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Question: I had asked this the day before too.. When baba invokes other souls in the subtle region whilst offering bhog.. these souls are usually advanced party souls living and growing up in another family… what would they be experiencing? I know its a curiosity question and probably does not deserve an answer.. if that is the case then do let me know

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,
As mentioned in another post, I am trying to answer no more than 3 questions every day. Your question yesterday was the 5th.

Unfortunately, there is no way for me to know what is going on when Baba invokes souls. The typical conversation is: ” Are BKs ready? We (Advance party) are ready…” 🙂

We need to be mindful that we do not know many things about the subtle region. For instance, Dadi Prakashmani has taken birth; however, we can still be in contact with her body of light as she was in her BK role. There is certainly a connection between our bodies of light in different life times; but I don’t want to speculate in something which I do not have experience nor full understanding.

Best wishes!

Question: Om Shanti Dear Brother, In today’s Murli, Shiv Baba talked about food. I’m new to this knowledge. Prior to this knowledge, i’m practicing Naturopathy life style by eating complete raw food for the whole day. After I got the knowledge, I started attending Murli class daily. But when the Thursday’s Bhog is offered to me, i felt that it is not the food a Brahmin soul to eat ( as it is made with salt etc. which are harmful to the body). Should I accept the food offered in the center or not? and I want to know what kind of food a Brahmin soul should eat? Are we interpreting the meaning of food according to our wish?


Thank you for your very good question!

Brahmin diet gives you the “do not consume” items. Those things are meat of any kind, eggs, garlic, onions, tobacco, alcohol and any non prescribed drugs. The rest you may “indulge.”
However, that “space” of things which you can eat, is open for you to decide.

As far as myself, I do not eat spicy food, cheese, processed sugars, white rice, flours and I do not drink coffee. That pretty much leaves BK sugary tolis out of the picture. My aim is Sattvic food as much as possible.
Also, I am not fond on eating food that it is cooked by others but myself. I will accept from someone who I feel is in a similar effort making stage than mine.
When it comes to bhog there are 2 schools of thought: ” Take everything that Baba offers” or “Do not take everything and pick what you feel will agree with you.” I go for the later. If you do not feel that what is being offered to Baba is something that you would like to eat, do not feel compelled to eat it. Just say thank you and take Drishti.

When I go to Madhuban or any other BK center; I may have to make some exceptions in my diet, but still I will eat lots of fruits and drink lots of juices as much as possible.

Even though I have requested in an “unofficial” way to have a BK seminar on combining food items properly and trying raw foods as well, here in the USA,( Which I feel is very healthy and wholesome) that request hasn’t been followed up.

Therefore, if you have any knowledge about combining food items properly and eating them at their proper time, it would appreciated if you share it.

What you eat affects your mind and even though that is something that BapDada has mentioned, still we do not seem to “get it.”

Best wishes!