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Question: Dear soul. Its being said that if we hold on to that energy level which has reached the 2nd chakra it may cross over to the third level. What does it mean by expressing that chakra through higher levels and opening up our heart chakra to let those feelings out ? And how to open our heart chakra ?

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,
There is symbolism in that explanation which will be fully understood by those who have experienced that.

The second Chakra symbolizes sensuality, reproduction, emotions. The first Chakra is survival. The third Chakra, is will power; the “black or white” sense of knowing what is right and what is wrong.

Most people in the world live and express their energies in the first and second Chakra. At that level, to practice celibacy is just a “bad idea,” something that will not be pursued at all. Sexual energy flows and it needs to be released. There is no inner knowledge of transforming sexual energy. At the second Chakra our emotions will run our life: “I feel like this, therefore; I act like this.”
This is what is called to act without restrictions, or as “you feel like.” It is a reaction based on stimulus.

Once the third Chakra comes as a way of expression, the energy is usually felt at the “mouth” of the stomach. It is the Chakra where we rely on will power, determination and a clear cut “law,” to act. To follow scriptures, to avoid temptations, to fight against “evil” etc. is part of that necessary expression to ascend. Usually Sakar Murlis are expressions of this Chakra. This is the Chakra to “reform” the self. Thought is important. To think things over before action is important, to review what the “holy book” or the “holy person” thinks is important in our decisions. We live in the world of “decisions.”

If you feel those characteristics as yours, you are perhaps there. Most BKs as well as spiritual minded individuals are there.

The 4th Chakra (Heart) is the origin of feeling love. Things are no longer thought out, but the “feeling” is important (not an emotion.) Expression of love becomes important. The “law” without “love” is perceived as foreigner. Sakar Murlis also have this ingredient (love) in them. It is the devotional love to God and the perception of something which is unusually beautiful, that is spiritual beauty. From that point is the expression of love through words (5th Chakra) and other means.

In my experience, the heart Chakra could be opened at the spiritual level by intense emotional suffering to the point of surrendering our thoughts or by an intense experience of love/bliss through the experience of God in meditation. There may be other ways, I don’t know.

It is good to understand that feeling love is not the same as knowing how to express it. There is a learning there, an art.

At this level of awareness you can do things out of love, when before; you could do things out of fulfilling a personal need as the main “reason.” This is why, someone who does not have a previous work on the self, cannot know “true love” for in the second Chakra, it is about emotions, sensuality and what it feels in the moment. That is what is known as “love” by the world in general.

In the 4th Chakra and above, you can experience the other things as well but the driving force is beauty, harmonizing beauty of inner expression beyond neediness, transactions, expectations and such things which “normal” individuals are used to.

Also, it is good to understand that “arriving” at one level does not mean that we can stay there. It is an “up and down” for most. That is why BapDada always talks about being stable, “constantly..”


Best wishes!

Spiritual Efforts: Good Wishes and Pure Feelings

It may sound simple. Even silly; but behind that simplicity lies one of the greatest methods to maintain equanimity in our wellbeing, our stage.

Good wishes and pure feelings are not a thought. Something like:” Let me send good wishes to so and so,” Good wishes and pure feelings are manifested as a state of being, in other words, what you have in your “heart” at any moment of your life are good wishes for all as well as pure feelings. It is a constant “giving.”

It is this fact, what changes the “simplicity,” into something harder to obtain.

That stage comes out of a peaceful being, that is expressed in a mind whose thoughts are few, rhythmically slow and because of that powerful. An ongoing concentration may be needed at first to “get” the feeling. Then it is a matter of practice to make it automatic, part of the self.
In this realm of pure feelings, there are other important points to be aware of:

1) When karmic accounts are being settled, we will experience sometimes that our activities bring “instant” karmic return. Here it is important to maintain those pure feelings for if we do not, that “test” was “flunked.” We didn’t pass with “honors.”

2) Even if we pass that karmic test, there is another layer to be aware of that is when we “share” a particular karmic episode with others. If we are relating details of what we went through, when the karmic account hasn’t been settled, a feeling of being perturbed will arise, emotions all of a sudden will pop up. Therefore, if you share an episode of your life where a karmic bondage was not settled, it is my suggestion not to go into details or better yet to keep quiet. Otherwise, the stage of “pure feelings” will go away.
For instance, if I tell someone how “bad” I felt when this person said something about me in front of others, I am re-living “past” episodes which will bring disturbing feelings/emotions. That will generate a karmic bondage. (Even if while I was present during the “defamation” I did not react, for I was “storing” emotions so they could be “dumped” to others later on.)

3) If “pure feelings” are gone, waste arrives. Our mind will be an easy prey of outside forces and we will not be centered anymore.

4) Pure feelings and good wishes bring an easy attitude in life, a peaceful demeanor, thus; when we go away from that, we need to be “awake” to catch that. It is a good “checking point” to recognize our stage.

5) Pure feelings and good wishes is the basis of conquering “sex-lust.” From that, we can see how important this “practice is.” Lustful energies from lower “chakras” could be shifted to the “heart chakra.” Here is where “feelings from the heart” reside. This was explained here.

To be at peace is to have pure feelings and good wishes for all, at all times.

To the Question: Can we Conquer lust and sexual desires? (For non-BKs), part of the answer was : [MAY 27, 2012] – See full question below

To the Question: Can we Conquer lust and sexual desires? (For non-BKs), part of the answer was : [MAY 27, 2012]

“Sex lust is related with looks and not beauty. Lust can be conquered. When it is not understood running away and closing doors is preached to avoid temptations. When it is understood, there is no need to run away from it. Just like people are afraid of a big tiger whenever it comes, someone who is willing to spend sometime with that tiger in a loving manner can become that tiger’s friend. Conquering sex lust seems like being able to caress the belly of that big tiger. Trust needs to be build up with the tiger, a sense of balance of energies needs to be developed continuously; otherwise that tiger can turn around and eat up the person.”
My Questions
1. How to build trust with the tiger ?
2. When you are talking of balancing of energies, are you referring to the balancing of the Chakras? Is there a specific method of balancing the energies ?

Thank you for your well elaborated question. I will be glad to answer.

First, what I am sharing is based on my own experience. That writing like 99% of the things here are just my own experience in gyan.
As you may gather, that tiger is already in us. It is a sanskar. What I found to be detrimental while learning about sex lust in me, was the idea of separation between my “good side,” and my “bad side.” There is no need to divide and make yourself an emotionally dysfunctional person. There is no need to deny what is already there. Accept it as it is.
That is acceptance of that tiger of lust just as it is. No labels. Then, you can learn from it. Then you can begin to understand how it works in you.
You see, without this important step, we will be cheerfully denying what it is to replace that with an imagined “higher self.” That imagination will crumble as soon as a test comes in our life. We will give in to it, because it was a faked story and even though we craved to experience sex lust, we denied it.
See that?

I have no issues in sharing what I have learned as long as there is a question which relates with my own experience, there will be an answer.

Once you are open to see that “tiger” in action. You will learn about the triggers of that. You are learning about yourself.
Gyan always talks about love being everything. Love to the self is the most important part of it. Love is a feeling, we MUST RE-LEARN TO FEEL LOVE. It is funny, but even though we are love, we have forgotten about it. To develop the feelings coming from the heart “chakra” is of paramount importance in spirituality. You could find your own way on this, there is no “THE METHOD.” We are all different. I had my own “method” which life provided to me according to my needs.

That ‘loving yourself’ is the first step to understand rather than deny.
If you are a BK, the experience of yoga such as super-sensuous joy or sweet silence or solitude will enhance those feelings by itself. That brings inner understanding without knowing a “method.”
If you are a BK or if you are not a BK, both could benefit from the following practice.
Make yourself wholesome with the opposite but complementary energy in yourself. See what is attractive to you about others and develop that quality in yourself. If you are a male see what is it what you find attractive about females and develop that trait in you.

Note that we are not talking about physical things, how a person looks. That does not last. It is just a first impression and fades away easily. If you are reading this, I hope that you are beyond that first “baby step.” There is something in the personality of another which we find attractive. “A magnetic personality.” That is what I meant about developing in yourself. Paradoxically, if you are attracted is because you have it within you. No one looks for something which they do not have.
You are looking for someone whose particular traits will complement you.

This is what I call “being like Vishnu,” which is not homosexuality by any means, but the acknowledgement through gyan that we have inside us the traits of a male and female energies.
Acceptance through knowledge. That is the first step to balance energies inside ourselves.
Others are just mirrors. They will show us who we truly are.

We need to remember that we are going from sex-lust to love. We can only love truly, when we are complete, wholesome. Otherwise, our neediness to be complemented by “taking” through sexual violence or by emotional violence to another will be experienced and called “love.”
Balancing the “Chakra system” does not mean to go to a healer who will make our chakras “balanced.”
It is a journey which is explained here:

If you have further questions about this, feel free to ask.

Best wishes.