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There is nothing wrong or right in life


Betty had many diseases. She wasn’t able to explain why. Her eyesight started to fail when she was a teenager. Even though Betty was very feminine, she had the “classic” behavioral energy of men: She wanted things her way. She fought with whomever to put anyone in “his or her” place. As a teenager, Betty was fun-loving, disrespectful of authority and daring to the point of not caring about her own life.

Because her pride was shattered through the thought of losing her eyesight, Betty started looking for solutions and answers… Betty had extraordinary psychic abilities and was able to see things and communicate with beings, which many others couldn’t.

It was in that search when Betty joined a religion, which practiced extreme asceticism. Those practices and beliefs helped Betty to tune down her innate aggression. Betty was able to transform that aggressive force in her for the common good. Betty used her communication skills to mingle with people and to make them feel important and content by increasing their self-respect. This practice allowed Betty to transform her own manipulative ways.

Once that transformation took place, it was time for Betty to continue in her path. She changed the isolated ways of living in asceticism into integration with society… That is into Oneness…

Isn’t Betty’s life so “good” and “righteous” so far…? 🙂

Betty was able to overcome her own limits and became an example for others. Betty was growing her consciousness by the experience of going from one extreme into another just to know her own limits and her own balancing act.
Betty was becoming one with life. She was finding herself.

One day, Betty had an appointment with a doctor who practiced a “bio-decoding” technique. Betty wanted to know about the origin of her current diseases, which came strongly with emotional episodes.

This doctor had the ability to tap into Betty’s psychic gifts during the session.

Betty discovered that in her “last life” she was a man by the name of Nicholas. In that life Nicholas owned a trucking business. Nicholas was very good at “doing business” but he was a daring troublemaker at the same time.
Nicholas committed suicide at the age of 46.

The discoveries that Betty had through this session agreed with many of her dreams in the past and with her tendencies. Betty had an unusual love for motorcycles and big trucks with noisy engines.

Betty discovered that those diseases and losing her eyesight was a consequence of her own actions in the past, but at the same time, those diseases were the ticket for her, to discover who she was and to “divinize” her tendencies.

If we look at the life of Nicholas, many could say: “ He lived a bad life. He was “wrong” by committing suicide.”

Those comments and judgments are worthless gossip out of ignorance.

When we see the continuity of life, that is the unlimited part of life beyond the “Me” at this point in time, we could discover that every single experience is completely necessary as it is.

Betty had the strength and aptitude to discover herself, although in a manner which could be described as “painful” by some but everyone has a different path in life.

“Right and wrong” are labels expressing duality. In that labeling we are only concerned about the human laws.

The universe is not bound by human morality.

“Right and wrong” are terms used to bring guilt, shame and to teach humans in a certain state of consciousness, to fear consequences: Punishment.

As we dissolve all dualities from our psyche, we should be able to discover greater Oneness.

The world at the “office” may thrive with “right or wrong.”
The critics, sitting comfortably judging others may feel important by playing Judges of someone’s destiny.

“Talk” doesn’t matter if we are not able to see the complete movie of life.

Of course, the skeptics could say: “Avyakt7, I thought that you are against beliefs… reincarnation is a belief…”

Avyakt7 is not against anything. Avyakt7 merely dissolves his own beliefs.

The story above is a true story. It is the experience of someone who I know. That story is true for her.
As far as Avyakt7 is concerned, that story merely supports an insight: There is nothing wrong unless we view it that way. There is nothing right, unless that is our belief… nevertheless, there are consequences in life.

Life is way more than going to the office and watching sitcoms at night. Life is more than devotional practices, worship to get something out of a belief.

To be able to see life, we may need to remove the lenses with different colors before our eyes… and just take a look at life without any judgment in our hearts.