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Interview with “Precious Pearl”- Poet


“Precious Pearl” has been the “in-house-poet,” in this blog. Bringing beauty in words and very neat rhymes… 🙂 Precious Pearl has decided to move on and before doing that, she has agreed to have a brief interview…
Enjoy it… and wish her the best in her new endeavors! 🙂


Catharsis: Short sharings via MP3 files


Since there is a recurrent issue with the quality of the audio in the “BlogTalk radio” website; there will be a change in the format of sharing.
Avyakt7 (Ananda) will be recording for 5 to 10 minutes only. Short sharings in different topics via MP3 files.
These sharings will be available through a link here.

The purpose is to fully express what cannot be put into written words.
Hope you enjoy it!

Totality and Individuality:


La Individualidad y la Totalidad: Las 2 caras de la moneda en la Espiritualidad.(Spanish)

This is the last one via BlogTalk radio.

Consciousness: What is it?

Predestination and the belief of it

The Spiritual truth and the conceptual mind