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Point in depth: The carousel of repetition

Picture yourself sitting in a “carousel.”
That is you, “now.” While the carousel moves around in a circular manner, you will end up at the same point again. Just a matter of “time.” Eternal return.

    No matter what you do
    No matter what you think
    No matter if you scream
    Can’t go away from the stream.

Therefore, in the unlimited; it is “guaranteed” that “you” will be “you” again.
That is a certainty or your money back. Guaranteed.
That is why, it is so important from the minute we understand this knowledge; to “shape up,” and to “do the best we can” that is to become soul conscious. (Is there anything better than that?)
Simply because we are certain that whatever we are living “now” will repeat again.

    This is not in “your next life.”
    This is not in a futuristic “golden castle.”
    This is not a “let us imagine/visualize…”

This is “reality” if we have understood this knowledge.
We can even say that everything that will happen is “beneficial” because it will allow you to be “you” again.
Do you like that? 🙂 Do you like yourself?
Then better start changing things around.. or better yet; better start changing yourself.

    This not your dress
    This is not the shelf
    This is your own self

What is the teaching out of this realization?
“Unlimited disinterest” could happen when our vision is “unlimited,” beyond the “Me,” who is stuck in “time.” Why?
Because this knowledge brings the “calmness” to know that whatever “I” do will be, to be “me” again.
And again…

It doesn’t matter what I “do.” I will be “me” again.
Isn’t that nice? 🙂

BUT, it matters if; what I want to see of me in the future, is a more refined version. 🙂
That is why the “Confluence age “ is so important; because it is the opportunity to be fully aware of “going up,” and that is why; it only exist for Brahmin souls… “now.”
Just like an elevator; we are “going up,” now.

That is the paradox of “Me today VS. Me tomorrow.”
Be easy, relax..enjoy life BUT make intense efforts…