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Reader Remark: Death does not exist

One more view on life and death http://www.robertlanza.com/does-death-exist-new-theory-says-no-2/
again: thanks for all your sharing! have a beautiful day *P

Avyakt7 responds:

Dear soul,

Thank you for your kind words and for sharing that link.
Let us consider this:
If “death does not exist,” then what do we call when we are “born”? – Birth?
In the world of duality, if death exists, then birth must exist. If death does not exist, then birth does not exist.

This is the world of “logical” words…and the world of thought, based on the “reality” of duality.

Spirituality, knows that neither “death nor birth” exist because we are eternal beings. Therefore, no birth, no death.
So, how is it possible that we experience “birth” and “death”? We experience that because our consciousness does not allow us to experience what is beyond thought.

Scientists are in the same type of consciousness, making their theories out of “their” thoughts.

Because we are eternal, time is an invention of thought (As Krishnamurti pointed out.) Being “time-less” is to experience our real self. When we have the filter of thoughts, we have a consciousness which knows about birth and death.

Scientists are still in that consciousness, thus; “time” exists for them, for they rely on thought.
Theories based on the consciousness of thinking, is like a dog chasing its tail.

Best wishes!