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Every spiritual transformation comes alive once a person has experienced silence of the mind.

Any ideology could have great theory and logic behind their beliefs; nevertheless, in the “field” of inner transformation that emptiness or silence is the foundation for inner change.

Note that the words silence and emptiness are being used to describe the same thing. There is silence in emptiness. There is emptiness in silence.

Randy wanted to experience the “depth” of silence and went away for sometime into the woods in search of that precious silence.
Even though he was miles away from the multitude, his mind kept the noise, the thinking, the remembering situations, which was expressed in his changing mood throughout the day.
Noise was with him even though he was away from the noise!

When Randy finally recognized this constant inner chatter and became conscious of it; that was the first step into inner knowledge and his reward was the experience of peace of mind.

As days went by, Randy was aware of himself. Loneliness came to him. It was unbearable to be by himself without company, without anyone close to him.

Randy could have quitted that experience or become crazy, but eventually; Randy felt at ease to be all by himself.
As the sound of his mind diminished for no other thing around him could overcome his feeling of being at ease with himself; Randy developed a natural disinterest for the external world.

That is the first time that Randy felt calmness.

Randy developed love for solitude. Mingling with others is part of a healthy integration with all and necessary, but he developed the ability to observe before emitting any word to the outside world.
He acted and then observed some more, it was almost as if he was taking his own time for everything he did. That observation was non judgmental. It was appreciation.

Randy’s head was empty. He was in silence.

To learn to observe in stillness is a habit that some may call “meditation.”
For some, that period of meditation could be 20 minutes or less before the “symphony” of thoughts arrive again to move the “puppet” around. The “puppet” could be sitting still but his mind is going to places where “no man has ever been before.” 🙂

For Randy, meditation was to live life in that emptiness; that silence, in that appreciation where gratitude arises.

That emptiness is where all creativity resides. That is the space where everything flows, as it has to be. To tap into that emptiness is to find the reward of finally finding ourselves, which paradoxically means, the realization that there is no self.

In silence, “you” are not, even if you are.
The above is not logical. It is called paradoxical.
True spirituality is not logical, but highly paradoxical.
It is not theoretical, but it requires proof.
“You” are the living proof of it. 🙂

Discovering calmness

Calmness & Peace

Harmonious movement: Take your time. Smile. Breath in. Clear your thoughts. That is it.

When you become acquainted with solitude, in that silence of being just with yourself, when the inner chattering disappears; that is the time when serenity arrives.

To maintain that state of being is a matter of becoming more and more acquainted with that solitude.

There is nothing to “do.”

Thoughts will be moving slowly, in such a way that we can perceive them passing by and to catch the dreamer, dreaming again without effort.

If we have the chance to sit by a park and just look at a tree; Is it possible to look at that scene without thinking about it? Can we stop counting the number of branches or the birds passing by? Can’t we stop thinking about anything else?

If we become acquainted with this state of consciousness of just looking, we will be able to perceive that all of that rush, all of that “being late,” all of that “having so many things to do and so little time,” all of that will vanish; because in the experience of that state of serenity there is peace, there is fulfillment.

We truly want that.
Then, this will become our priority without “effort.”

In that experience, we will automatically look for it and we will realize that there is no place to go, no belief to believe in, but just to be there, observing, feeling, smiling, moving in harmony, taking our time….

Just living life in calmness.

Early in the morning, when we wake up; we could sit, breathe in and out and acknowledge the little movie going on in our minds.

The minute we realize that “show time” is on again; that is the moment when the movie will finish. If we place our attention to that sacred moment when all inner chattering is gone; we are in a good position to discover more about ourselves.

It is in that calmness, in that serenity when our consciousness could open to experience something more.

It is in that space of solitude when deep changes occur.

Becoming acquainted with that solitude and that silence will turn little by little in a very fulfilling company.

We will no longer feel alone.

Energetic Nutrition 2 – By Mathias

Being alert through the day is how we can stop this process of deterioration from taking place. When our energy is directed for several hours in a natural and conscious way; our magnetic field increases. Also if we maintain a state of calmness while in movement; this conscious attention will mobilize those energies stuck or dispersed in our magnetic field.

Silence is very important as a tool to create emptiness, which in turn is important to create an energetic movement.

Our energetic nutrition can be transformed. This means that it depends in our state of consciousness and the ability to “switch“ from one dimension to another.

To take nutrients is a very complete phrase when we understand that it is something multidimensional.
Some things which will help us to bring more attention to our nutrition are sounds, attitude, conscious silence, and emotional and physical nutrition.

Using our state of being as instrument for change: To change our state of being is to change the instruments which we utilize for our own nutrition. That is the equivalent of “utensils” to eat food.

We will talk about some states of being:

Mental state: For many years now, human beings do not use this in an adequate form and for that there is aggression of the mind, that insensibility is more evident every day.
The mind requires doses of calmness. A state of calmness is the instrument adequate for the mind. In a conscious way we need to inoculate calm energy from Nature. In that way it will become strong and it will finish any state of alteration along with an adequate breathing.

To inoculate is to take from emptiness/voidness. To give form and to incorporate it into the mind. This should be done with firmness, with stability with self-control.

The emotional state: To be in stillness is necessary. In stillness we do not manipulate, control or direct everything that is apparent in our surroundings. To know how to wait, comes from being still.

That stillness which has the knowledge that things will happen as long as we are vibrating in the same syntony. In stillness there is no rejecting. That rejection is the form how we open our energetic cells. When we reject, we allow that which is negative to us, to enter us with greater strength.

Physical state: Rhythm is the key to use this instrument. Each one should observe the load in your own being and from there generate your unique rhythm.
When we consolidate these energetic instruments, there rest of instruments will be utilized in a natural way.

There is no explanation for something which works naturally. This is the way it is.

It is in this way, that people will awaken consciously and they will not be sleepy due to an incomplete nutrition.

If you pretend to eat soup with a fork; the sensation will be there; the heat of the food will be felt but the difficulty to consume that soup will alter the state of being of the participant, creating aggressiveness in his interior. When that situation is rejected, then the energetic cells will open and that which we emit or is in the atmosphere will be absorbed with greater speed.

The awakening of consciousness has the most complete consequence called: perfection.