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The Third Eye

In Spirituality, many times the words “Third Eye” are used. What is it?
I found the explanation of Sadhguru from the Isha foundation, very interesting.
He explains the significance of the third eye but also explains the meaning of the different chakras while an individual develops his/her spiritual life.

Obviously, what he explains matches in a way my own experience which was explained here:

For those who would like additional information about the chakras, you could find that information here:

Why is it important to know about the chakra system? (7 main chakras)
Because those are energetic centers of the self. Through those centers we could “ingest” energies or vibrations as well as to send that energy out. Thus, we could protect ourselves by closing those at will, or we could work on a particular chakra to allow for the energetic channels to “open up.”

When these channels are “clear,” there is the experience of bliss or peace, which may last for a small period of time, until we find a way to “clear” the issues. Those issues are usually psychological or emotional in my experience.

As we experience our own spiritual development, we could experience in which chakra we are located in that evolution at a certain time.

Question June 25, 2013 – Experience with Yog – “Yoga” and anger.

Om Shanti Brother, I have a question. When I was a kid, I did not know what anger was. What was that emotion like and I used to wonder how people get angry and how can they shout at others. I would also get scared of such people. I spent my childhood among extremely dominating people and never ever expressed any feelings. Now, I get so angry that I wonder how people can remain calm or even have patience while dealing with others. Even small small things irritates me and I end up getting very angry and take a lot of time to calm down. What I realize is the more I do yog, this quality is becoming more and more stronger. Please suggest. Thank you. Om Shanti.

Thank you for your great question!
Dear soul,
You are observing yourself in the process of time. You first didn’t understand what was anger, then you developed anger. You understood by living it not by a definition or as a concept. Please keep always that teaching in mind.

We could spend lots of time trying to find the reason of that anger, but the reality is not that you have anger but that you are anger. Two different things. That is why, external methods can only suppress that feeling of anger for a while, but it will be there until we realize it.

Your last sentence is ambiguous: “What I realize is the more I do yog, this quality is becoming more and more stronger.”
Is that the quality of becoming angry?

Let me share my experience with “yog” or yoga; perhaps this could answer your question.

When I started in this spiritual path, yoga was about feeling love for God. That quality of emitting love made me feel bliss, something which I have not felt before, for there was no opportunity in my life to feel deep by just sitting in meditation.

That new experience was able to “cool me down” for a little while. I felt at peace and at ease. However, some other times, as I understand in your question, negative emotions such as anger could be felt as being really strong.

That sensation may appear to be stronger, but it was just the realization that “I was this calm” individual at one point; which I never had the chance to realize; but then I could see when that calm individual turned around into a monster. Like “Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hide.”

Thus, Yoga or Yog is a great way to realize our “unchecked negativities,” but it is kind of artificial if I have to sit around every time to “submerge old sanskaras” or my old personality.

This is why quite often you hear people sharing about their old “sanskaras” (predisposition) coming back even after many years of “doing yog.”

However, BapDada has talked about the “fire of yoga.” I have felt that when there is an oppression in my heart due to a past emotion arising. Then, I will feel strongly “giving that to God” or simply feeling until that “thing” dissolves.

I don’t need to label that emotion as “it is this,” but just be aware of that bothersome sensation being with me.

Thus, whatever you think or feel while doing “yog,” should take you to feel deeply. That is the magic of it.

Nevertheless, It is my own appreciation that the practice of the “point” form or the “a-temporal” stage of the self, the soul, that is what brings greater and lasting transformation for me.

This practice has been discussed in avyakt murlis (please read 1969 murlis) and in this blog as well. Please click on the “spiritual efforts” tab for additional articles; or deeply study this article:

In that awareness, there is a change of consciousness where the “me” is not there. You don’t have to sit for yog, but it depends on your consciousness and its “location.”

Therefore, changes will be permanent as long as you are in that consciousness. The spiritual work then resides in maintaining yourself motivated to experience that consciousness on a regular basis.

Anger is there because there is an “I” doing things, wanting things, expecting things. If you experience what is to be “out” of the “I,” then there cannot be anger for there is no one to get angry.

The last thing that I would like to share is that we will not get there by “doing things,” but by realizing the self.


Best wishes!



It is the story of the self looking for completeness.
It is the glue which brings everything together, as it was meant to be.

When we feel we are merged, we are in communion.
It is merging with God and everything else. A sense of appreciation of this moment as it is.
Without that “everything” then there is just a fractional experience of what could be.
It is a kiss in the cheek rather than the life-giving breath of union of completeness.
The marriage of the Sun with the Moon.
Then, the reflection of the moon in the lake can only be known with just one label: The night.

Breathe in. That is life. It is your emptiness which allows the space for fulfillment.
Breathe out. Feel the heart alive and bursting out those feelings which can only expand into the horizon of a new beginning.

Depth of feelings is bliss. The highest ecstatic and exquisite feeling coming from you. It is just you. Holy, pure, sacred.
There is no one who has the key for your happiness once you have experienced what is in you.

Life is sharing, serving; that is love. To live is to love. “Others” are in you. Union. Celebration.

A feeling has the “heart” to bring the Sun and Moon together. It has the sweetness to melt that ice of separating thoughts into nourishing flowing water, to satiate your neighbor’s thirst for love.

To live is to feel.
Communion. That is everything.

Reader remark: Duality

Picking one side means to acknowledge the other, for one side exists because of the other.
Free your awareness from duality and all of the sudden, we will see something different, which was hidden from the “intellectual” mind. That is freedom from the known.

Dear Avk 7,

The gap between these 2 sentences speaks a lot.

The first sentence (in italics,) has a meaning only in night i.e. Copper-Iron & Confluence Age. It is meaningless in the day as there is no darkness, no contrast.
When u free ur awareness from duality there is only one side of a coin or same thing on both sides of the coin. Only Happiness, Peace…..etc. Ichchha matram avidya (= ignorance of even the word desire.)
Even in night though both sides are there but there is no clarity. Happiness & sorrow will be there, but we do not understand them accurately as they are, as our intellect is corrupt.
This Confluence is the only time where everything is crystal clear, if our intellect is S. P. (Sato Pradhan).
Even in day G. A. & S. A. though there is no contrast there will be superlative or whatever they say in English. (It is not my mother tongue, so excuse me.) That is some one will be better than other and still someone will be best or one of the best in some skill or speciality or wealth or…
But no one will feel anything abt. it. (anyway he is my brother)

Dear soul,

There is the world of non-duality and the world of duality… For us being conscious of the world of duality “now” the phrase in italics still apply. We pick non-duality, but still experience duality. On the other hand for a being like a deity who is unaware of duality; there is no duality at all.

When we free ourselves from duality there is no happiness, neither peace as a concept. Those concepts “happiness and peace” have their opposites as well. The experience of being beyond duality is beyond words. WHy? because our language expresses duality.

The experience of being beyond duality could be expressed as “bliss,” however that is just a label to express something that cannot be put in labels… When we are caught in the rationality of words, we miss the experience.

In the confluence age we have knowledge, but as you realize it is numberwise. So that “crystal clear” addition is numberwise. We are finding “new” things about gyan and going deeper than what it was possible before.

The words “better than” are words used in duality only. Such a word couldn’t exist in a world where duality is non-existent.
You value wealth, skills, status, etc. Over there, they realize those are just roles. Once you are blissful, how can you think that you are “more blissful” than someone else?

Only here in duality and without the full experience of bliss.

Best wishes!

It finally happened! – Time to forget


During Amrit vela today, the mind was throwing its usual thoughts about “me in relationship with others.” As the realization came that “the movie must continue,” a sense of easiness came, a sense of letting everything go.

Magically, the heart opened and feelings started emerging. I was sending those feelings to those souls in my thoughts. That created the space for the heart to be clear and thoughts to go away… 🙂

The mind was at ease. It allowed me to connect just with the heart.

No more thoughts, just pure feelings which brought that experience into a blissful one. I was centered, in the moment; aware of just feeling. It was the “being” the soul feeling.

I went for a walk.

The feeling of self-less love was there. A sense of communion with Nature, as I was looking at the trees and hearing the birds, the mind wasn’t thinking. It was quiet.

The mind was out. I wasn’t counting birds nor reading any labels or signs in my path. Nothing which will make the mind to appear.

I was looking, but I wasn’t there for a few seconds. In that realization, a smile turned into giggles.
I saw beauty without a name. I felt part of it without “I” being there.

The heart started sending feelings of bliss, which were overwhelming. In my elation I just uttered: “It is boundless.”

Don’t know what that meant.

It was at that moment when I thanked God. It came naturally. At that point to say “Baba, Baba” was truly sweet. Those words just enhanced those indescribable feelings… tears almost started to come out but my smile kept those tears from flowing out.

Finally it happened… it happened… then… I thought.. 😦 going back home.

Some may call it “remembrance,” others may call it, “self awareness,” others may call it “yoga,” others may call it a “Godly experience,” others may call it just a “blissful” experience. Others, may say that it wasn’t real…Many names one experience.
I cannot deny the experience, but I am uncertain of the source. No more naming.

I just know that I found it.

I decided to write this and share before I start to forget it… because “that” needs to be forgotten so something new can appear.

Will not make the “effort” to have it again. That is the opportunity the mind wishes to have. Then, everything will be about attaining this again… and the pain of not attaining it… That is the duality of the mind. I will let it happen, at its own time.

I would like to call that experience “communion.”

Finding that… is the time for celebration.

Question: dear brother om shanti in the last AM of this season (05/04/2013), Baba gave us a slogan to ramain happy (always) and make others happy. But moving forward in this journey, I sometime feel that it is a little difficult to stay happy (always). I think it is due to the reason that … since many births, our happiness depend on external things & now being a detatched observer, sometimes we cant create happiness by our own and sadness arise. brother please share your experience.

Thank you for your good question!

Dear soul,

Happiness is not something that we “do,” neither that we “make.” As long as there is the consciousness of “I” the ego, there could not be happiness.

The “I” is related with thought. When we think based on outcomes of things happening to “us,” we identify with those things and all of the sudden those outside items have the power to control “our mood.”

There is a state of being which is not dependent on outside situations which have been colored by thoughts. The only “trick,” is to get to experience that state, the “self.”

That “self” is happiness. Our thoughts are the only thing in between.
This is not theory or something that I read someplace. We could experience that in meditation. It “comes” as a karmic consequence, from “being in that practice” with love and dedication. Thoughts come as “curtains” to cover the sunshine of bliss which is that happiness that we are looking for. Once those thoughts are weak, that consciousness of feeling that bliss emanating from the “real” self, is experienced and through that, the curtain of thoughts begin to disappear. It is a “cleaning process.”

Through our own awareness (That is the effort) we should be able to bring that “happiness” in our everyday activities, knowing that whatever is happening around us is really like a “movie.” In this way, those things will lose value (That is one aspect to know about Gyan) and then, through the quality of our thoughts, we will be able to observe those things which we are attached to, which are robbing us from feeling bliss…as we experience further bliss in the consciousness of the self, those thoughts will go away.

To verbalize and rationalize things as saying: “those things come from other lives,” it is part of knowledge; but as you are finding out, it does not help us to gain that happiness.

Dear soul,
This is the “game” of consciousness. Spiritual happiness is non-dual, thus; it is not really the word happiness to refer to, but bliss. In that experience, everything else loses its grip on us. Every morning will have a different “bright color.” 🙂

Best wishes!

Question: I am a BK since 6 years, and I have experience various different stages, but the best part is that I keep evolving and progressing. Now, I am at this particular stage (maybe u would be familiar with the experience) where I see my stage oscillates from one state to another and it keeps moving. Few days, I experience complete bliss and flying stage and then without any outer trigger or obstacle, I find myself coming out from that stage (enjoying that inner space to being extroversion) and even being aware that its going to attack me, I feel so helpless…. again when I feel that it (waste and suffering) has come to brim, then I overcome that and feel the extreme opposite state…..I am not able to maintain a balanced state and at times, I felt so helpless and painful to always keep experiencing this ups and downs…..What should I do? Shall I accept it as a part of this journey? Shall I fight bck with the fluctuation I face? I always try to observe and watch my feelings when they are going out of control or unfamiliar to me, but always fails…..? Please share your experiences which might help me to tackle this

Thank you for your challenging question!
Thank you for sharing your experiences as well as your challenges. Being a BK for 6 years is meaningless for “last go fast,” and that is all there is.

In today’s Murli (9/13/12) Baba spoke about “maintaining our stage constant and stable.” He mentioned that “following Shrimat accurately” is what makes the difference.
When we say “Shrimat” there are many implications for “Shrimat” is pretty much individual. A “Shrimat” for a householder is different than a Kumar; that is why I like to go back to the Maryadas, for Maryadas are for all BKs.

Many times, our carelessness in one Maryada makes a difference. Today Baba spoke about cooking your own food among other pieces of advice. This is something that you may need to consider, unfortunately; I am limited in my knowledge of your particular situation; therefore, i can only share general items.

Now, on your question. I am aware that many souls have experienced this “trip” of bliss and out of this world experiences with Baba. Those experience serve as “motivators” to continue in this path; however, let me be clear that in this path, suffering needs to be experienced so we can learn and overcome. That is just our own weaknesses magnified through the tests of life.
This is part of the package of “dying alive,” until that suffering is understood and transformed. That means, our vices transformed into virtues again.

If you are not “creating” your stage with awareness, then any other energy around you can “get into you” and change your mood. I found this is one of the most common issues with souls who have lots of sensibility. These souls could be in tune with subtle experiences and “Baba’s energies,” but at the same time; the opposite will happen with “negative energies,” thus, changing easily the stage of these souls.
Perhaps this is your case.

Our stage is not made by “outside forces.” It is not made by subtle, divine experiences. We make that stage with awareness and understanding of our own processes in life. That is why, it takes time. If your stage fluctuates like a “roller coaster” that is the proof that your stage is not coming from your own self awareness. There is no “recipe” to improve that, other than letting life show you the way. The solution will come if you are honest with your efforts. Waiting just means the opportunity to settle karmic accounts in the process.

Do not get discouraged. As you mentioned, the first thing is to “accept that is happening to you.” Do not deny it. Then look for things to try to “improve.” “fighting” means rejecting. There is no fighting in spirituality. It is just accepting, surrendering ego and flowing with life.

Check the accuracy of those “maryadas.”
Check if you are experiencing greater concentration to be able to create your own stage despite outside forces…and finally have the tolerance and the courage to persist and to look and try for “new” solutions. Experiment.

Do not despair in what you are experiencing for it will change in due time if your persist. It is guaranteed. Tolerance and patience are needed more than anything else.

This path is about trying new things rather than repeating the same old stuff. Openness is needed. That is my experience.

Best wishes!