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One of Life sweetest pleasures is to share with your friends the immense freedom of being just “you.”

As a seeker, I am discovering the full circle of Life. In my experience, it was about going outside for validation, for love, for acceptance just to come back to myself, to feel comfortable in my own skin, in my own company… that “getting used to” could take many years. It is a process.

When we reach the “comfortable” level, that is the time when Life will prompt us to move on, to go “outside the shell” for a “new beginning.” That is the time to integrate with the Totality under a new “me.”

When Life gives us “idle time” with ourselves, it is to recuperate, unwind, gather strength and face what is left, to complete that full circle.

Many times, we will find friendship in some who remind us of ourselves. We could see many characteristics that we have in common. That brings a comfortable, nurturing friendship.
That reminds me of the saying: “Tell me who your friends are and I ‘ll tell you who you are.”

Nevertheless, many times we forget that friends are those who show us who we truly are, and accept us as we are.
Want a teacher?
There you have it, in flesh, near you !

Have you seen Ralph E. Wolf and Sam Sheepdog from “Looney Tunes” cartoons?
They have opposite interests, they will disagree, fight and try to outwit each other while in “office hours,” but once they “punch out” the clock, they are friends again as if nothing happened before.
Most humans keep the past inside them, some as a reminder of a “payback time,” and others as a “danger” signal to reject something or someone, thus; unknowingly allowing for a traumatic experience, which will become a deep emotion in need of healing, later on.

What is that “punch out of the clock” in a friendship?

The ability to say, and feel: “I am sorry.”
It is not just lip service, but the connection with a person will be maintained in the capacity that we have to feel appreciation for that person despite differences.
Is he/she pushing all your buttons? Is he/she “mirroring” you and that is exactly what you do not like about them?

For the aware individual, that is an excellent “teacher”!

If your Life journey is dedicated on knowing yourself, who could be the most adequate person to partner with in Life?

The opposite of yourself, of course.
The sheepdog with the wolf makes a great Life long partnership as long as there is a common time to “punch out” of the clock.

“But why? They will be fighting all along!”
That may be true. That is why it was said, “for those who are in the journey of knowing themselves.”

The opposites are complements.
One with yourself, you could be one with another who is the opposite.

“Wouldn’t that be a great challenge?”
Yes, but it also has a great reward.
“What is that?”
To find love.

Love the ones who are like you but also the ones who are the opposite. Isn’t that a religious teaching? Yes, and without the experience in “real” Life, it is just a meaningless dogma.

Every single relationship, every single friendship has been planned out just for you! Whether a “good” experience or a “bad” experience, it is exactly what you need in your current stage.
We are going in a full circle in Life, so there is no objective to reach, but just to enjoy the unique moment as it is.

Perhaps, do we want an easy “method” to “achieve” friendship?
Here are the “steps:”
1) Listen
2) Show empathy
3) Say I am sorry.
Do you like that? Want to teach that to others?
No rush.The above is completely useless! 🙂

You can only act as you are. To believe that by changing your behavior you will “achieve” something is truly an illusion. Repetition of a script will only dull your feelings.
Nevertheless, to go through that illusion is “good” for it is part of your journey which is pointing to no other place… but yourself.

I have learned in Life that out of all the possible relationships that one could experience, friendship is the most flexible, adaptable and capable of allowing us to be true to ourselves.
Freedom in friendship. The bond of a friendship is what is needed in all other relationships, for even if the other relationships dissolve, friendship will remain.
Friendship is the epitome of a relationship.

If we could only perceive the “other” as a friend…

A sense of belonging is so important for our well being, but there are few things that we could belong to, without being asked for something in return.

When you find friends that accept you without conditions, without rules and restrictions… value that time, be grateful to Life because you found an invaluable treasure … 🙂

Intensity is in your heart. Reasoning kills your feelings

Balance Heart And Mind

Mathias, the wise tree; was sharing deep things with his friend Ananda. Going to the depth as only Mathias and Ananda know how to do.

Mathias: What makes a being imperishable?
Feel.. an answer from your heart…

Ananda took his time and answered to Mathias.
Ananda: To belong to what is imperishable.

Mathias: To belong gives you permanence?

Ananda: Yes.

Mathias: My friend, to what do you belong to?

Ananda: To everything that exists… and also to that which doesn’t exist…

Mathias: Intellectually speaking we could say : “yes” and “no,” but in reality from your heart, ask yourself: What is that which you belong to?

Wait for the answer. It is something non-intellectual. It is not the answer which everyone believes to be. Observe your own roots before replying.

Ananda: The response that came was “love.”
Mathias: Do you belong to love, then?
Ananda: Yes… crazy answer… 🙂
Mathias: Let me be crazy, then… 🙂
Ananda: A response without reasoning.

Mathias: Are your intentions in your actual existence hand in hand with love?
Ananda: Yes … but not completely.
Mathias: Where do you get love, my friend?
Ananda: It is there.. it is like the drop of water belonging to the Ocean.
Mathias: Do you feel full of love, then?
Ananda: No.
Mathias: What is needed then to experience love?
Ananda: well…that my inner wall goes away…
Mathias: What wall?
Ananda: The internal wall which has been placed there to give me an identity. To make me believe something… what I am.
Mathias: In which moment do you become aware or conscious of that wall?

Ananda: when I wake up.
Mathias: and before that what is in there?
Ananda: Emptiness.
Mathias: and in that emptiness, what do you place?
Ananda: Nothing.
Mathias: Then.. in that emptiness there is a need to place love.
Ananda: Yes, for emptiness makes up a “form” and through that form, I relate.

Mathias: What inspires that love in you… what makes it happen?
Ananda: Beauty.
Mathias: What is beauty?
Ananda: something which inspires….

Mathias: Today I will give you a secret formula, my friend… Are you ready?
Intensity is in your heart. Reasoning kills your feelings. Tell that to everyone.

When you open your heart, when the wall goes away… simply think of this and then feel. People think more than what they feel.. and it is the opposite. More time is needed to feel and less time to think. More gratitude and love comes from that exercise.

Reasoning calculates. Reasoning does not measure based on the common good. Reasoning many times is subjective and it depends on the influence of the surrounding environment; that means that it only knows how to read the limited intentions but not the bottom.

The bottom is like the eye of the hurricane. It is there where the secret resides. All yours. Explore, submerge yourself and then come out bringing the gem in your hands… and then smile, because then, you found the path to your own freedom.

Question: Sweet Brother, your churnings of gyan are really beneficial for me. Thanks to BABA, DRAMA & YOU. I feel and believe that I was there in golden and silver ages but is it possible to remember the incidences or the experiences that I had at that time?

Thank you for your appreciative words, dear soul!
The aim of this knowledge is for us to “remember.” That “remembrance” happens to different souls in different ways.
Some may have “flash backs” of that time; others may have dreams about it; yet others have soul recognition of other souls and the self. For others; it will be a sense of belonging, of being part of; and yet for others it will be to understand gyan at different depths. All of the above, will give you that “clue” that you are looking for.

In your case, if you appreciate the churning shared here, it is evident that your understanding of Gyan is what gives you that “clue” about belonging to the Golden and Silver ages. As you know, not many can understand these things, and even less put it in practice; that is to be “practical” knowledge.

Best wishes!