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Question: Ji, In your reply you mentioned that “You are not “bound” by the Drama. You are the Drama! The Drama is in you… what you need to “understand” is that “YOU” does not exist… neither “me.” WE ARE IT”. Do you mean it is incorrect to use the word ‘bound’? I remember reading in Sakar Murlis – I do not have the date with me where Baba mentions that He is ‘bound’ by Drama because it is only in the Confluence Age He comes to give us Gyan. The Sakar Murli of 26.7.12 bottom of pg. 1/3 Baba states: This programme of every cycle is eternally fixed for Me. Other kings have a programme of perhaps eight to ten days, but God’s programme is eternally fixed in the Gita for cycle after cycle. Eternally fixed is not equal to bound? …”eternally fixed in the Gita for cycle after cycle”. Please explain “fixed in the Gita”. Baba always mentions Gita in the Murli. I know it is not the Bhagavadgita. Thanks.

Thank you for your follow up question. It is a challenging question.

Here is where our language makes it hard to express the sense of unity. Ego separates. It is YOU and ME, when for all practical purposes, we depend on each other to exist. The Drama manifests its changes through us souls. The Drama flows in us.

To separate the Drama and us, souls is merely for illustrative purposes, so we could understand. We are ONE…. In that sense, when we are separating things, we use the word “bound.” Sakar Murlis uses that word: “God is bound by the Drama” to illustrate that God cannot do whatever He wants.
Note that this is a basic understanding for God is part of that Drama. Ego on the other hand, wants to separate God from the Drama. Then, we come into the dilemma: “Is this actually Baba doing or is it the Drama”? 🙂 Have you noticed that? Since most BKs are heavily influenced by devotion, God will be selected.

Through gyan, we can see that those separations are artificial. The same happens with us, we say:”Why should I do anything if it is already predestined in the Drama what it will happen?” Again we separate ME from Drama, ego and the “unlimited.” Please see this issue.

There is a universal consciousness which manifests through souls which plays a part through individual bodies according to time. That is all.

“Eternally fixed” is equal to bound?
After the above explanation, we could realize that it depends on our consciousness. If we are “ego” centered, then yes. It is the same.
If we are not ego centered but “Unity” centered; then NO. As a matter of fact, we wouldn’t even know what the word “bound” means.


”eternally fixed in the Gita for cycle after cycle”. Please explain “fixed in the Gita.”
Basically it means that whatever has been said/written, it will be said/written again in the same way and at the same time after a cycle.
The word Gita translated as “song,” denotes “sacred” scriptures or “sacred” oral teachings.

Is this to be bound?

It depends on your state of consciousness. Do you feel that God feels “bound” by the Drama because He has to “repeat” his role all over again after 5000 years, exactly as He has done with the additional “pain” of remembering what was done before?
No way. God is Egoless. From an ego bound perspective, it may seem like a “broken record” type of activity. See this?
Otherwise, God would be the most miserable being there is, for He has been condemned by the Drama to do the same thing over and over again forever… 😦 See that?

That was a very good question, I hope that the answer could be understood.
Thank you.