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The truth and beliefs: Questions by BK followers

Below some questions by Brahma Kumaris followers.

Avyakt7 currently, does not wish to be engaged in any belief system, although avyakt7 respects someone else’s beliefs.

Avyakt7 will not emit judgment whereas your belief about a belief system is wrong or right, or the explanation that you received is “right” or “wrong.” Avyakt7 has no opinion on those issues.

Dear BK readers,
Let us go into the main lessons of your belief system:

The first lesson is that “I am soul.” The second lesson is “God is a soul.”
My question is: Can you know God unless you know yourself?
God and “you” have the same eternal nature. Unless the experience of that which you believe in, is experienced in yourself, there is no possibility of knowing what you believe God is.

Do you know Avyakt7? Because you read these writings here, do you think that you know avyakt7? Because you have spoken with Avyakt7, do you think that you know him? Because you have seen his picture or a video, do you think that you know him? How can you know avyakt7?
By being him, of course. Who is him?
Isn’t “he” a soul? 🙂
Isn’t God a soul?
Aren’t you a soul?

In spirituality, knowing is being it. In the “normal” world, to know means to have the head full of information about something. We cannot know what swimming is by just reading about it. We cannot talk about Spirituality without observing and knowing ourselves, because in that we could know everyone else.
We share the same nature.

When we understand deeply the above, we can abandon the idea of being a “devotee” of God and turn our journey into the honest quest of knowing yourself.

That is called with many names by many spiritual teachers: Soul consciousness, dying alive, detached observer, self transformation, self realization, emptiness, nothingness, detached participant, self- awareness, consciousness, Buddha and of course, illumination…

Now let us go back in to the “soul.”
The word “Soul” is just information, a label to denote something which can only be experienced. When that something is experienced, then we can put different labels to that something: Some may call that spirit, others, emptiness, others light, self, bindi, atma, purusha, etc, etc.

The third lesson in your belief system is about the cycle of time.
Let me ask you, is the “soul” bound to time? No, because it is eternal. Then, how is it possible to experience time?
It is a contradiction… That is why, we cannot explore these things with intellectual understanding, with “0” or “1” answers.
We are both, we experience time and we are time-less. It just depends in our consciousness.
That “contradiction” that we found is the “door” to further realizations.

We cannot talk about the timeless with words bound in time. We cannot understand the timeless, when our consciousness is bound in time.

Last question: In which moment of the cycle of time do we truly know God? 🙂
If you say “now,” Please read this response again from the beginning. Note that in the Golden age, God is not there and that is the moment of highest consciousness, when those beings know themselves. When they are “equal to the Father.” 🙂

Throughout Avyakt7’s life, the search for the truth was the main point and driving force in my life. First, it was understood as a label, as something intellectual to understand, to write down and tell everyone. To know God was part of that intellectual understanding; but that wasn’t enough.

Then, Avyakt7 went through different changes and found the truth in knowing myself, going through the journey of observing the only thing that Avyakt7 can change in the whole world.

The queen who lost her necklace was looking for it everywhere until she realized/ became aware/ conscious that she was wearing that necklace all along.

We could believe in anything, doubt in anything… but finding the necklace is where fulfillment is no longer an idea to believe in.

Best wishes from the heart!


1. “In a class I heard that there are souls who reside in the soul world when they do not have a role to play in the drama. So, this means those souls are with Baba for a longer time than the souls who start the drama from Golden age. Isn’t that what we all want in the end- to spend more time with Baba? Why would we want to start from Golden age?”

2. “Dear Avayakt7, Bapdada’s role specifically in terms of service: three types of service Bodily, Wealth and through the mind. Is the topic of maximum number of souls served the basis of your position in the beginning of the cycle? If that is correct then Brahma Baba being number one is a little flawed inspite of his avayakt role. There is a feeling that Dadi Prakashmani had more to do with expansion. I understand that this is specific to the BK Belief system but wanted your view on the whole aspect of service connected to the position you would get.. or is this is a story of the carrot being waved? Would love your response.”

3. “Does God ever become “imperfect”? In BK gyan, they say that God has come in the body of Brahma and give knowledge to human being in order for them to make effort and become deity. We all know that the “perfect” stage is only in the soul world which means “zero”. When souls come down on earth to play their parts, the mind then be created and their stages gradually decline into 1 ,2 ,3… till 15 and body consciousness grasps in. So when God Himself comes into the field of action, does He become 1 rather than still in “zero” stage? Because you know when souls start to use physical organs, information start to flow in, create fluctuation which is the mind.”

Question by reader: How much God will help me?

Dear brother How much is my effort and how much assistance does my god father bestows upon me apart from imparting knowledge in my spiritual journey to become perfect. As you know to become perfect I have to make full effort to remove impurities. When I become pure with my own effort then what is gods role? Become pure and then become yogi.??

Dear reader,
Thank you for your question. It all depends on your belief system and how much of that belief system do you understand. Nevertheless, the outcome will be another belief. 🙂

Let me clarify.
In most monotheistic religions, there is the belief of a God that “helps” others. However, at the same time there is the belief in the “law of karma,” that is there is a consequence for every action.
Let me ask you: Can God go against the law of karma to “help you”? Or is the law of karma not sufficient to go against the will of God to “help you”?

Please reflect on the following: Why God is going to “help you” when there is the law of karma?
Now that we have put things into perspective, let me ask you: Why believers of different religions believe that God is going to help “them” believers exclusively? 🙂 Probably because of a belief. 🙂

Now, let me share my experience.
In my experience “Divine help” has been there. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to “survive” up to a certain level of awareness. However, more than “making effort” (effort for what?) it was about sincerity and honesty with myself.

Spirituality is about finding your own self, so you can forget about it.. 🙂

Spirituality for avyakt7 has never been another mundane thing where you compete with others or push yourself to the limit or try to demonstrate others about your capabilities, so they can see that “I am making effort.” That is a mundane take on spirituality. There is no “goal” that avyakt7 has to “achieve.” That is just plain ego. Please see that your quest for “perfection,” that struggle will not allow you to relax and to let things happen at their own time. Spirituality is a matter of consciousness. To wake up early, to “do” certain things which you may call “effort” are just means to help you gain greater consciousness, but greater consciousness is not something to “achieve,” it is something that happens once your honest, sincere desire to know yourself as a means to help others is put in practice over sometime…then the law of karma kicks in, that is, you receive Godly help. 🙂 “Magic” happens at that point.

As you know, “knowledge” is that help that you want to receive from God. However, that “knowledge” is not something that you “study.” It is something that you apply in yourself so greater understanding occurs and then your consciousness will start changing.

Theoretical knowledge is of no help.

Please review the meaning of “perfect” in Spirituality. According to BapDada in your religion, perfection means completeness.
You are already complete, but you may not be aware of that; that is why greater consciousness is needed.

Dear reader, please learn to live with unconditional sincerity. Practice virtuous living and extend that with all beings, eradicate all duality from your mind, celebrate the equality of things and then, your every moment will be in truth; that is God will be with you in your perfection!

Best wishes!

Question: Honesty for Spiritual growth

“Dear Brother, I thank you for your honest opinion and efforts towards spirituality. Coming from Indian origin and being conservative, we always look for others’ affirmation for any of our actions. Being a BK is no different, the same thing is followed. But the problem is there is a struggle(BK or otherwise) between the actual experience(the truth if I can say so) and the outer self (the outward behavior to please others). If one doesn’t go by the group, he is considered as half-cast or rebel. There is a clash as there is a feeling for the need of a group for spiritual progress (away from purely materialistic group). When people see your experiences, articles they get support for their inner selves which is longing to express the emotions, freedom, struggles. May be one should have that courage to be honest with oneself to progress spiritually (BK or otherwise). If we don’t we are losing our time by just believing a set of principles as real effort. Because many teachers/seniors speak of following the principles with more and more sincerely, because there principles helped them, but to put them explicitly as support systems only (not the effort itself) for spiritual progress would make the lives of spiritual seekers a lot easier. It would be good if you can elucidate the fundamental qualities needed from your experience for progress for a spiritual effort maker.”

Dear reader,

Thank you for your great question. As you mentioned, there is this pressure to conform, to be part of something in order to “move on.” Everyone is caught up in that in one-way or another: At work, in the religious gathering, in a society with determined set of values and traditions, etc. The consequence of not following is to be “alone.” Are you ready to experience that? 🙂

The answer comes when we realize that this is happening. That realization will bring the way out of that situation when the time arrives, if it arrives.

That right moment is something for every individual to recognize.

If the above sounds “very general,” it has to be in that way, for this blog is read by many individuals from different viewpoints and state of consciousness.

From avyakt7’s own experience, the truth is in yourself. This sounds like a cliché; and it is, if you have not experienced the third level of consciousness, the self. Perhaps there is more to it which avyakt7 hasn’t experienced yet, so avyakt7 does not hold anything as “absolute,” avyakt7 is open to “learn.” Knowing the inner self will give you that closeness to God.

When you are committed to Spirituality, which means that you realize that there are many weaknesses within “you” which are lingering there due to lack of greater consciousness; then change will be on the way. The issue is “you,” the solution is in “you.” The path is honesty, sincerity in your dealings with yourself.

Usually religions and methods are there to “protect us” from that “outside” that you mentioned. It feels reassuring when others feel and think like you; but there is danger in that as well, it is called self-righteousness.

When you want to plant a shrub or a small plant that will become a strong tree later on; you will probably use a stake to support that shrub. Religions are that stake. That protection will be there but that stake will need to go away for the tree to find its own strength. Others will need that stake as long as they live. There is variety that is why, there cannot be “the answer.”

The purpose of that stake is to allow you to gain greater consciousness.

From my experience, Christianity gave me the teaching of being “accounted for.” That there was a God who could help me if I was “good.” That I needed to recognize my “sins” and change my behavior. Through Brahma Kumaris, I learned about my own vices. From my experience, all the methods/principles taught by the Brahma Kumaris are meant to recognize sex-lust and anger and to transform them into feelings of benevolence to all. Celibacy is not a repression but a choice of a lifestyle in a different consciousness which obviously will not apply to everyone. There is variety.

Through other teachings, I have learned about the inner self.
There is no such a thing as one teaching being “better” than another, but teachings come from different states of consciousness and they will be beneficial as long as the individual matches that consciousness. In this way life becomes a school. Our state of consciousness will change. Life is change.

Take a look at your life and see if you have learned what you need to learn out of your current religion, belief or “ism” that you follow; if you say “yes” but then go back to the old pattern which brought you there in the first time; you will know that you were not honest with yourself.

That is the way to find out. It could be risky.

Taking the “stake” out is a big deal. You will find out if you are capable to stand up despite the storms, the hurricanes of life… Are you ready for that? You decide the timing. No one should pressure you. If you are not ready, that is OK as well. Every tree is different.

As long as there is appreciation and gratitude for all of those experiences, which are teaching us different things in life, we could grow.

Let us just remember that everyone is playing their own role in life. Mine is unlike anyone else’s and so is yours. See where you fit in this “movie of life.” That is your honesty, your sincerity, your gift to humanity.

Best wishes!

Questions by Brahma Kumaris readers

1. Can you please explain the today’s avyakt vani (15-09-2013)…and I also request you from the bottom of my heart to please explain the every sundays avyakt vani. This is my email xxxxxxxxx.Thank you so much in advance 🙂

Dear reader,
Thank you for submitting your request. Please bear in mind that this blog is no longer about the Brahma Kumaris knowledge. It is about Spirituality in general and for the common good.
The “common good” in your case, could be for you to share the points that you would like additional explanation along with your own realizations, then avyakt7 will share his insight. Avyakt7 does not want to play the role of “authority of Brahma Kumaris Gyan,” for that, there are other people which every religion has a source of elucidation. Avyakt7 is a spiritual walker, but avyakt7 is not the “traditional” spiritual walker. Avyakt7 will not fish for you, but avyakt7 can share his experiences about fishing, so you could make your own. Thus, as long as you send me your points and your own realizations, Avyakt7 will give his personal insights.

That is the deal.. 🙂

Best wishes!

2.dear avyakt7, I am willing to know abt what is cosmic intelligence ? how it works ?

Dear reader,
Thank you for your question.
I have heard that term from Osho, when speaking about consciousness: Individual, collective and cosmic intelligence, I believe. This is just out of what I recall.

Cosmic intelligence is what in Brahma Kumaris is known as the “Drama,” what in Taoism is known as the “Tao,” what in Christianity and monotheistic religions is known as “God’s creation and God’s will.”
Different terms, similar meaning.
How it works?
It is what it is. Because it is “natural” there is no explanation for it, but there are words to describe it. It is the interplay of nothingness and beingness. The interplay of duality which is neither “this nor that,” but both. It is the creation and destruction of itself in time. When you are in that consciousness for you are part of it: individual, but yet interdependent; then you are poetry with all; you are a verse of unity on that poem, you are a “uni-verse.” (cosmos.)

If the above does not make much sense, that is because it is meant to be like that. Only the experience of that unity can be known and then understood. It cannot be understood if it has never been known.

Best wishes!

3. Three fundamental questions. 1.God says ” Remember me and your sins will be absolved- How? 2. You sit down in front of me and tell me your story of this birth I will take 50% of your sins 3. You take power from the father? – Process please- because just by sitting in meditation and taking power from the father and feeling that you are taking power ain’t helping. I have got answers from people but do not seem convincing. Would be nice to hear from you Avyakt7.

Dear reader,
Thank you for your question!
The above is your belief and at the same time you mention that it is not working for you. Then, my questions are: What do you want to accomplish? Why? If it is not working for you, are you willing to change?

Do you want your “sins” to be absolved? Is that what it is? Do you know what specific “sins” you want to be absolved? If not, how would you know when those “sins” have been absolved? 🙂 How do you know if there is something else left?
Please consider those questions seriously and please reply back with your answers.

Best wishes!

4. The below email is from a female BK who had the chance to know a BK male in close proximity. Before she used to deal with him at a distance only. They have been in very good relations ever since.
With her permission, her email is being cut off to protect her privacy and shared for the “common good.”

…But, now I can see that there is a shift happening in our relationship. It is becoming lokik from alokik (worldly from spiritual) in many sense, and that purity is no more in a relationship (I am talking in a thought level). The more I try to resist him in actions, the stronger it persists in thoughts. But, I feel that we both need some space from each other because it is affecting our pursharth..(Spiritual efforts). But how to go about it. If I resist him in any way, the mind persist him in everyway….And if I don’t, then those feelings become stronger. Which way to go? I have many more personal issues in my life and I am not able to concentrate on them because it takes all my attention….its like my mind remains all the time busy with this new feeling…. I feel I am getting away from my self…first, I used to be his friend and now he is my best friend and I feel the need to share everything with him. Being aware of all this, how to control this. Just watching and observing is not of much help!!

Thanks and looking forward for your reply!

Dear reader,
Thank you for allowing me to share your email. As mentioned and for future reference to all, Avyakt7 does not wish to be engaged in giving personal advice to anyone; but if someone is willing to share a situation for the common benefit of all, then; by all means that email will be answered.

You mentioned that “Just watching and observing is not of much help.”
I need to reply that “watching and observing” is all that is needed. for then you will know what to do. If you truly watch and observe yourself, you could perceive that change in feelings. You could perceive your change on thoughts, you could see how your mind is pursuing that person. You could see how those new sensations are taking up your time and energy. Is him the culprit?
NO. It is you on your side of things.

If you have observed yourself, you can see that you have a belief. You call yourself a BK. You try to maintain that “purity” but you are finding out that “purity” by avoidance is not “purity” at all. Once the male energy is in contact with female energy and there is a “click,” then “nature” starts and beliefs fade away.

You can repress and close the door, but I assure that your issues have been postponed only. There will not be “purity” there but just a belief that there is.

That is why Baba comes as the “husband” for all the females. In this way, that feeling of love could overcome that desire. The issue is that many times that love is not true from many, it is not honest. If you haven’t felt a relationship with Baba, then what are you going to love?
An idea. That is the issue.

That is why, “closing doors” has been the best policy, but honesty is a better one.

If you stop pretending, then you will find out what you actually feel. If what you feel is about extinguishing the hormonal passion through an experience with him; then you know that at the end of that experience you will not feel good about it. Once the passionate experience is felt, then “reality” comes. The “dream” vanishes.

Here is avyakt7’s rule of thumb:
If you have been in BK knowledge for at least 10 years and you are in your 40’s and you have not conquered sex lust, then you need to wonder, What have you been doing in all that time? When you reach your 40’s you know better. You are no longer a little kid. The hormones should be realized by then and you should have figure out how they work in you.

This is what observation brings. If you are not 40 yet, then perhaps you should wait if your belief is important for you.
Perhaps something should be expressed to the other person in a mature talk without trying to hide feelings. Just let him know what you feel and what you want in your life. Don’t play tricks with yourself. Be honest in what you want.

If you want to maintain celibacy and you have not conquered sex-lust and the BK male hasn’t done that either (you will find out by just observing him, feeling the vibes or just by asking – Now you see how important observation is?) then you are kidding yourself. Celibacy will not happen.

Your honesty is of paramount importance. Decide what you want in your spiritual life and see where you are.

On the other hand, if sex lust has been conquered, there is no reason to suppress in your life to know someone if you wish to. Experience. However, just know that if the other person expects to indulge in a sexual relationship with you, then you will have to deal with his disappointment, anger and even insults if you decline.

If you are not ready to play with fire. Don’t risk yourself in getting burned.

If your feelings are of outmost care and you are not obsessed through hormonal games and mind trips about that person, then perhaps; you could discover something different, but it takes inner work, it takes OBSERVATION to know when we are ready.

One last item, please be aware that the above is coming from someone who is not experiencing the childhood stage of spirituality anymore, thus; in this stage inner observation is all there is, to be aware of the self is of paramount importance.

Best wishes!

Questions on marriage for people following celibacy

Dear brother, i am a bk brother who lives in laukik family and feels to share love with a good girl. Is going for dating good for me?

Dear reader,
No one but yourself has to decide that. However, in spiritual knowledge there are some general guidelines to keep in mind.
1) Your thoughts, your words, your feelings and your actions have to be aligned. If your belief system tells you something which you have in your thoughts, but your feelings are telling you something else; do not expect for your words and actions to be consistent. You are scattered and thereby, you really do not know what you want.

2) If you do not know what you want and act out of an impulse, you will make mistakes.

Therefore, see in yourself if you have achieved that consistency within you.

3) The law of karma can only “give you” something which you deserve. “A good girl,” is a “good label.”

Once you sort that out in your life, you may get the answer.

Best wishes!

hi brother, in today’s murli baba says:” Shaadi is barbaadi”. However, there are many BK who have to live alone in laukik and where they may feel the need of a partner to live a secured life. Under this condition, is marriage a blessing or a bane?

Dear reader,
I don’t know Hindi. Your belief tells you something. If you live with your family you are not alone. If you live with a group of people, you are not alone. Marriage in itself is never an issue. The issue are the people involved in it.

The issue (in your belief system) is if you have conquered sex lust. The issue is if you have conquered attachment. The issue is if you have conquered loneliness. Then, marriage cannot be an issue, but you will be the blessing itself.
Circumstances in life may change, but as long as you are aligned within yourself, things will be fine as well.

Please see the answer above as well.

Best wishes!

Different flavors of Spiritual Knowledge


Spiritual knowledge could be put into 3 “containers” in the human being:

1) The intellect: Reforming religions are in this group. It is about a philosophy behind it as “how to behave,” laws, commandments, etc are included. Their knowledge is meant to reform human beings. God is used as the source of that reformation. Examples: Christianity, Islam, Brahma Kumaris, Judaism.

Their views on “laws” are balanced with love for God. Without that love, their knowledge would be dry to digest. Notice that all of those religions have a philosophical eschatology (end of times) in their views. Even Buddhism could be considered here as pointed out by Wikipedia:

2) The heart: The above religions could also fit into the heart in a way. There is that love for God. Probably Sufism is one of the higher exponents of this love to a super natural entity called God; but the “pure” path of the heart is shown by Taoism. In Taoism, it is about Nature and that love is not related with philosophical ideas or intellectual knowledge, but by observation and relation with Nature. That on going relationship brings that love with practical knowledge based on that observation. Thus, there is no philosophy about the origin of times or the end of times, nor explanations about God. It is the path of the heart because of that union experienced with everything while relating in it.

For many, God is metaphysical experience and hard to relate to. Nature however is available for all, although, most are not sensible enough to relate with it in that love. That demonstrates that our sensibility to beauty and gratitude to life is not developed.

There may be other paths as well relating with the heart.

3) The mind: This is the path of perception and deep observation of the self. Even though there may be, a philosophical belief of end of times or beginnings; the emphasis is on the mind since the mind is the filter, the lens which will connect us to our “reality.” Without a study of the mind, our perception will be colored by beliefs only. Zen is probably the highest exponent of this path. Buddhism also has the study of the mind as a main teaching.

Therefore, we have those 3 paths. All of them bring different experiences in the self. As a matter of fact, those individuals who are balanced in those 3 aspects in whatever their religion may be, are realizing wisdom. Then that wisdom will automatically take them into the ultimate “container” of knowledge; that is our ELEVATED ACTIONS. In other words, the confluence of those 3 paths should take us into our plain activity in the world. Our actions will show our spiritual level based on having walked the path of the intellect, the heart and the mind to know ourselves.

The law of karma (cause-effect) demonstrates this, for an elevated activity brings an elevated return.

PURPOSE OF LIFE—You can find out yourself! – By BK. T.D Joseph

Science, Religions and the Society—all suffer from limited vision* [see foot-note for details], hence have conflicting answers to the question: What is the purpose of life? If all are confused, it does not mean there is no purpose to life. It only means we, on individual basis, have to find out our purpose! Let us make a try. Have an open mind and refresh the power of your reason.—1 Thessalonians 5:21.

There are three things that we all have in common:

Awareness of ourselves and others
Creativity ability to produce thoughts, ideas, concepts and feelings, and express them
Relationships exchanging of energy of love with others

Hence the purpose of our life is nothing more than living life itself, which involves the following:

1) To be always aware that we are children of God,
2) To express ourselves to our highest potential,
3) To exchange the energy of love with those around us; this would only make life smoother and serve as a protection for ourselves.

For each of us the possibilities are infinite as we are copies of God. (Genesis 1:26) Incidentally, some Scriptures beautifully sum up the above, saying:

—Be fruitful (unfold yourself to your full potential)
—Cherish and nourish one another

Doing them will happen naturally to you, if you are in terms and tune with reality, if you remember that we all come from God (through our parents); hence He is our REAL Father, and all humans are His children. (Mathew 23:9) When you do the above, you will find life becoming more and more enjoyable and full of meaning!

However, history shows that man will gradually forget this fact and fall towards selfishness [or egoism, feeling separated and more important, and having a sense of possession and doer-ship], as beautifully symbolized by the prodigal son. (Luke 15:11-31) Depending upon the degree of forgetfulness, people will become more and more selfish, bringing in lust, anger, greed, attachment, all of which will further reinforce one’s ego. This will, in turn, fortify those vices—bringing in more and more vicious cycles of vices, which will naturally climax at one point in time!

Hence history can be broadly divided into two parts: DAY (when people live by the light within, in remembrance of the fact that they are all children of one Heavenly Father) and NIGHT (when people live in forgetfulness of the light that they are all children of one Heavenly Father).—Compare John 9:4; and 11:10

When the NIGHT reaches its climax, what happens?

When someone behaves selfishly—for example, when someone breaks in a queue—everyone feels angry on him in varying degree whether that anger is expressed or not. Here the unmistakable fact is that there is an automatic mechanism operating in ALL humans equally—RIGHTEOUS ANGER WELLS UP IN ONLOOKERS WHEN SOMEONE BEHAVES SELFISHLY! How much more so this will be with God in whose image we are made. He will definitely feel more anger than us as we are only His copies! When the vast majority of humans become extremely selfish, righteous anger will proportionately well up in the Heavenly Father who is the source of that mechanism! His benevolence, which is His primary attribute (Mark 10:18) will not permit Him to force people to do good, but will motivate Him to ‘re-create’ (Mathew 19:28) the favorable situation for the righteous to continue living [the side-effect of which is removal of the trouble-makers from the earth] Thus DAY will start again.

We can reason out up to this point. But what will happen when DAY again reaches its climax, and start deteriorate? Would it be followed by NIGHT, if yes what is the duration of each DAY and NIGHT?

These questions can be answered only by the direct revelation of God. At the climax of moral decline, God will intervene. (Daniel 2:44; Gita 4:7) Before the switch-over, reasonably there will be a short period during which God will take steps with regard to the founding of the New World [or DAY]. At this time, He will reveal the answer to those two important questions. God is not partial to any people or religion. (Romans 2:11) He gets attracted to anyone who has produced the right “fruitage.”—Mathew 21:43.

The time came for God to take steps for founding of the New World when the first half of the 20th century showed the beginning of peak of selfishness. In the period between two world wars, in 1936, when Heavenly Father looked down on to earth, He saw a spiritual magnet, who was exhibiting “the fruitage,” or a GREAT MIND, treating God as our Heavenly Father and all humans as His children. God blessed him with a vision of the future—showed him how this Age of NIGHT will end with civil wars, world wars, and natural calamities, within 100 years from 1936, and how the New World [DAY] will begin. God renamed him as Brahma (meaning GREAT MIND), and gave him the commission to spread this news to everyone on earth.

Those who became his copies are called Brahmakumaris and Brahmakumars. In due course, God gave more revelations, which showed that history would repeat itself, on man’s will, every 5000 years—a DAY [of 2500 years] will be followed by a NIGHT [of 2500 years], only to be followed by cycles of DAY & NIGHT—Compare Proverbs 4:18, 19; Ecclesiastes 1:4, 9; 3:15) (for more details, http://www.bkwsu.com//whatwedo/courses/fcirym/topics.htm/drama.htm)

All those who choose to live by the light within (innate wisdom that tells us all humans are children of one and the only Heavenly Father) will live in the DAY [Heaven on earth]. Interestingly, God is called “Father of the heavenly lights,” and those who copy Him are called “children of the light and children of the day.” (James 1:17; Mathew 5:14-16; 1 Thessalonians 5:5) In other words, to love others is to live in the light; and to live selfishly is to live in night. (1 John 2:9-11) All those who choose to live by the darkness within (absence of wisdom that motivates us to be selfish) will live in the NIGHT [Hell on earth].

When the NIGHT reach its climax [of selfishness], it is like a tree entering a stage of complete decay, only to come down crumbling. It is the end of the tree or old world [NIGHT]. At he end of NIGHT, all souls go back to Heavenly Father, and at the appropriate time they will return to partake in the new tree of humanity in their order of merit. The kind of baggage or “storage” (Mathew 12:35) you carry will determine which part of the two periods [a DAY of 2500 years and a NIGHT of 2500 years] you will be born and how many times you will be born. (Mark 4:24) The righteous will receive the appropriate number of births in the DAY depending upon the degree of righteousness they possess. The less righteous and the selfish will have to wait till the NIGHT come, and will take birth in their order of merit, and will receive the appropriate number of births in the NIGHT depending upon the degree of unrighteousness or selfishness they possess. This would mean population will be increasing gradually from the start of the DAY, and will reach its climax in the last generation of the NIGHT.

Put it simply, it is a drama of two collective characters—free-will and destiny. No action is without its effect; and no results without a cause whether the cause is visible or invisible, perceptible or imperceptible. Hence when you choose to act in certain way, you are, in effect, choosing the appropriate results. Once an action is chosen, appropriate destiny follows! If you choose to live in the DAY, you can if you choose to do the works of the DAY. You very well know that your present is the result of choices you made in the past; and your future will be the result of choices you make in the present.

You are the captain of your ship!

[SCIENCE has contributed greatly to our comforts, yet it suffers from two major problems:
(i) It brings unforeseen and untold ill-effects with its inventions and products, hence the time and money saved are wasted in fighting ill-effects.
(ii) It is limited in its vision as it takes into account only what is observable, and the process of observation, but ignores the more important entity—the observer. Hence science is not in a position to comment on purpose of life.

RELIGIONS suffer from inherent contradictions:
(i) They all started in brotherhood, yet end up as money-making machines, and as road-dividers.
(ii) They all have correctly identified egoism as the opposite of spirituality. Yet being attached to (or even obsessed with) their own identity, they are reluctant to merge and become one world-religion for the whole humanity, making the worship simple and thus avoiding all confusion and colossal wastage. Thus they all suffer from the irony of asking their members to fight ego while they themselves remain fostering it. How can they attract God’s attention and receive His revelation on the purpose of life?

SOCIETY too suffers from limited vision. Most of them behave as though life’s purpose is to accumulate wealth as much as possible! They resemble children playing in a sea-water making bubbles in varying numbers—10, 100, 1000, 10,00,000 or even more. Yet one is not better than the other, because after-all a bubble is a bubble, you cannot posses it as it will disappear after some time. So is the case with one’s material pursuit—everything you think as belonging to you—health, wealth, and relatives & friends—will disappear after a while, hence they are all “bubbles,” false sources of security.]