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Reader Remark: The “ideal center” – A step towards paradise

Dear brother, if a brother cant attend class in the centre, he should be helped by supporting through the net or any site. This is because there are many souls who cant go to centre. In some centres the rights of students are denied. For example, the centre i attend, a brother who is ADHAR KUMAR who is in charge, does not like kumaars and he tries to undermine them. I truly believe that 99% of the centres are properly managed in the whole world but there are centres where powers are abused and misused at the detriment of the spiritual progress of many souls. So it is better to follow classes through PMTV and get murlis through email than to go to the centres and suffer the deprivation of the many spiritual rights of students in the hands of people who are not well experienced in gyaan and wh have become in charge jjust for name sake . Not everybody can follow brahma baba to become large hearted like him to uplift the children. The sustenance that brahma baap gave to dadis and dadas are unequalled. Therefore, i am kindly requesting you when you advise souls here to keep in touch with any centre, please specify a bk centre where the in charge is selfless, altruistic like brahma baap like those where sister jayanti is in charge. I strongly believe that the best place where bks are well-versed to serve is in madhuban. That is why i keep in touch with madhuban and not any local centre here in mauritius where some in charges have crooked mind. And i am not going to limit my mind in any centre here, but always remember my baba, my madhuban and murlis. OM SHAANTI

avyakt7 responds:

Thank you for your feedback, dear soul.
Your opinion is respected and appreciated.
In this blog, the main interest is to explore gyan and go deeper than in a typical “7 day course.”

Once we explore gyan and get to understand it, we will know about the law of karma. Your experiences are there because you deserve it. That is the bottom line.
However, you have the “choice” of solving that issue. That is to settle that karmic account.

Some may choose to stop going to a center. If you feel that this is the way of settling a karmic account; that is your call in life. That is why we have this knowledge.
Some others will choose something else. That is fine as well.

In knowledge, we also understand about the concept of “numberwise,” so i will not go into the game of “which center I think is better.” That is pointless when we get to go where we need to go according to the Drama.

In your note: “Therefore, i am kindly requesting you when you advise souls here to keep in touch with any centre, please specify a bk centre where the in charge is selfless, altruistic like brahma baap like those where sister jayanti is in charge.”

Gyan is meant so we can deal with anyone at anytime. For that we need to be able of dealing with ourselves first. Searching for “motherly love” is good when we are babies; after that, we are the ones who have to develop that love to give. We cannot be taking “baby formula” all the time, we need to grow up and become strong.

Last but no least, what you think is good for you may not be for someone else; so I will not “advertise” any centers here. That is not what this blog is about.

Best wishes!

Reader Comment on the Shrimat of going to the center

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Getting sustenance from the centre is also very essential.

In one murali Baba said, “Even if the centre is very far, even if you have to walk for 6 hours, you must go to the centre.”

And when Baba has given the shrimat in the murali, there is no need for us to use our own intellect. There is benefit in this only. (in following shrimat)

Avyakt7 responds:
Dear soul,

Please read this Murli excerpt from the Avyakt Murli of February 2, 2011:

“You continue to receive BapDada’s love and remembrance every day. Look, even while sitting at home, if you are reading a murli with discipline every day, then you don’t miss out on receiving BapDada’s love and remembrance for even one day. He doesn’t miss out on giving love and remembrance for even a single day. You do receive it, do you not? You receive love and remembrance every day. All of you receive it, do you not? This is a sign of BapDada’s love. If you miss a murli, you miss his love and remembrance. You then don’t just miss that murli, you also miss out on BapDada’s love and remembrance and his blessings. You can catch up on the murli, but the time that is fixed for receiving love and remembrance from BapDada was missed, was it not? BapDada is pleased that you are zealous about this. Achcha. Is there anyone who misses a murli? Among the double foreigners, is there anyone here who misses a murli? For any reason? There isn’t anyone. No, they don’t miss it. One person raised her hand. ,, do not miss it! Do not miss the murli! You can even listen to it over the phone. If you can’t read it, then, somehow definitely listen to it. Definitely give your present mark. Achcha.”

Now. let me ask you: What is the reason of going to the center? Isn’t it to hear the Murli?
Then, I would like to ask you, which Shrimat would you follow? The avyakt or the sakar? 🙂

Dear soul,
When we interpret things literally, we miss the “spirit” of it. As a matter of fact, when there is no interpretation, we will be able to feel the “truth” of something rather than to put it in dead words as a commandment for someone to follow it.

If you want to live in the setting and time of the 1950’s and perhaps you have the time and strength to walk up to 6 hours everyday to hear the Murli, that is great! Congrats!

Just remember that “reading or hearing the Murli” is not the end result, but to change the self. To transform the self.
That is why, it is important to read this excerpt from the avyakt Murli of March 2, 2011.

“This is because, wherever there are waste thoughts, you will not be able to keep in your awareness pure thoughts of remembrance, sweet words of knowledge, which you call the murli. You may be listening to a murli, you may be reading it, and that is essential, it is the discipline of Brahmins, but it will only remain with you just until hearing it. There won’t be any churning in your mind. You will think and also say: “today, the murli was very good. I am thinking about it. The blessing was also very good, and yes, I will remember it shortly…”.

Now, do you see why I stress so much current avyakt Murlis?

Best wishes!