick of rolling around its belly.
In the religious world of beliefs, there is nothing more precious than “heaven” or “salvation.”

You should do things to please God…then, you will be rewarded with Heaven when you die.
You should follow these teachings then, you will be saved forever. You will be resurrected and then will enjoy the Godly “government” for eternity….

Now, the serious stuff… 🙂

How on Earth our inner sensibility to have empathy for humanity will be born? Isn’t the carrot or the doggy biscuit a “basic way” to “train” someone to act “good”?

Why do we need to be scared of “karma,” “hell” or “destruction” or “everlasting damnation” when there is goodness in our hearts? Isn’t that goodness what is necessary to emerge?

If you live, it is assured that you will die. Whether you have beliefs or not. If you ARE goodness “now,” what wrong could ever happen to you in your next life?

Don’t you wonder if your “transaction with God,” of getting heaven in exchange of “doing” things, is truly making you “good”? Or is it just a “new” trick that we have learned?

The puppy dog will not roll on its belly unless there is a biscuit. Isn’t that the level of our spirituality? Anyone looking for a biscuit? 🙂

Believe it or not; there are many human beings looking for that “biscuit.” Their sensibility to beauty has been shutdown. Fear is the language to understand along with “life insurance in the afterlife,” to be “someone” in the afterlife, it is all some can understand.

To take a puppy dog to watch a beautiful sunset to awaken its sensibility to beauty will not work. A puppy dog needs biscuits, treats… just like many human beings who cannot understand that we live in connection with everything existing, not only “now,” but there are threads with our past and the future as well.

If we are able to see “that reality,” goodness should flow as an automatic response of being in continuous relationship. What you “do” to “another” you do it to yourself. In that consciousness, we could live fear free… No biscuits needed. 🙂

Questions and Remarks for May 28, 2013

Brother, disclaimer you need not share this on the blog if you feel its not appropriate, also my comments with it as well. But felt like sharing the song with you, it has always inspired me to be self reliant and find inner strength. But truly want to thank you for sharing your understanding on concepts, it resonates. Hero – Mariah Carey There’s a hero If you look inside your heart You don’t have to be afraid Of what you are There’s an answer If you reach into your soul And the sorrow that you know Will melt away [Chorus] And then a hero comes along With the strength to carry on And you cast your fears aside And you know you can survive So when you feel like hope is gone Look inside you and be strong And you’ll finally see the truth That a hero lies in you It’s a long, road When you face the world alone No one reaches out a hand For you to hold You can find love If you search within yourself And the emptiness you felt Will disappear [Chorus] Lord knows Dreams are hard to follow But don’t let anyone Tear them away Hold on There will be tomorrow In time You’ll find the way

Thank you for sharing that song, dear soul!
I feel that song resonates more with me than the previous one…It is the mystical Phoenix bird rebuilding itself out of his own ashes in a cyclical way… If you take spirituality with commitment to self-transformation, you will be a hero. That hero takes the steps in self-transformation himself/herself, but in his/her way there is the company and support of friends, “true” friends. That reminds me of the song: “That’s what friends are for.” (Dionne Warwick) those friends are there to let you see when sometimes we cannot. To let you recognize yourself in the darkest moments so the hero can emerge as carbon emerges under great pressure; that is shining as a diamond at the end of the day…

Best wishes!

I got a mail from Brahma Kumaris topic was,The Supreme Being or God … In that there was a point :-“In the Old Testament of the Bible, it is mentioned that Moses had a vision of light as a “burning” bush in the desert. Jesus also referred to God as light. In some Christian ceremonies, during the ceremonies, an ostensorio is held up. The ostensorio is a golden ball with many rays radiating from it. Perhaps this is a symbolic representation of God.” Now my question is:-” Jesus also said Man is Made in the image of God(GENESIS 1.26-27). Why we never consider this statement. As far as Moses is concerned the angel ‘Gabriel’ appeared to him and gave him the knowledge. Also there are more references from Bibile where it is clearly written that GOD has form.Why Jesus talk about kingdom of God and loving God? Can someone love light? Please let me know. Please give me the references where it is mentioned in the Old Testament about moses having a vision of light as a “burning” bush in the desert. Also where does he mentions that this burning light is God.Is it is mentioned that this burning light was OVAL in shape?”

Dear soul,
I have shared so many articles here, expressing that we cannot “define” God with words. The experience of God is pretty much a personal experience, which cannot be put in dualistic words just because God is beyond duality, beyond our consciousness trapped in duality.
I truly hope the above will take away our urge to define things, to put things in boxes; when that business does not do any good to anyone but just to create separation among “believers.” There is no experience in those definitions, just talk, words. Material for debates.

Please review your comments about referring to Jesus as saying things in the book of Genesis.

Let me just paraphrase this teaching by a Zen master, which I feel is related with your question. It is open for your interpretation:

Question: Why do you teach that God is reachable by our mind?
Answer: To stop babies from crying.
Question: When crying has stopped, what then?
Answer: Then I teach, not mind, not God.
Question: How about to one who is not attached to either?
Answer: I would tell him, Not beings.
Question: and what if you met a man unattached to all beings?
Answer: I would just let him experience the great Oneness.

Best wishes!

Om shanti dear brother How do you make others equal to you? thank you Baba

Thank you for you question, dear soul!
Answer: By dissolving “you.” 🙂

Best wishes!