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The answer is in your own breath


Breathe in, breathe out. Inhale, then exhale.
That is duality. That is life. That is the Yin and Yang.

Some may be able to realize many things about life by considering the above. No more explanations, no more words needed. Just observe it in yourself. Feel it and you will understand.

Others, may need further explanations…

Breathing just happens. It is not necessary the “will to breathe.” Do you see that? Then the intellectual questions will start and with that more confusion:
What makes someone breathe? What is the exact mechanism? Why is it that I cannot will myself into breathing? I can surely stop breathing, but I do not know how it all started? Why I am able to breathe at night while sleeping? Is it the soul controlling the body? Or is it the spirit controlling it? Or is it the brain? Someone has to be controlling my own breathing… Who is it? and who controls the one who controls “me”? I need to understand. I want to know… 🙂

Practically… It does not matter… There may not be a “controller” controlling things…
You are breathing and that experience has its own importance in your own life. To know how that happens, to have the information on exactly what makes it tick… will not allow you to control your breathing.. for you will have your last breath at one point in time. It is guaranteed.
To control your breath does not guarantee that you will live with quality in life, that you will enjoy life… Breathing happens, just like life.

Inhale, exhale. That is the dichotomy of life. The 2 opposites which come together to complement each other, for there is life in their harmonious function.

To select or prefer to inhale rather than to exhale is not real in life. That preference it is merely a mind created illusion. Both are necessary in life.

That is how all the other dichotomies in life, the “bigger questions” are born.

Are we predestined or we have free will? Why evil exists? Isn’t evil the proof that something “Good, Godly” must exist as well? See, there is man and woman. There is day and night. There is sky and earth; there is life and death… All apparent opposites… which are not.

There is individuality and totality. Your last breath in individuality will be the first one in totality… that is in “omnipresence.” 🙂 Anyone feels disturbed up to this point? Did I create an issue with a religious dogma in your mind? 🙂

It is the drop of the Ocean, which goes out as an individual just to go back to the Ocean again as part of the totality, only to appear as an individual again. It is your own breath.
We can create many religious dogmas with the above. Many philosophies and “isms.” Why not? 🙂

“You” cannot be fully conscious until you feel your connection with the Ocean. “You” cannot separate from it for “you” will go back to it.

It is in that movement of duality where life exists. “You” are life but “you” experience it at the same time.
Death does not exist… but it does.
Evil does not exist… but it does.
Good does not exist… but it does.
Life does not exist… but it does.
The form and the formless are together. One brings the other just like day brings the night, just like life brings death and good brings evil… but those labels do not exist… 🙂 but only in our minds and the dictionary… so they exist… 🙂

Yet, of course; there are some who may need more explanation, more words, more questions to answer, more analysis ….more thinking…

The answer is in you. Breathe in… then Breathe out. Do it harmoniously and you will be at peace as when the waters of the Ocean become calm, at ease… flowing while the time to experience that calmness lasts… until the next change which will be brought about by its opposite, which is rather its complementary… yeah … more words…

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