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Question: Om Shanti!!! A very very Congratulations for one year completion of this unlimited blog of Baba. May i know what are the special inspirations which made you to start this blog, any avyakt message from baba. Also what has been your special experiences after coming to BK Gyan as well as while serving in this bolg. Lastly what are special efforts you are taking or to be taken, as baba always says to become a double intense effort maker. Thank you! Om Shanti!

Thank you for your kind words!
Dear soul,
The inspiration that made this role start this blog, is that “I love Gyan.” ( A bumper sticker should be on the works .. 🙂 ) That is it. This role wanted to share his own experiences and to give a different perspective of Gyan based on those realizations which were not understood by many.
I asked other souls to be in this as well, even Ex-Bks, but at the end, like most of the time, it was just “me.”

It is not easy when other souls will not understand some of the realizations due to their own pre-conceptions. Fear of “churning without limits” come up. The “box” of pre-conceptions gives great comfort and security. Now, the Drama is opening that door, which has been closed before. It is the right time, I guess.

Avyakt7 has been around for a while now. Before this blog, before BK and anti-BK forums, before Wikipedia, before the web was known as a means for “service” in the BK world. Avyakt7 has “paid his dues.” This blog is not something that “came out” just like that. It was a learning curve, many mistakes have been made along the way, but at the same time, many great experiences.

Three messages from Baba to avyakt7 that I recall and that I want to fulfill:
1) Give your ego to Baba
2) Follow your heart
3) You are an “experienced” soul.

I have already shared some of the experiences that I had with BapDada in Madhuban as well as other experiences in this blog.

Special efforts, which are not really efforts: To be open to life, to express and experience love and to forgive and forget the past.
That is all….

Best wishes!