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Question about the Drama and the self.

OM SHANTI I wanted to ask that when we souls come to this field of action from our supreme abode, the different roles,parts,features,characters,capacity,comfort zones and costumes that are numberwise which we experience in different births, are those predestined,fixed,made accurate and beneficial by the drama? Are our different thoughts,feelings,wishes,hopes,emotions,ideas and imaginations in the mind, understanding,remembrance,solutions,plans,decisions,desires,discrimination or discernment,experiences and judgement in the intellect and attitude,behaviour,couteousy,discipline,habits and manners in the resolve or personality or predisposition also predestined,fixed,made accurate and beneficial by the drama in different births? Because when we souls are in the supreme abode we are only incorporeal,bodiless and point of light. We are only in peace and purity in the supreme abode and there is no acting done over there in different roles,parts,features,characters,capacity,comfort zones and costumes. So in the supreme abode no souls can think,understand and experience anything over there. All souls in the supreme abode are equal spiritually.

Dear soul,
Thank you for your question.
Let me try to explain your question fully. Dear soul, “You” and “I” as being roles, as being bodies as being “doers” in this Drama is an illusion. “I” the soul is real, but “I” the soul has a role to play according to time. None of the roles is better than other roles; do you know why? Because we are in a CIRCLE. A CYCLE. That means that whatever “you” do, I can guarantee “you” that “you” will be “you” again. Why? Because that role will be there to “play again.” There is no such a thing as “arriving to a better place,” we just experience and express according to time. There is the experience of “coming down the ladder” and “going up” at this time. That is all. BapDada’s role is to concentrate our attention in “going up the ladder” at this time. That is His role. “My,” role is to go into the “nitty gritty” of Gyan and beyond, just to be at awe of its depth and awesomeness. Different roles, different parts. Which one is better? … WRONG question…All roles are needed as they are.

Once you become aware of the role playing through you, then you could become a DETACHED OBSERVER. That is, you could be soul conscious. Not out of denial or suppression or renunciation, but out of AWARENESS only. CONSCIOUSNESS. Isn’t the roles in the Drama beneficial if “you” will be “you” again after 5 minutes of a circular walk in the park? 🙂

One more thing, the Drama is not an “entity.” It is just the expression of our capacities as souls expressed in the physical realm according to time. Your role fits you like a glove, but it is not “yours,” it is just a role playing through you and hopefully you are aware of that…
Predestination is a “bad word” like “free will.” Forget about those words. Those concepts cannot fit or explain properly the beauty of something which is not “this,” neither “that” but “both” and “none” at the same time .. 🙂 🙂

Best wishes!