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Readers Remarks: Questions being answered.

Dear brother Om Shanti, I am in gyan for the last 4 years but a number of questions were in my mind which nobody was answering. Yesterday incidently I came to know about your site. I am of the firm beleif that BABA has helped me and he is himself answering me through this blog. You are very intelligent. Today by reading the topics I remained happy throughout the day. However, now a question is in my mind which i am asking throuh Questions. Thanks & OM SHANTI KEEP DOING THIS GREAT JOB.

Avyakt7 responds:

Dear soul,
Thank you for your kind words. I am glad to know that you are finding benefit by reading the posts of this site. Avyakt7 is just a role that I have to “put up with.” 🙂 Today called ” very intelligent,” tomorrow a “buddhu.” 🙂
Believe me, this role is used to hear both terms frequently. Thus, “nothing new.” 🙂

As I mentioned before, I feel fortunate to be part of an “unofficial team” here of souls who contribute with their experiences and wisdom.

Hope you keep enjoying this site!

Best wishes!

Question: Om shanti. Is that ok if you delete the poems that I added on this website? The coordinator at my center does not want me to put the poems on a website. Sorry! Om shanti!

Question: if i subscribe for wordpress.com then will i pay for it. or it is free. can you tell me. thanks omshanti

Thank you for your question.
I am assuming that you meant “subscribing” to this site. If that is so, it is free. You just add your email address in the “follow” box and you will receive a new written article from this blog. However, I would recommend to come back to this blog for grammatical “corrections,” for many times mistakes become noticeable when “published.” Just like human mistakes… 🙂

To obtain a wordpress.com blog is free of charge as well as long as you use the basic settings which they provide.

Hope this answers your question.

best wishes.

Question: What is the importance of Amrit Vela according to Baba?

Good question. Thanks.

Check out the Avyakt Murli from 1/30/11 – 06/24/72.

The importance of Amrit Vela. Why do we wake up so early every morning? Why 4 am? Why shouldn’t I continue to sleep?
Baba answered all of those questions. It is the time when we can experience peace without the environment and the external situations pulling our attention. But even a greater reason than this and in my opinion, the most important point of that Murli; to make our awareness powerful.

Following shrimat and doing Amrit vela is the surest way to make our awareness powerful.
Why do we need to have our awareness powerful? Because otherwise, we will be “sleeping” while awake in this world. We wouldn’t be able to recognize the importance of the current time. We wouldn’t be able to receive Baba’s “true” inheritance; which is “light,” “might” and “insight,” and without this “inheritance” there is no possibility of acting “right” or according to the “truth.”

This is quite important point. If you ever wondered how to act “right” at every circumstance; it is not by following a book or what someone says. When our awareness is powerful, we will know what the right action according to time is. To be an embodiment of natural remembrance and to have a powerful awareness is what makes us equal to the Father.

“Effort making” is based on awareness and so, Brahmin life.