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The “boiling frog” story of “free will vs. predestination”

As I was appreciating dawn through a window, the thought of predestination and free will came to my mind. Then, I stopped looking.
I wanted to be able to explain those concepts in less than one page of blah blah blah writing and show that those ‘opposites’ are not real. Reality is always in the ways of Nature, however; our perception of it is different in a “numberwise” way.

Dawn is that precious moment when the dark night becomes light again. There is no way to say when “exactly night time finishes and when daylight starts.” As a matter of fact, to ask that question clearly shows our degree of disconnection from Nature and our reliance on time by looking at a watch and believing that to be the true thing.

Predestination is like night changing into day. It will happen. There is no way to stop that, neither the other way around, which is day changing into night. There is a cycle. Everything is cyclical in Nature and that is predestined, for in that movement, there is “recycling” going which self-preserves the physical world.

Free will is like “being aware of the degrees of changes when night changes into day.” A nice concept.
Now, this is hard to follow. Try it. See if you are able to perceive every change in degrees until you see full daylight. This is why even though individuals like to talk about “free will,” reality is that many times, we are not aware enough to perceive changes and act appropriately, but rather we react on the “extreme” and that usually is too late.
The “boiling frog” metaphor becomes true here. That is, we are not “awake” enough to perceive important gradual changes.

On the other hand, if we just stop looking at the sky for 15 seconds and go back into looking at it again, we will see a change without a doubt. Memory of the past “kicks in” and compares. Seeing has stopped.

Most individuals do not even realize the cycle of day and night. They just go with it and react on one extreme. That is why for all practical purposes, there is no free will.

Someone may say:” look I want to raise my hand, and I am raising it, that is free will.”
Wrong. You did not create that thought from scratch. It came to you from previous experiences. Everything we think is related with previous experiences, even if I think of a “flying pig” that is putting together two experiences into one. A computer can do that as well. Nothing original. No volition involved.

The paradox of this awareness of Dawn is that we can only truly see, when there is no thought in us. When we are absorbed in what is. That is awareness.

That state cannot be called ‘free will,’ for there is no “I” thinking and looking at things. Without “I” there is no free will, neither predestination. 🙂 That problem of “free will vs. predestination” only arises when there is an “I,” ego, running the show… and paradoxically, that ego is not “real.” 🙂