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Want to become an angel?


One of the best explanations I have found about this “process” could be read in the “Hua Hu Ching,” Chapter 59.

“Greed for enlightenment and immortality is no different than greed for material wealth.
It is self-centered and dualistic, and thus an obstacle to true attainment. Therefore these states are never achieved by those who covet them; rather, they are the reward of the virtuous.
If you wish to become a divine immortal angel, then restore the angelic qualities of your being through virtue and service. This is the only way to gain the attention of the immortals who teach the methods of energy enhancement and integration that are necessary to reach the divine realm.
These angelic teachers cannot be sought out; it is they who seek out the student.
When you succeed in connecting your energy with the divine realm through high awareness and the practice of undiscriminating virtue, the transmission of the ultimate subtle truths will follow. This is the path that all angels take to the divine realm.”

There are many beings of light who are helping at this time. This is the “Godly team.”

This is important to know because your affiliation to a particular religion or creed does not determine that these “divine beings,” will “choose you.” There is more to that. Many lifetimes are behind that.

It is more about our own qualities and capacity to live a virtuous life of service to humanity, which is not related with belonging to an organized group or devotional practice. It is basically your innate quality to help humanity without looking for an ulterior motive. Being self-less. Humanity is you.

Sincerity, honesty. Back to the basics.

Moreover, those qualities do not appear all of a sudden in this “lifetime,” but as we are aware of the law of karma, we recognize that what we are here “today” is nothing else but the consequence of other activities in our past lives.

Thus, angels are “meant to be,” not something that happens all of a sudden out of just joining a group or performing “important” deeds. Angels are helping hands to humanity. The rest is devotional imagination.

It is important to know that in life, every experience that someone goes through will lead that person to his destination, which is none but to experience the range of his own spiritual capacity.

The inner work of a person who will become an “angel” is not easy, for there is nothing as hard as to take the “rust out of the self,” it is like peeling your own skin of cover ups, weaknesses and complexes; just to be free and light, again.

Light so you can be light for others.

Life “tests” and experiences are meant to clean up an individual. The tests are many and there is no “failure” there but just the appreciation of your own capacity for spiritual growth.

The bus of destiny will unload some individuals at different corners according to their roles in life. That is their capacity. Stop signs are located at every corner. Only few will go the whole ride to the last bus stop and this capacity, will bring help from “up above.”

All is good. Life is good… 🙂

Readers Remarks: worshiping Brahma Baba

Dear Brother, First of all thank you for your wonderful insights and sharings. I feel really blessed to have found your site! I am relatively new to Gyan….. having ‘followed’ Sr Shivani’s programmes on TV for nearly 4 – 5 years. What really drew me to BK was that this knowledge came from the supreme soul himself….of course via the instrument of Brahma Baba. Having been attending the Centre now for app 1 year, the reverence and worshipping of Brahma Baba can be seen a lot. This I find really confusing. Sisters tell me that if I would sit in front of BB’s picture staring at his eyes, all my questions will be ‘answered’!! I thought we only had to concentrate and focus on Shiv Baba!?? While I understand about BB’s Karmateet stage, I am seriously been struggling with the concept of ‘BAPDADA’ and the ‘bhakti’towards his physical form; and his pre planned seasonal meetings through Gulzardadi! Also the meetings I have seen, it seems to be all Brahma Baba and hardly any Shivbaba words! How can God plan these dates in advance? Please note dearest brother, that I am simply trying to understand these points… not challenging them! I would be so grateful if you would kindly share your valued thoughts and insights to help clarify these points.

Avyakt7 responds:

Dear soul,
Thank you for your kind words.

If you have recognized this knowledge called, “Gyan” as of Godly source or Divine source, then you will have the tools for the next step, which is to be a “self realized” being. It is as simple as that.

Brahma Baba was and “is” an extraordinary being, but so we are. Many times, we are not willing to understand the message and are just happy admiring the messenger. We need to learn to respect that “difference” for everyone is at a different level. In this “university” you have all different grades and levels mixed up. Those who look down upon others, will fail in the subject of ego. Those who feel “bad” when referred in a “low” manner, will fail in self-respect. We learn from each other.

Basically, it works like this: Shiva is God. Shiva had a message. Shiva needs a “chariot” to convey the message. That is Brahma Baba. When both are together, it is known as BapDada. There is always a “filtering” in the message which is brought to us through the filter of Brahma Baba. Dadi Gulzar is the physical chariot for BapDada. There are many other realizations that we could come up with about this, but there is no way to know if we are right or not…but it doesn’t matter! That is not the point. Let us concentrate in the message.

To set a “date” for a meeting with BapDada shouldn’t be an issue, for there is no time in the subtle region.. 🙂 In other words, BapDada is always “there” for us.

Every religion has its own “Godly messenger.” That is how Spirituality is one, but the interpretation of it at different times in history has made the differences. Spirituality has always been about self realization. Consciousness. Everything else are just details.

There are 2 unique things about BK gyan which is important to be aware of: 1) Its philosophy known as Gyan, is able to explain all aspects of life from different points/views of consciousness. Sakar Murlis were based on the physical realm, the intellectual understanding of knowledge based on Hindu devotional background. Avyakt Murlis are in the subtle realm where to understand means to “practice,” to experience. Obviously there is an immense range “in between” these two. That is where BKs are positioned in a numberwise way. Some feel that devotion is love. Some feel that knowledge is to be “interpreted.” Some feel that to know is to interpret things literally, some feel that rituals are part of knowledge, etc, etc.

Find your own “comfort zone,” but respect the rest. Brahma Kumaris as an organization needs to “standardize things,” (like any other religion or large organization) thus, it becomes a religion. It cannot be otherwise, for that standard creates security among followers as far as “how to do things and relate among them.”

Those “standards” may have “devotional” practices to cater to one group, but also there is the possibility to churn gyan in a different way, and that is how you can read this blog. Some like this blog. Others care less. Acceptance is the keyword.

The other unique aspect of Gyan, is that it is typically explained in a “child like language.” In that way, someone without much “spiritual understanding,” nor “intellectually educated,” could grasp the main ideas from their perspective. In this University the teacher teaches to the “understanding” of the “lowest” student. (Unlike any other university.)

That is why, there is “churning.” That is why we have to experience this knowledge and learn from that. That is where your path becomes “personal” from my view.

Dear soul, in my years of experience in Brahma Kumaris, let me suggest this: Learn by churning/realizing the teachings of the teacher. Experiment with that, share your findings not as the “truth” but as your experience and move along with others in accpetance… the rest is of absolute no consequence if you would like your life to prosper in spirituality.

Best wishes!

Question: Dear Bro… Since your role no longer churns sakar murulis which i liked when you brought up many new points in them. Can you please refer me any site where i can get the whole muruli in english ? All i have found till now is only Question,Dharna,blessing and slogan of the whole muruli. But i want the whole of it. I am into gyan only for about 3 months so kindly help. Best wishes. :)

Thank you for your question and request!

Dear soul,

Welcome to the BK world! The world of reformation of the self. 🙂

First let me tell you the reason why I stopped sharing my “churning on Sakar Murlis.”
As you know, some souls liked the points. Others, totally reject them. Nothing new. We cannot please everyone. However, whether someone likes or dislikes the posts shared here, is not the issue; for they are free to “like or dislike” as I am to share them.

Sakar Murlis are talks of a Father with his children. In this case; it is believed by us,BKs to be God through the “filtering” of Brahma Baba’s experiences and understanding. It is a mix of knowledge with experiences of Brahma Baba at that time, with sound advice on behavior (moral standards.)

The advice of father Brahma will be for the Brahmin children only, not for the “neighbors’ children.” The advice is usually related with a particular viewpoint, which cannot relate with the general world. In my view, the main aim in a Sakar Murli, is to bring about the challenging “reformation of the self” through a Divine link, which is not necessarily the experience of the rest of the world.

Without this reformation, for a BK soul; there will not be any other avenue to start spirituality and to grow from a child stage into spiritual maturity.

I felt that by “analyzing” the Murli, I was taking away the benefit that this will bring to new BKs like yourself. That is, for you to go and hear Murli class everyday ( As a Maryada) and for you to churn your “own ingredients,” (Shrimat) so out of those realizations and experiences; you could recognize your “next step” in life. Reformation is first and needed. Please take that “benefit” as it was meant to be 🙂

I am still sharing Murli points in articles, but as mentioned many times already; my main “meal” are avyakt Murlis at this stage of my BK life.

Therefore, I don’t know of any websites with the full Sakar Murli in them, and if I knew; I wouldn’t share that information.

Best wishes!

Question: As far as I understood when Brahma Baba started giving knowledge,it was the point when he reached at his super consciousness and with that consciousness ,his words became the words of God.Little confused.Is it the immature thought? No intention to hurt anybodies feeling.Please give your comment.

Thank you for your question.

Dear soul,
The aim of “churning” (realizations) knowledge is to discover possibilities, to see different avenues, to be at awe with the perfection of the Drama. We cannot possibly do that, unless we are free from the box of a religious story, the box of the “official story,” the box of defending a dogmatic view rather than exploring Gyan based on the knowledge disclosed. Please do not feel that you are “hurting anyone,” if someone feels hurt by reading something different, perhaps they should take a look at their own pre-conceptions and be open to “variety.” We cannot be in fear of “different understandings.” Obviously, because the aim of this website is to “explore gyan,” I cannot have an “agenda.” I cannot defend a particular position, but merely be open to explore… and here we can share those findings.

Brahma Baba, even though his great human qualities which are known to us, was an “effort maker;” just like you and I. Brahma Baba went through the same process of realization that many BKs go through. His realizations changed in time. There is a great difference between a Sakar Murli and Avyakt Murlis, even though; it is the same Brahma Baba as “instrument” in both cases. If someone prefers to live back in the 1950’s ideals, bhakti, etc; that is OK with me. If someone rather live with the 1950’s understandings, that is OK with me. I see it more as learning how to add, (Sakar Murli) so we can learn how to multiply later. (Avyakt Murli.)

When Brahma Baba became “karmateet,” then he became “equal to the Father.” It is a wonder that we just read avyakt Murlis on a Sunday, when those are the most recent, the most accurate pieces of knowledge that we can have at this time. We have read so many avyakt Murlis, but there is no study of them, we do not remember them… why is that?

Nevertheless, it is not for me to decide what should be done, but it is for this role to express his thoughts.

Best wishes!

Question: brother dear, was it always brahma baba speaking sakar murli or was it shivbaba in him or better still in and out of him. even now in avyakt times, i guess its in the drama for god to sustain in his own mysterious ways and therefore all the rituals of bhog, calling out of names of older senior bks and ‘the gathering’ of frontliner bks must be to fit the ‘purpose’. wen avyakt bapdada refers to a name is it that its brahma baba’s memory who knew them wen he was alive?

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

The sanskaras of Brahma Baba has been used to convey the Murli.

The knowledge in those Sakar Murlis that we read in class, are coming from the last 4 or 5 years of Brahma Baba’s existence in the physical plane. Those Murlis are continuously edited to fit the standards of the time.

In Sakar Murlis we can observe that the understanding of gyan which Brahma Baba had which is conveyed in his “churning” has been changing in time. For instance the idea of liberation in life for just BKs, to an “everyone experiences liberation in life” (4-20-2012 – SM.) Also, we can see that gyan wasn’t given in a complete form as if it was a “ready made book,” but rather information was disclosed according to time. This is something which many who do not have a good grasp of the significance of the Drama do not understand. “The knowledge” is primarily meant to “train” BK souls rather than to be a source of information like Wikipedia.

In avyakt times, we can see the same Brahma Baba with a different stage and different understanding. Teachings are more subtle and if we pay attention, we can discover “new” information which is not disclosed in a typical Sakar Murli.

As shared many times, without Brahma Baba we, BKs wouldn’t have a grasp of what God is. There wouldn’t be any sort of communication, even though an experience could be there. It would be like trying to “tell God that my tooth hurts” when God has the understanding of a week old baby. (God is beyond experience.)

All the “BK rituals” are acknowledged as a part of the role that BapDada plays (Father, teacher, Satguru.) Brahma Baba’s knowledge of seniors, etc is part of Brahma Baba’s knowledge while in the physical body and even more…for some Senior Westerners have been called by name.

Brahma Baba is more than the “mouth” for Godly energy. Brahma Baba is also the sanskaras.

Finally, the “role” which BapDada plays is very different than the traditional role that we “think” that God should have. i.e: Telling specifics about the future, correcting and having answers as a “God” should know, displaying “magical powers” etc. That is some people’s expectation of God.

BapDada just comes nowadays to “meet the children” and that is it… 🙂 As you mentioned, there is a purpose behind that, which everyone of us need to discover.

Best wishes!

Question: As Shivbaba comes and goes from the Bramha baba’s body. Is Christ comes and goes from Jesus body and is it similar for other establisher for religions?

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

According to Gyan, God is the only soul who can “come and go.” For the rest, once they enter the cycle of time they need to reincarnate and in the case of “religious founders,” those souls will receive their own body in the following birth.

Best wishes!

Question: What do you visualize when baba mentions bapdada? brahma baba (sitting as form of white light) and shiv baba point of light on Brahma baba’s forehead?

Thank you for your question!
FYI there were about “6 copies” of this question in my inbox. SO, you really wanted to ask this question! 🙂 Once you submit once, I will get a copy. It is just a matter of waiting until I have the chance to look at it which happens within 24 hours, if you do not see it posted, then by all means… please let me know.

I mentioned in some articles here, that “visualizations” are not my “thing.” I feel. I could “visualize” Shiva the point of light now, but I do not use pictures for that now.

I used to look at the picture of Brahma Baba and feel “sweet” drishti. That gave me good experiences. I wasn’t thinking if that was Brahma Baba or BapDada. I had good experience with Shiva the “point of light” as well.. But I discovered that my experiences where in relationship with the feelings of my heart. This is how, I enjoy feeling the self, the soul and from that point I could go into God the point of light, through a brief visualization. The important aspect for me is to keep the feelings alive, love or bliss flowing, in that there is nourishment and transformation of the self.

Best wishes!