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Plenty of Time

When we get out of the world of the mind, we will see things differently, thus our experience will be different.

Intellectual understanding of “spirituality” is pointless, although necessary in our process. It is a way of flushing the mind from stale information.

When was the last time you went to the Ocean? How often do you allow yourself to enjoy it?
That is what is Natural. In that world there is no need to intellectually understand anything. You are there, you are part of it. Become absorbed, Be the Ocean… If you are looking to intellectually understand this, you will not.

In that state of absorption, the “office world” is over. The “problem” at home is non-existent. Your Life as a “soap opera,” with the emotional highs and lows, is discontinued.

All you have to “DO” is not to think about it.

Why is that so hard? Why the thoughts continue to arrive despite our strong willingness not to think about those issues?

The “I” fighting to overcome his own thoughts is an illusion and so any “effort” not to think.

Just become absorbed in the enjoyment of Nature. That is all. If the “I” is separated, there is a fight.

But… you don’t have time for these things… Have places to go and things to accomplish, here or for the after Life.
Who has time to enjoy Nature, when there are so many things to accomplish?

That person is not ready for depth.
A busy person is not ready to move forward “spiritually,” for he does not have time for himself.

When you are ready to BE different, you will have plenty of time.
Ah! It will not be “your” decision. Life will put you there when your time arrives. In the meantime, enjoy being busy! 🙂