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It is matter of perspective

While the “office world” embraces a “black or white” approach, where “good and evil” are separated by a line which everyone knows about; but no one can “define” its limits; Life itself, Nature, is free from those mind made concepts.

What is “good”? We could expand into many words to explain the idea. It is way easier to use its opposite to define it: It is the absence of evil, bad.
Although, I haven’t said anything helpful; for most minds accustomed to words, definitions and concepts; I have given the “right answer.” 🙂

Life is not about answers. It is about experiences.
In Life, everything happening to the “I” is completely neutral. It is only a way for further change.
“So, you didn’t get the job you applied for and that you wanted so bad… That is too bad! Perhaps you need to work on the “law of attraction” a bit more to manifest your desire… Or you may want to work on some “flexible awareness” and be “flexible about the possibilities…”

To use concepts to practice them, will never make a change in yourself, in BEING flexible. It will only make you think that you are changing, by changing your behavior when you remember to practice the concept. Obviously, this will not sell any books.

If you didn’t get the job, that means that the experience of it, will introduce further change in you. It will sneak out, because when your mind knows what is going to happen next; there cannot be change.

That is why, the mind likes static things. The mind relies on the unchanging “I.”
Because the ego becomes solid. It exists.
“Please God… Make me rich as hell…” You could pray all you want. If that happens or not, it does not depend on “you.”

Causality is the “law” behind every movement, every change. The “I” is completely unaware of that, for the “I” is busy getting things which he has been conditioned to.
“I will work hard to get that Mercedes Benz AMG S65 – Cabriolet. I just got to have it!”

Sure. Get 3 jobs. 8 hours each. If you have “obstacles,” you could indulge in some nefarious activities… Just don’t get caught! You are only guilty, if you are caught!

The “I” will fight, scream, struggle with Life, to get that damn Mercedes… Remember not to tint the windows, so people can see you driving it. Yeah, it is about the “status.” Your conditioning has been quite successful. Congrats!

Life is completely impervious to that wish. It may happen? Yes. But that is not the end of the story. You see, there is no “happy end” here. Life is a continuous of experiences. It is not like the movies or soap operas with an artificial end. The Mercedes could be an instrument for further change, and perhaps the “I” is not ready to accept that yet. That rejection will bring suffering for sure.

By all means, get your Mercedes. That may be a needed experience; however, be AWARE of the continuity in Life. BE AWARE that what you think you possess today, may not be here tomorrow. It is a matter of time. 
That is how we learn to enjoy the “now,” not as a concept but through experiences.
Enjoyment is not something that “I have to DO.”
Enjoyment is something that “I AM.”
That change comes about, when the cocky self realizes that he cannot control Life; at that moment to be humble is no longer a practice, a concept… you ARE. Congrats!  🙂